ILikeComox Review: Is ILikeComox Legal and Safe?

Is ILikeComox Legal and Safe? An In-Depth Review


ILikeComox Review, ILikeComox is a website that provides access to a wide variety of po@nographic comics, including hentai, manga, and more. With a large collection of ad@lt content and multiple daily updates, it has become a popular destination for many comic enthusiasts. However, questions have arisen regarding the legality and safety of using the site. This article will provide an in-depth review of ILikeComox, examining its features, legitimacy, risks, and alternatives.

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Overview of ILikeComox

ILikeComox is a free po@nographic comic site that features a substantial library of ad@lt content. The collection includes over 15,000 comic books spanning various genres and styles. Some of the categories include fantasy, horror, LGBT, furries, BDSM, and more.

The site provides multiple updates every day, ensuring fresh and exciting content for readers. The comics can be read online through the site’s viewer or downloaded as CBZ/CBR files. Reading the comics online allows users to easily browse and sample content before deciding to download.

Overall, ILikeComox aims to provide an extensive and frequently updated selection of po@nographic comics to satisfy a range of ad@lt interests. However, while the content itself may be legal, there are certain risks associated with using the site.

Features of ILikeComox

ILikeComox provides the following key features:

  • Large collection – Over 15,000 comics covering various explicit categories and fetishes. New comics are added daily.
  • Multiple styles – Comics include hentai, manga, CG, western styles, and more. Caters to diverse preferences.
  • Tagging system – Comics can be easily searched and filtered by fetish tags and categories. Allows niche interests to be targeted.
  • Reading online – Comics can be read in-browser through the site’s viewer. Allows sampling before downloading.
  • Downloadable files – Comics can be downloaded as CBZ/CBR files for off-line reading.
  • Daily updates – New comics and images added multiple times per day. Provides fresh, engaging content.
  • Free access – All site content can be accessed free of charge. Registered members get additional benefits.

While these features cater extensively to ad@lt comic fans, the actual act of visiting the site does pose certain risks.

Is ILikeComox Legal?

The legality of ILikeComox primarily depends on the local laws regarding po@nography and obscenity in the user’s region. In many places, viewing explicit ad@lt content is legal, provided the users are over the legal age.

However, ILikeComox is not very transparent about its operations and ownership. The anonymity of the site makes it difficult to ascertain if all the content is legally obtained and distributed with proper licensing. There is a chance some comics may be pirated or shared without authorization.

Additionally, the website contains extreme and fringe content that could be illegal under obscenity laws in some regions. The availability of certain taboo and extreme comics may not be legal universally.

Overall, while ILikeComox is likely operating in legal grey areas, individual users could face legal consequences for accessing certain prohibited content, depending on their local laws. Visitors should exercise judgment when browsing the site.

Is ILikeComox Safe to Use?

Using ILikeComox does carry certain risks typical of ad@lt sites:

  • Malware and viruses – The site may expose users to malware infected ads and pop-ups containing viruses. These can compromise user privacy and data security.
  • Phishing and scams – Questionable links within the site could lead to phishing attempts, fraudulent offers, and other scams aimed at stealing financial information.
  • Tracking and monitoring – ILikeComox may use trackers and session recording tools to gather data about its users secretly. This raises privacy concerns.
  • Data leaks – Lack of transparency around the site’s security practices creates the risk of user data being exposed in potential breaches.
  • Unsafe downloads – Downloaded comic files could contain embedded malware and other threats not visible until after opening the files on a local device.

While these risks cannot be completely avoided, certain precautions can help enhance safety:

  • Use an ad-blocker and anti-tracking tools to avoid malicious ads and monitoring.
  • Refrain from clicking questionable links or providing any personal/financial information.
  • Use a reputed VPN service to browse anonymously and securely.
  • Scan any downloaded files with antivirus software before opening.
  • Employ safe web browsing practices in general.

By being vigilant, the risks can be minimized to some extent. But a degree of caution is still necessitated when using ILikeComox or similar ad@lt sites.

Alternatives to ILikeComox

For those seeking po@n comics but are unsure about using ILikeComox, several alternatives exist:


  • Features original erotic comics by acclaimed artists like Jab.
  • Offers high-quality illustrations and witty writing.
  • Has straight, gay, bise@ual and fetish content.
  • Provides a safe browsing experience with community moderation.


  • Massive library of original hentai illustrations and doujinshi.
  • Home to talented erotic artists and writers within a creative community.
  • Has works based on gaming, anime, manga, and more.
  • Focused on member safety with strict content policies.


  • Large collection of scanned and original hentai manga.
  • Daily updates sourced from various materials.
  • Features content translated to English.
  • Has download options for offline reading.

  • Allows browsing similar websites by category and traffic rank.
  • Provides information on website reputation and safety for guidance.

  • Ranks ad@lt sites by various metrics like visitors and valuation.
  • Helps discover alternatives within a niche based on popularity and traffic data.


ILikeComox provides unlimited access to a vast library of po@nographic comics. However, the anonymity of its operations and extreme nature of certain content found on it are reasons for concern. While simply accessing such ad@lt sites may not directly be illegal, users still expose themselves to privacy violations, malware, data leaks, and other cyber threats that cannot be ignored. For a safer experience, trusted alternatives like JabComix and Hentai Foundry may be better options to consider. But as with any ad@lt site, exercising caution and following safe practices are advised.

Table: Key Points Summary

ILikeComox Features

Risks and Safety Concerns

Precautions and Alternatives

Large collection of po@n comics

Exposure to malware and viruses

Use ad-blockers and anti-tracking tools

Multiple genres and fetishes

Phishing scams and fraudulent links

Avoid providing personal/financial information

Daily new updates

Potential user tracking and monitoring

Employ VPN and safe browsing practices

Reading online via site viewer

Lack of transparency around security

Scan downloaded files before opening

Download CBZ/CBR files

Risk of data leaks and breaches

Consider safer alternatives like JabComix

Free access without subscription

Legality issues with extreme content

Exercise caution when using any ad@lt site

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