For the individuals who like spending the majority of their time binge-watching Hollywood movies, HDeuropix is hands down one of the best available free movie download websites that you can switch to. It is a free online website, which means that it doesn’t require you to spend anything extra on the website.

The website is one of the most popular options on the internet, especially because of the prompt uploads they make. But, with the prompt uploads and the minimalistic UI, the website is a pirated website, so you need to keep that in check.

Here, we are going to discuss everything about this movie download website and some of the best legal alternatives that you can take a look at.

What is HDeuropix?

HDeuropix is a popular online free movie download website that features a wide range of Hollywood movies that are available for free online. Their main aim is to provide their customers with the absolute best user experience, allowing them to have direct access to their Hollywood movies right after a day of the release.

The best thing about this website is likely the overall UI and layout. This features everything in blocks with different categories on the top, allowing you to choose the best one from the list. They also have a separate search bar that lets you directly download the movies without any hassle at all.

It also doesn’t feature any extra ads on the website, allowing you to navigate through the website without any issues. It is a streaming platform, which means that you will need to have high-speed internet for buffer-free streaming.

What are the features of HDeuropix?

HDeuropix is a popular online streaming platform for Hollywood movies. But, since they are known for uploading the recently released Hollywood movies a day after their release, it can be concluded that it is not a legal website. Some of the features on the website include:

  • It comes with multiple categories on the website including comedy, horror, adventure, thriller, etc.
  • It has a separate search bar on the top right corner for easily finding the movie of your choice
  • The website features only Hollywood movies in poster formats, wherein you can click on it and stream it from there
  • It features a very simplistic and minimalistic user interface

What are the categories on HDeuropix?

If you are planning on streaming some Hollywood movies on this website, here are a few important categories that you can look out for.

  • 2020 latest release
  • 720P
  • Latest movies
  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Horror
  • Adventure
  • Thriller

Best legal alternatives for HDeuropix

Since HDeuropix is a popular Hollywood movie streaming platform, most people do give into it. But, the one thing that the majority of people don’t realise is the fact that it is a pirated movie website. Since we don’t encourage spending your time on pirated movie websites, here is a list of the best online streaming platforms for Hollywood movies that are legal.

  • YouTube

We can’t stress this enough but when discussing the best alternatives for HDeuropix, YouTube is hands down the best option. It is a free video streaming platform but when it comes to the movies, you might have to rent or buy the movie that you want to watch. So, you might have to spare a little money but you are assured of the best quality movie streaming without any risks of piracy. Some of the Hollywood movies are even available for free, which is a bonus yet again.

  • Crackle

Subsidized under Sony, Crackle is another popular legal streaming platform for movies that hosts some of the best Hollywood movies that you can binge-watch to your heart’s desire. The website was previously known as Grouper and was later taken on by Sony. Aside from the free movies, the website hosts a wide range of amazing TV shows too. This is also one of those fewer platforms that provide HD quality movies and series. It doesn’t necessarily require registration but getting one helps you sort out the content that you want to watch.

  • Tubi TV

You might get confused with the mention of this platform but Tubi TV is hands down one of the most popular alternatives for HDeuropix, especially because it has a lot of similar content. It provides the users with direct access to free movies and TV shows that you can binge-watch without any guilt. There is an application available for this platform, making it easier for you to download it and watch your favorite movies according to your needs. It provides free sign-in, allowing you to sync all your favorite content across multiple platforms.

  • Popcornflix

Next up on the least is the 2011-released Popcornflix. The best part of this website is its independent collection of movies that you can binge-watch to your heart’s desire. The platform is available across North America and several surrounding regions. In case it isn’t accessible in your region, use a VPN for it. Aside from the movies, the platform also hosts a wide range of web series that you can stream and binge-watch.

  • Netflix

Not every legal alternative that we mention on this website is going to be free. Netflix is one such example because it is a subscription-based service that lets you access a plethora of Hollywood movies that you wouldn’t regret streaming online. The only downside to this website is likely the money you have to spare. But, if you are a student, they do offer discounted prices that you can further avail of. 

  • Vudu

Don’t get deterred by the name of the platform, Vudu is hands down one of the best free online streaming platforms online that lets you watch your favourite Hollywood movies. It has a combination of both free and paid content that you can access according to your needs. Aside from that, it also comes with options for buying or renting out the movies that catch your eye. But, just because the platform does offer free content doesn’t mean it’s going to be a complete waste. It features some of the recently released Hollywood films along with several classic sitcoms.

  • Open Culture

If there’s one underrated platform available for streaming free Hollywood movies, Open Culture is one of the best options. It is a completely free video streaming platform that hosts thousands of Hollywood movies for you to stream to your heart’s desire. The content uploaded on the website is hand-picked by some of the best creators on the website, allowing you to binge-watch everything without any kind of hassle. It has an eclectic mixture of content that you can binge-watch without any further complications.

  • Vimeo

When discussing the best free online video streaming platforms, Vimeo is a very underrated option. It has a very similar approach to YouTube, so you wouldn’t regret spending your time streaming your favorite content here. It is also one of those rare HD movies streaming platform that lets you stream your favorite content. The website features thousands of free Hollywood movies along with short videos that you can stream unapologetically.

  • Snag Films

Next up on the list of the best alternatives for HDeuropix is Snag Films. The website was launched back in 2008 and has since then provided users with thousands of Hollywood movies to choose from. The one downside to this platform is that it does require registrations for you to be able to access the website. Aside from the mainstream Hollywood movies, the platform also features a wide range of documentaries and independent films that you can binge-watch to your heart’s content. 

  • Amazon Prime Video

When talking about legal alternatives for HDeuropix, Amazon Prime Video is another amazing option that you can take a look at. It is one of those rare platforms that take care of the Hollywood movies that you can stream according to your needs. The best thing about this platform is the fact that it features all the latest and classic movies that you can binge-watch without any hassle at all. It is a paid subscription platform, which means that you will have to pay an annual fee to be able to access the content on this platform.

  • IMDb TV

If you check IMDb for your daily requirements for watching the best movies, IMDb TV is another amazing option that you can stream your favorite content on. It works well with Amazon Prime account with Amazon fire. It has a wide range of amazing Hollywood movies that you can binge-watch without any buffering. They also come with limited ads on the platform, which is further a bonus.


HDeuropix is hands down an amazing platform to stream your favorite Hollywood movies. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a legal platform, because it’s not. It is a pirated streaming website and we don’t encourage piracy, which is why we have sorted you out with all the best legal alternatives for the platform.