$100 Investment in Cronos Will Be Worth If CRO Reaches $1

$100 Investment in Cronos Will Be Worth If CRO Reaches $1

Crypto.com’s native utility token, known as Cronos (CRO), is a CRO. It allows for the low-cost, high-throughput transmission of applications and smart contracts between Ethereum and EVM-compatible networks.

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In February of 2021, the coin was rebranded as Cronos (CRO) to better reflect the ambitious nature of the project’s ecosystem, having previously been known as Crypto.org Coin.

Cronos Chain

Cronos Chain, a platform for developing decentralised applications powered by Ethermint for EVM compatibility and based on the Cosmos SDK, serves the Web3 economy (DApps). To facilitate better bridging and interoperability with other IBC-enabled blockchains, this feature has been built into the Cosmos implementation of the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol. The proof of authority (PoA) consensus algorithm serves as the foundation for Cronos.

Future Value of Cronos (CRO)

CRO has a current market worth of $1.4B and is trading at $0.05775. The cost of this item has dropped by 3.14% over the past week and by 9.51% over the past month. In the last two months, the price of CRO has dropped by 49.14%, and in the last three months, it has dropped by 47.38%.

Coincodex suggests

Technical analysis on Coincodex suggests that investors are pessimistic about CRO. They anticipate the value of CRO to reach $0.071008 by February of 2023.

They anticipated a range of values for CRO’s price from $0.245315 to $0.736676 in 2024, $0.314028 to $1.634169 in 2025, and $0.401987 to $3.63 in 2026.

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How much would you make if CRO reached $1?

For the sake of argument, let’s imagine that today you decide to put $100 into CRO. At the current price of $0.05775, you can buy about 1731 CRO coins. You may profit $1731 if you hold until CRO reaches $1 and then sell. An investment of this amount would provide a return of 17 times, or 1600 percent (ROI).

Let’s say you decide to put $1,000 into CRO right now. You may expect to have around $17,316 worth of coins if you buy them at today’s market pricing. Your $1,000 investment is now worth about $17,316 if it were immediately liquidated at a price of $1. If CRO reaches $1 by 2026 (during the next four years), your annualised ROI will be 104.5%.

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