Is Yalla Shoot App Availabe For Android And iOS User?


The Yalla Shoot app has become an essential platform for football fans around the world. This free app offers live sports coverage, especially of football matches, without any subscription fees. With comprehensive details and real-time match tracking, Yalla Shoot has made it extremely convenient for users to follow their favorite teams and never miss an update.

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But is this useful app available for both Android and iOS devices? Let’s find out.

Overview of the Yalla Shoot App

For those unfamiliar, here is a quick rundown of the Yalla Shoot app and what it offers:

  • Free live streaming of football matches from leagues around the world
  • Real-time match tracking with live scores and statistics
  • Schedules of upcoming matches and competitions
  • News, updates, and analysis related to football
  • Profiles and information on players and teams
  • Standings and rankings of various football leagues

The app provides football fans with a one-stop platform to follow the beautiful game in real-time. With a smooth interface and easy navigation, it has become hugely popular especially among Arabic-speaking audiences.

Availability of the Yalla Shoot App on Android

The Yalla Shoot app is indeed available for Android users. It can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store on any Android smartphone or tablet.

Here are the simple steps to install the app on your Android device:

Step#1. Open the Google Play Store app on your Android phone or tablet

Step#2. Search for “Yalla Shoot – Live Scores”

Step#3. Tap on the Yalla Shoot app from the search results to open its Play Store page

Step#4. Tap on the “Install” button

Step#5. Once the installation completes, you will find the Yalla Shoot app on your Android device.

That’s it! The install process is quick and easy. Once installed, you can open the Yalla Shoot app anytime to enjoy live football action from around the globe.

The Android version of the app has a 4.5/5 star rating on the Play Store from over 5 million reviews. It is compatible with most modern Android versions and works smoothly even on low-end devices.

Key Features of the Android App

The Yalla Shoot app on Android packs all the major features offered on the platform, including:

  • Live streaming of football matches
  • Real-time scores, team stats, and player ratings
  • News feed with latest football updates
  • Schedules of upcoming football matches and tournaments
  • Profiles of popular players and teams
  • Standings and live rankings of various leagues

With a well-optimized interface, Android users can seamlessly navigate between different sections to access live games, news, statistics, profiles and more.

The app also consumes low data, allowing users to stream matches smoothly even at lower network speeds. Interactive features like live chats make the experience more immersive for football enthusiasts.

Overall, Android users get the complete Yalla Shoot package with the official app from the Play Store.

Availability of the App on iOS Platform

For iPhone and iPad users, the Yalla Shoot app is also available as a free download from the Apple App Store.

To install Yalla Shoot on your iOS device, follow these easy instructions:

Step#1. Open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad

Step#2. Search for “Yalla Shoot – Live Scores”

Step#3. Tap the Yalla Shoot app icon to open its page

Step#4. Click “Get” to install

Step#5. Once installed, find the Yalla Shoot applicationon your device’s home screen

With 4.2 stars from over 45,100 user reviews, the iOS app also boasts an impressive rating. It works well with the latest iOS versions as well as older models like iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 etc.

Features of the iOS App

The iOS version comes loaded with all features available on the platform, including:

  • Free live streams and match trackers
  • Latest football news and video highlights
  • Team stats, league tables, results and fixtures
  • Profile pages of players and clubs
  • Real-time football rankings and statistics

The app is optimized for iOS devices allowing smooth navigation and transitions between different pages. Features like Apple TV casting support makes match viewing even better.

Live commentary, chats and analysis presented in Arabic language provide localized experience for users in MENA region.

Just like the Android version, the iOS app also facilitates an engaging platform for die-hard football fans where they can follow all football action for free.


To conclude, the Yalla Shoot app is available on both Android and iOS platforms as a free downloadable application. While the core features remain the same, both apps are well-optimized for the respective OS and devices.

Football enthusiasts with either Android or iOS smartphones/tablets can install the app from their app store and start enjoying an enhanced football viewing experience. With all key features and dedicated apps for these leading mobile OS, Yalla Shoot has emerged as must-have platform for football lovers across the globe.

So Android or iPhone, you can always have the popular Yalla Shoot app to catch live football matches on-the-go!

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