What is myrunningman And Everything You Need To Know [Review]


Myrunningman com is a popular website dedicated to the hit Korean variety show “Running Man.” Launched in 2010, Running Man quickly became one of the most watched and beloved shows in South Korea. The show features a cast of comedian and celebrity hosts participating in various challenges, games, and races.

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For fans of the show, myrunningman.com serves as a comprehensive resource to access and engage with Running Man content. This article will provide an in-depth review of myrunningman.com, covering its purpose, features, content, and overall usefulness for Running Man fans.

Overview of Myrunningman.com

Myrunningman.com brands itself as the “Real Running Man” website. It aims to provide fans with a personalized Running Man experience through exclusive content and features. The website allows users to stream full episodes in HD quality with multiple language subtitles.

In addition to streaming capabilities, myrunningman.com offers an episode guide, cast information, quizzes, forums, and more for fans to explore. The website is updated in real-time, providing users with the most up-to-date Running Man news and content.

Key Features and Content

Episode Streaming and Guides

The main draw of myrunningman.com is the ability to stream every episode of Running Man, from the first episode in 2010 up until the most recent. Episodes are available in 1080p HD quality with subtitles in over 200 languages.

The website features a comprehensive episode guide, allowing users to browse episodes by season and find detailed information including a synopsis, original air date, available subtitles, and more. Fans can easily navigate through over 600+ subbed episodes using the guide.

Cast Member Profiles

Myrunningman.com offers profiles on each current and former Running Man cast member. The profiles provide basic information like birthdays as well as fun trivia on each cast member’s background, role, and highlights on the show. For major guests, short guest profiles are also available.

Quizzes, Polls, and Forums

What helps make myrunningman.com a dynamic community is its collection of interactive features like quizzes, polls, and forums. Fans can test their Running Man knowledge through various quizzes. Polls are also regularly updated, allowing fans to weigh in on topics like favorite episodes or cast members.

The forums foster discussion amongst Running Man fans. Some popular forum topics include episode reviews, cast member discussions, and more. Users must create an account to participate in the forums.

Fan Zone

Myrunningman.com shows appreciation for Running Man fans through its Fan Zone. Fans can submit photos, fan art, or videos related to the show which may be featured on the website. There are also links to user-created Running Man content on YouTube and Reddit.

Running Man News and Recaps

For those looking to stay updated on all things Running Man, myrunningman.com provides news articles and weekly recaps. Recent news covers the cast’s latest activities outside the show, guest appearances, concert tours, and more. Recaps summarize the highlights and memorable moments from the most recent episode.

Is Myrunningman.com the Official Running Man Website?

Myrunningman.com is not the official website of Running Man. The show’s official website is run by SBS, the South Korean broadcasting station that airs Running Man.

However, myrunningman.com seems to have a cooperative relationship with SBS. The website is granted permission to stream and subtitle full episodes. Myrunningman.com also uploads preview clips and photos directly from SBS. But the website itself is owned and operated independently from the official production.

Accessibility of Content

A major advantage of myrunningman.com is its global accessibility. As mentioned, episodes are subtitled in over 200 languages, enabling fans from around the world to understand and enjoy the show.

The website is also optimized for mobile viewing, allowing fans to stream episodes and engage with Running Man content on the go. And unlike many streaming platforms, no registration or subscription is required to access content on myrunningman.com.

Pros and Cons of Myrunningman.com


  • Free streaming of all Running Man episodes in HD quality
  • Hundreds of subtitle languages available
  • Comprehensive episode guide and cast profiles
  • Additional features like quizzes, polls, forums
  • Optimized for web and mobile streaming
  • No subscription required


  • Limited original or exclusive content beyond episodes
  • Forum requires separate registration
  • Some ads on website
  • Not an official source of Running Man content


For devoted fans of Running Man, myrunningman.com is undoubtedly a valuable resource. The sheer volume of content available, from 600+ subbed episodes to news, recaps, and forums, make it a “one-stop shop” for everything Running Man related.

While not the official platform, myrunningman.com provides an accessible and convenient option for fans to stay engaged with new and old content from the show. With user-friendly streaming and subtitles, the website opens up the world of Running Man to international audiences.

Overall, myrunningman.com succeeds in offering fans a personalized, comprehensive, and constantly updated Running Man experience. It demonstrates how fan-driven platforms can complement official content and bring joy to media franchises.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some common questions about myrunningman.com:

Q1. Is it legal to watch Running Man on myrunningman.com?

Yes, the website has permission from SBS to stream full episodes, so watching episodes on myrunningman.com is completely legal.

Q2.  Does myrunningman.com cost money?

No, all content on myrunningman.com is available for free without any registration required. There are some ads on the website that help cover costs.

Q3. Can I watch episodes live as they air in Korea?

No, episodes are only available after they finish airing on Korean TV. But they are usually uploaded very soon after initial broadcast.

Q4. What devices can I watch episodes on?

You can stream episodes on both desktop and mobile. Myrunningman.com is optimized for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Q5. Are the subtitles accurate?

The subtitles are fan-submitted so quality may vary. But the site managers do their best to review submissions for accuracy.

Q6. Can I donate to support myrunningman.com?

Yes! The website accepts donations via PayPal to help cover server and operational costs. Donations are appreciated from users who find the website helpful.

Q7. Where can I ask other questions about the website?

The forums on myrunningman.com are a great place to discuss the website and ask the fan community for help. You can also try reaching out via the contact email address listed on the site.

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