What is 123putlocker

What is 123putlocker? An Overview of the Popular but Illegal Streaming Site


123putlocker is a website that provides free streaming of movies and TV shows. It has emerged as an alternative to Putlocker, which was a popular third-party streaming site that was taken down by UK authorities in 2016.

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With a sleek layout and extensive library of content, 123putlocker seems like an attractive option for those looking to watch films and shows online for free. However, there are several crucial things to know about the site before using it.

This article will provide an overview of 123putlocker, examining what it is, the content it offers, its legality issues, potential risks of using the site, and safer alternative platforms.

What is 123putlocker?

123putlocker is essentially an online platform that allows visitors to stream a vast range of movies and TV shows without paying anything.

It provides links to content hosted on third-party servers and embeds videos directly into the site. The site is well designed with a straightforward, intuitive interface that makes finding and watching videos easy.

In particular, 123putlocker offers:

  • Extensive library of latest film releases as well as classic movies
  • Huge selection of popular TV shows across various genres
  • Newly aired episodes shortly after they premiere
  • Easy sorting by genre, release year, most viewed, etc.
  • Multiple streaming links for each video

The site selects what it deems as the best streaming link by default. But users can also choose from backup links if the default one fails.

Overall, 123putlocker seems to provide an impressive collection of entertainment media in one convenient place. However, its legality remains questionable at best.

The Legality Issue

While 123putlocker provides free access to desirable film and TV content, it exists in a legal gray area. More specifically, the site faces allegations of:

Copyright Infringement: By providing streams of movies and shows without permission, 123putlocker violates copyright law in multiple countries. The site does not have licenses for the content it hosts.

Facilitating Piracy: By aggregating and embedding videos hosted on third-party servers, 123putlocker essentially facilitates access to pirated media. It aids copyright infringement.

As a result of these allegations, industry groups and authorities deem 123putlocker as an illegal streaming site. In fact, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) declared it the world’s most popular illegal streaming platform back in 2018.

Shortly after, in March 2018, 123putlocker was taken down by authorities and stopped working. However, like many piracy sites, it has continued to evade legal pressure by changing domain names and resurfacing under new URLs.

So in short – while 123putlocker lets users watch movies/TV conveniently and freely, it achieves this illegally. Visiting and using the site violates copyright law in most countries.

Risks of Using 123putlocker

Given its legally dubious operation, using 123putlocker entails several key risks that users should keep in mind:

Potential legal action: Authorities can pursue legal action against visitors and users of 123putlocker under anti-piracy and copyright laws. Fines, suspension of Internet service, and even jail time are possibilities.

Viruses and malware: Like other piracy sites, 123putlocker may intentionally or accidentally spread viruses and malware that can damage devices. These can also expose personal data.

Poor streaming quality: Streams on 123putlocker can be slow, prone to buffering, low-resolution, or get taken down unexpectedly. Quality is not reliable.

Too many ads: Overabundant and intrusive ads on 123putlocker can ruin the viewing experience and be a nuisance. Some ads may even be malicious.

The main risks of using 123putlocker are summarized in this table:

Legal actionPotential penalties under anti-piracy laws
Viruses and malwareFiles/links that can damage devices and expose data
Poor streaming qualityBuffering, low-res, unstable streams
Too many adsIntrusive, abundant ads that disrupt viewing

Safer Alternatives to 123putlocker

Given the legal issues and risks surrounding sites like 123 putlocker, it is better to use legitimate streaming platforms. Here are some legal and safer alternatives:

Netflix: Netflix remains the most popular on-demand streaming service for movies and shows. It offers acclaimed original programming alongside an expansive entertainment library.

Hulu: Hulu focuses more on TV programs but also includes a growing list of films. Unique offerings include currently airing shows.

Amazon Prime Video: Amazon’s streaming platform houses original content as well as an array of movies/TV available on-demand. Comes bundled with an Amazon Prime subscription.

Crackle: Crackle serves as an ad-supported platform to stream movies and shows legally and freely. It does have commercial interruptions.

Tubi: Similar to Crackle, Tubi offers thousands of titles on-demand without subscription—only needing to watch some ads.

These streaming services give you safer, legal alternatives to access entertainment content online. They provide better reliability and viewing experiences than sites like 123 putlocker as well.


In summary, 123putlocker allows you to watch an extensive catalog of movies and TV shows online for free. However, given its questionable legality and risks like malware, it often proves too problematic to use safely or ethically.

Opting for legitimate streaming platforms grants you safer and superior alternatives to access entertainment legally. So be diligent in researching streaming sites, focus on legal ones, and avoid the potential issues posed by sites like 123 putlocker.

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