God of War Ragnarok Update 4.01

Santa Monica Studio has just issued a new patch for God of War Ragnarok. Which comes shortly after the release of the most recent significant update.

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It is a modest but crucial update if you’re going through Kratos’ quest again. As it targets bugs introduced alongside New Game Plus and other bonus material.

The patch (version 4.01) addresses several issues in NG+. Including the inability of some armour sets to level up beyond level 9 and the failure of quest rewards to be delivered. Additionally, it corrects an infrequent occurrence of the game crashing when loading saves. In addition, problems that prevented players from unlocking specific trophies have also been remedied.

God of War Ragnarok Update 4.01 Fixes New Games + Issues

Here is the God of War Ragnarok update 4.01 complete patch notes update for PS4 and PS5.

Game Equipment:

A bug prevented players in NG+ from upgrading their Darkdale Waist Guard or Risen Snow Armor past Level 9. It has been fixed.

Game Quests:

It has been fixed so that some quest resources, such as Lindwyrm Scales, Sovereign Coals, and Essence of Hel. Are now awarded when the NG+ version of the quest is finished. Players who were not awarded these resources. But ought to have been will be awarded them retrospectively.

Game System:

Fixed an extremely uncommon occurrence in which the program might terminate unexpectedly. When loading specific save files.

Game Trophies:

A bug prevented players from unlocking the “Ready for Commitment” trophy. When upgrading their NG+ armour to Level 9 or higher. It has been fixed.

They fixed a bug that prevented players from earning the “Dragon Slayer” trophy in New Game Plus. If they had not previously crafted the Dragon Scale armour in the basic game during their first playthrough.

A bug prevented players from earning the “Phalanx” award. If they manufactured a shield with a level of 9 or above before creating any other sort of shield. It has been fixed.

If you get the armour from the Lost Items Chest in the shop. You will only win the trophy if you restart or reload the game.

Please be aware that players who met the requirements between the release of the NG+ patch (version 04.00). And the release of this patch will be awarded these trophies retrospectively after the patch has been fully deployed.

Game UI/UX:

I fixed a highly uncommon application crashing while using the user interface.

God of war ragnarok PS4/PS5

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