How to Fix 0x8024a105 Windows 10 Update Error, Works In Windows 11

Do you get the 0x8024a105 windows 10 update error when you try to update your Windows 10 computer or laptop? Then this article is for you. It tells you how to fix Windows Update Error Code 0x8024a105 in the best way possible.

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Microsoft releases updates for Windows 10 users, and all of these updates are necessary for any Windows 10 system to avoid errors, slow system performance, and other bugs.

But sometimes, because of a problem inside or outside of Windows Update, the service breaks and shows error messages when a person tries to install an update on their system.

One of these Windows 10 update errors is (0x8024a105), which is usually caused by a bad installation, a virus or other malware, damaged or corrupted Windows system files, etc.

Even so, it may show up when you try to download any update for your PC or laptop. You might also see this error code when you try to update Windows or when you look at the Update History to see which updates didn’t install.

Well, the error code 0x8024a105 is also not on the official list of error codes, and when it shows up, you may get the following error message:

We had some trouble installing updates, but we’ll try again later. If you keep seeing this, try looking for help on the web or by calling support. This error code could be useful: (0x8024a105)

And there are different things you can do to fix the Windows update error 0x8024a105.

Restart your PC -0x8024a105 Windows 10 Update Error

Some bugs and Windows problems can always be fixed by restarting the system. So, the first thing you should do to fix Windows update error 0x8024a105 is to restart your PC or laptop.

Just click “Start,” then “Shut Down,” “Restart,” and “Start” again. Then try to run the Windows update again. Check to see if the error shows up, or go to the second solution if it does.

Check your connection to the Internet.

Check to see if the internet connection is working properly, as this could stop Windows from updating and lead to error code 0x8024a105 in Windows 10.

You can try switching your internet connection. If you are using a LAN connection, switch to Wi-Fi, and if you are using Wi-Fi, try connecting to a wired connection with a Cat5 cable.

Now that you’ve changed your connection, try installing the Windows update again. Check to see if the Windows update error 0x8024a105 has been fixed.

Run Windows Update Troubleshooter – 0x8024a105 Windows 10 Update Error

If you still see the Windows update error, it’s possible that something is wrong with your installation of Windows 10.

To fix error 0x8024a105, utilise the Windows Update troubleshooter that comes with the operating system.

Procedures to follow are as follows:

Click here to get to the Windows installation page. Choose the appropriate alternatives by navigating to them. Pressing the Windows key plus the letter I will also bring up the programme.

Click Update & Security > Troubleshoot afterward.

Choose Windows Update from the available options to start fixing the problem.

Select Troubleshoot > Run the troubleshooter once you’ve located it.

Please proceed in accordance with the on-screen prompts.

I hope the upgrade goes off without a hitch for you. However, if the issue still exists, you should try another strategy.

Run The SFC and DISM Commands – 0x8024a105 Windows 10 Update Error

After reading that corrupted Windows system files are to blame for error 0x8024a105 in Windows 10, you may want to try using the built-in SFC command to repair the affected files.

If it doesn’t work, executing the DISM command to resolve error 0x8024a105 in Windows 10 may be worthwhile.

Instructions for initiating an SFC scan can be found here.

To open the command prompt, press the Windows key plus R. launch a Command Prompt window with administrative privileges

Now at the prompt, enter sfc/scannow> and press Enter.

After 15 minutes, try installing the Windows update again to see if the error reappears. If the problem persists, though, you might try executing the DISM command.

Launch Command Prompt and enter the code below:

Type: Dism | Online | Cleanup | Check Health

Please be patient while we scan your documents (approx. 30 minutes)

Verify if you’re still getting the Windows update error 0x8024a105 after making the necessary changes.

Reset Software Distribution Folder – 0x8024a105 Windows 10 Update Error

Several users have reported that they experienced the Windows update issue 0x8024a105 after resetting the Software Distribution folder.

The steps of resetting it are as follows:

To run the Command Prompt in an administrative capacity, start it.

Simply copy and paste the commands below into the command prompt, one at a time, and press Enter after each net stop bits command.

Net, End WuauServ

Go ahead and look for a folder called “SoftwareDistribution” on your hard drive.

Press Windows-R to open the Run dialogue box, then type C: and hit Enter.


Select everything in the Software Distribution folder, and then click the “Delete” button.

Warning: Do not remove or rename the Software Distribution folder or any of the files within it.

Launch the CMD window once more, this time in admin mode, and enter each of the following commands one at a time, followed by Enter: net start bits

launch wuauserv net

Now that you’ve restarted your computer, try downloading Windows Update once more to see if it installs successfully.

Reset Catroot 2 Folder – 0x8024a105 Windows 10 Update Error

One must be familiar with the Catroot 2 folder in order to perform a reset. The contents of this directory are identical to those in the distribution directory of the software.

The Catroot directory is located in C:WindowsSystem32Catroot 2.

It’s easy to reset this folder by following the steps below.

Start up the CMD prompt as an administrator.

And then, one by one, execute the commands below (press Enter key after each command).

xcopy %systemroot%system32catroot2% %systemroot%system32catroot2.old/s net stop cryptsvcmd%systemroot%system32catroot2.old

Once you’ve finished using these commands, delete everything in the catroot 2 directories.

To begin, just type net start cryptsvc

Final step: restart your computer and then attempt the Windows update again.

Change Windows Update Settings – 0x8024a105 Windows 10 Update Error

To access the Update and Security menu, select Windows and click on it.

After entering the Update settings again, select the Advanced tab.

If you want to prevent Windows updates from also installing updates for other Microsoft software, you should uncheck the box labelled “Give me updates for other Microsoft products

If you want your changes to take effect immediately, you may need to restart the system.

Then, go to the Windows Update Control Panel and run the Check for Updates button.

To get Windows Updates, you should click the Check for Updates button multiple times. When you’ve finished upgrading everything, you’ll see a message that says “Your device is up to date.”

Here you may adjust how Windows 10 checks for and installs updates.

Here, you should choose the option to Receive updates for other Microsoft products while updating Windows and disable any choices to delay or postpone updates.

Next, exit the Advanced options window, and Windows will immediately begin applying your new settings to Windows Update.

The next step is to attempt the update’s installation and see if the Windows update error 0x8024a105 no longer appears.

Reinstall Windows 10 – 0x8024a105 Windows 10 Update Error

Try reinstalling Windows 10 if none of the aforementioned solutions work for you. As for fixing system issues, upgrading to Windows 10 should do the trick.

Back up your data first before reinstalling Windows 10, though. Windows 10 update error 0x8024a105 is likely resolved at this time.


If the manual fixes for Windows update error 0x8024a105 don’t help, or if you’re seeking for an easier option, consider using the PC Repair Tool.

It’s a multipurpose utility that can scan your computer once and find and cure a wide variety of computer problems, including Windows update difficulties.

Along with repairing damaged or corrupted Windows system files, this tool can also correct Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) errors, DLL errors, registry difficulties, application errors, virus and malware infections, and more.

It not only restores normal operation to Windows but also makes the computer run as quickly as a brand-new one.

If you’re experiencing update error code 0x8024a105, try each of the suggested solutions until you find one that works for you.

Although the provided solutions are straightforward, careful command writing is still recommended. Thank you for reading, and I hope this article helped you with Windows 10 issue 0x8024a105.

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