What Is peardeck And how Does It Works?

Leveraging PearDeck for Engaging and Effective Teaching

PearDeck is an interactive presentation and formative assessment platform that is changing the way teachers engage students and assess learning in the classroom. As classrooms become increasingly technology-enabled, tools like PearDeck empower teachers to create immersive digital learning experiences that cater to students’ varied needs and learning styles.

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What is PearDeck and How Does it Work?

PearDeck is a presentation software that integrates directly with Google Slides, acting as an add-on. It works by making presentations interactive, allowing teachers to embed questions, prompts, drawings, images, and activities into slides. Students can follow along on their own devices, answering questions and interacting with the content in real-time.

Once a teacher installs the PearDeck add-on and opens it in Google Slides, they can add interactive elements to their presentation by using PearDeck’s toolbox. Questions, polls, images, drawings, and more can be seamlessly embedded. As students join the presentation via a code provided by the teacher, they become active participants. Teachers can see responses in real-time, gauge student understanding, and adapt their teaching accordingly.

PearDeck is designed to facilitate formative assessment. It equips teachers with data and insights into student learning throughout the lesson, rather than just testing comprehension at the end. This allows for a more informed, personalized and engaging learning experience.

Key Features of PearDeck

  • Interactive Presentations: Transform static slides into interactive learning experiences with embedded questions, polls, drawings, images, and more.
  • Accessibility: Built-in and add-on accessibility features cater to different learning needs and preferences.
  • Formative Assessment Tools: Get instant insights into student understanding with interactive questions, quizzes, exit tickets and more.
  • Device Integration: Students can join presentations and interact from any device.
  • Content Library: Gain access to ready-to-use lesson plans and presentations for all grade levels and subjects.
  • Teacher Community: Connect with other teachers to share best practices and presentation ideas.

How Can PearDeck be Used in the Classroom?

PearDeck is a versatile tool that can enhance various teaching and learning scenarios:

Interactive Lessons

Teachers can create engaging, interactive presentations with embedded questions, polls, quizzes, drawings, and more. This allows students to actively participate rather than passively listen.

Formative Assessment

Conduct mini quizzes and quick checks for understanding during lessons. Gain instant insights into student comprehension to adapt teaching.

Flipped Classrooms

Share presentations as pre-class assignments. Students can go through them at home and teachers get data on their understanding before the class.

Personalized Learning

Customize presentations and questions to suit individual student needs and learning styles. Accommodate different paces and levels of understanding.


Leverage built-in and add-on accessibility features to teach students with learning disabilities or other needs.

Peer Collaboration

Students can interact with each other by answering questions, working on projects, annotating slides, and more, promoting collaboration.

Review and Practice

Use presentations for review and practice. Embed questions and repeat activities to reinforce concepts.

Benefits of Using PearDeck

PearDeck offers several advantages that make it an appealing choice for modern classrooms:

  • Increased engagement – Interactive presentations keep students focused and immersed in the content
  • Formative assessment – Frequent comprehension checks provide instant learning data to teachers
  • Accessibility – Accommodates diverse learning needs and styles
  • Easy to use – Seamless Google Slides integration and templated activities
  • Supports personalized learning – Customizable presentations cater to individual students
  • Promotes collaboration – Students can interact with peers on slides
  • Data-driven teaching – Teacher dashboard provides actionable data to shape instruction
  • Saves time – Content library and resource integrations reduce prep time


PearDeck is transforming traditional static presentations into engaging, adaptive, and interactive learning experiences. Its integration with Google Slides and classroom makes it easily accessible for teachers and students alike. With real-time student insights, built-in assessments, and accessibility features, PearDeck unlocks new instructional approaches focused on student engagement and personalized learning. As classrooms continue to evolve, PearDeck represents the future of digitally-enabled, student-centered teaching and learning.

Key Benefits of PearDeck

EngagementInteractive presentations increase student engagement
Formative AssessmentProvides instant insights into student learning
AccessibilityAccommodates diverse learning needs and styles
Ease of UseSeamless integration with Google tools
Personalized LearningCustomizable presentations for each student
CollaborationEnables peer interactions and teamwork
Data-driven TeachingDashboard provides student data to shape instruction
Time SavingsContent library and resources reduce prep time

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