PGSharp vip key, Pokemon Go took the world by storm when it was first released in 2016. Developed by Niantic, this augmented reality mobile game allows players to catch, battle, and train virtual Pokemon who appear on device screens as if they’re in the real world. It became an instant phenomenon and was downloaded over 500 million times in its first two months.

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Even today, six years after its initial release, Pokemon Go remains hugely popular with a dedicated player base. However, to get the most out of the game requires a significant time investment walking around outside to catch Pokemon, visit Pokestops, and access Gyms.

This is where PGSharp comes in. PGSharp is a modified version of Pokemon Go that can be installed on Android devices. It allows players to spoof their GPS location within the game without actually having to physically move around. This opens up many possibilities like catching region-exclusive Pokemon, participating in Raids remotely, and much more.

However, most of PGSharp’s powerful features are only accessible to VIP members who have a valid license key. Read on to find out what exactly a PGSharp VIP key offers, how to get one, and how it can elevate your Pokemon Go gameplay experience.

What is a PGSharp VIP Key?

A PGSharp VIP license key unlocks premium access to the app’s extensive range of features that regular users don’t get.

This includes:

  • Spoofing to any GPS coordinate in the world without restrictions. Free users can only spoof near their actual location.
  • Enhanced walking, jogging and riding speeds for more efficient farming of Pokestops or hatching eggs.
  • Teleporting anywhere with a single tap instead of having to walk or use a joystick.
  • Setting a custom route that your character will follow automatically.
  • Seeing spawn points where Pokemon are likely to appear on the map.
  • Tracking Pokemon locations using a live feed from Pokevision or other scanner sites.
  • Auto-catching and auto-transferring Pokemon based on your filters.
  • Detailed stats and graphs for your Pokemon Go account and gameplay.
  • Priority customer support for any issues faced while using PGSharp.

As you can see, a VIP key unlocks a treasure trove of automated tools and conveniences for next-level Pokemon Go gameplay. The hassle of manually searching for rare spawns or walking around aimlessly is eliminated. Everything can be automated for a smooth and efficient experience.

Why Get a PGSharp VIP License Key?

Here are some of the key advantages and benefits of using a PGSharp VIP license key:

1. Spoof Anywhere in the World

Regular PGSharp users are limited to spoofing their location within a short radius of their actual GPS coordinates. But with a VIP license, you can freely teleport and play Pokemon Go anywhere in the world.

This allows you to catch region exclusive Pokemon from other countries without physically travelling there. You can participate in Raids happening in locations thousands of miles away with just a tap. Unlock your Pokemon Go adventures globally!

2. Farm Pokestops and Hatch Eggs Faster

A VIP key boosts your movement speed within the game up to 100km/hr. This lets you visit Pokestops much quicker and also hatch eggs rapidly even while staying in one place. You’ll be able to farm a lot more items from Pokestops and progress through eggs faster.

3. Automate Gameplay with Enhanced Tools

VIP unlocks advanced automation tools like auto-walking along a set route, auto-catching Pokemon, transferring low IV Pokemon etc. You can customize these tools to fit your playstyle. The grind heavy aspects of Pokemon Go become much easier.

4. See Spawn Points on the Map

Knowing exactly where Pokemon are likely to spawn is a key advantage. VIP keys enable marking spawn points on the PGSharp map so you can easily move between them and catch Pokemon efficiently. Monitor nests and frequent spawn points for rare Pokemon.

5. Get Early Access to New Features

PGSharp is periodically updated with new features for enhanced gameplay. VIP members get early access to test out and enjoy these new additions before they become available to the public. You’ll always be at the cutting edge!

6. Priority Customer Support

In case you ever face any issues while using the modified app, VIP members can reach out for swift and dedicated customer assistance. Get your problems resolved quickly without hassle.

How to Get a PGSharp VIP License Key

Now that you know what VIP access offers, you’re probably wondering how to get your hands on a PGSharp license key. There are a few different methods:

Purchase a Key

  • The easiest but paid option is to purchase an official PGSharp VIP key from the app’s website directly.
  • These keys are generated instantly after payment and can be redeemable for lifetime access or shorter durations (weekly, monthly etc) based on how much you spend.
  • Pricing ranges from $10 per week and goes up to $99 for lifetime VIP status.

Get a Free Key

  • Certain online communities like Discord servers, Reddit or Youtube channels distribute free VIP keys as giveaways or contests from time to time.
  • You have to keep checking these sources regularly to get your hands on one. It takes effort but saves money.
  • Sometimes inactive players may also give away their unused keys for free on forums and social media.
  • There are also some websites that claim to offer PGSharp license keys for free – but beware, many of them are fake and should be avoided. Stick to reputable sources.

Use a Key Generator

  • A number of sketchy websites offer PGSharp VIP key generators that can automatically generate working license keys for free.
  • However, key generators are not authorized sources. The generated keys may stop working any time.
  • Using these comes with the risk of your Pokemon Go or PGSharp account getting banned. Avoid at your own risk.

In summary, purchasing an official key is the most reliable hassle-free approach for PGSharp VIP access, even if its paid. For free options, look for giveaways in reputable communities or try your luck with a generator at your own discretion.

How to Redeem Your PGSharp VIP License Key

Once you have obtained a valid PGSharp VIP license key through any of the above methods, you’ll need to redeem it in the app to activate all the premium features. Follow these steps:

  1. Launch the PGSharp app on your Android device.
  2. From the main menu, tap on the “Settings” gear icon.
  3. Scroll down and tap on the “Activate” button.
  4. This will open an “Activate License Key” popup screen.
  5. Carefully enter your VIP key here and double check it.
  6. Finally, hit “Activate”. If the key is legitimate and unused, it will activate successfully.
  7. You should now have full VIP access unlocked within the app. Verify by checking the enhanced features.
  8. If the key doesn’t activate, make sure you entered it correctly. If issues persist, you may have an invalid key.

That’s all there is to it. Entering the PGSharp VIP license key and verifying the activation takes less than a minute. You’ll then be able to enjoy the wealth of benefits and take your Pokemon Go gameplay to new heights!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common FAQs about PGSharp VIP license keys:

Q1. Does a VIP key get blocked if multiple people use it?

No, PGSharp VIP keys can be used on multiple devices simultaneously without issues as long as they are linked to different Pokemon Go accounts.

Q2. How long does a purchased VIP key last?

Official PGSharp keys purchased from their website typically last for life after a single one time activation. Some discounted keys may expire after a certain period.

Q3. Is PGSharp safe to use? Can I get banned?

When used correctly, the chances of getting banned are low. Avoid cheating or spoofing very long distances in short periods of time. Also don’t use key generators.

Q4. Does PGSharp work on iOS devices?

Unfortunately no. PGSharp is only available for Android phones and tablets as it is a modified APK file. iOS users cannot install or use it.

Q5. Where can I get support if I face issues with VIP features?

PGSharp has an active Discord community where you can get troubleshooting help and assistance quickly from other experienced users. You can also email PGSharp support if you have a valid VIP license.

Q6. Can I get a refund if my purchased VIP key stops working?

If an officially bought PGSharp VIP key deactivates prematurely within its paid validity period, you may be able to get a refund by contacting their support team through email.


To summarize, a PGSharp VIP license key unlocks an array of powerful and convenient features for next-level Pokemon Go gameplay. Spoof anywhere in the world, automate grinding tasks and catch Pokemon efficiently without physical movement. While paid VIP keys offer reliable access, free options like giveaways and generators are also worth trying. Redeeming your PGSharp key is simple – and opens up a treasure trove of possibilities! Happy safe spoofing!