AEBAS Android App: Old Version, Stopped, Attendance & MANTRA


The AEBAS stands for Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System. The Users can download the AEBAS Android App from the Google Play Store. The MANTRA is a tiny part of the AEBAS.
There are various offices in different Cities and different States. The Location is Ahemdabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Vijayawada, Chennai, and Lucknow.

AEBAS Android App Activation Code:

To generate the App Activation Code, the User must Register on the App; after that, they will need to log in. The First thing the User will need to do is to log in to your Attendance Portal as a Nodal Officer. But the App will take Notes of your Office Location, Device Location, and BioMetric Device Administration.
The Device Admin will be Authenticating Device at the Device Location, and the Device Admin should be told before the Users apply for the Activation Code.

AEBAS Android App Has Stopped:

Yes, this Occurs on your Android device when a message appears: “Unfortunately, App Has Stopped.” 8 Quick Ways can solve this problem on your Android. The List for all the Solutions is given below:

  • Restart your device.
  • Verify your Phone Storage and RAM.
  • Update your Android System WebView App.
  • Check whether the App with the Issue is up Upto Date.
  • Clear the App all Cache & Data.
  • Decrease the App’s Update.
  • Update your Phones Software.
  • Take your Phone to the Phone Experts.

AEBAS Android App Old Version:

The Users sometimes Update that App, but in later stages, they realize that the Old Version of the App is better than the New Update. In that case, many Websites provide the Old Version of that Specific App. We have also provided the Download Link for AEBAS Android Old Version here. Users like the Old Version mainly because they are used to it or have fewer bugs and issues compared to the New App.

AEBAS Software Download Jammu and Kashmir:

The Users can Download both of that Software from the Official Website. The AEBAS is an application created for Android Mobile and PC with Windows OS and the Link for that is given below:

AEBAS Attendance:

The AEBAS Attendance includes various Organizations and Employees. It will display Various Figures and Details about the Total Employees present today and also for those who went outside. The App or Website will display the list of the following things which are given below:

  • Registered Organizations
  • Registered Employees
  • List of Present Employees
  • List of Employees Who Have Taken Leave
  • Total Numbers Of Device Registered, Including Tablet & Desktop

Mantra AEBAS Software Download:

The Users can download the AEBAS App from two places, as mentioned above. The Link for downloading the App from the Google Play Store is given above, and the Link for MANTRA AEBAS Software Download from the Website is shown here. There are various links for downloading it. There are links for Realtime T502 Tablets, Mantra MFSTAB Tablet, Mantra MFS100 (V54/V540TG), and MFSTAB & Realtime T502 Tablet. The Users will first need to know their requirements and, after that, the Version that they will download because every Version of the App works differently and for a different purpose.

AEBAS Contact Details:

  • Support RMA / RD:
  • Sales:
  • Download Support: Download SDK / Driver
  • CIN: U72200GJ2006PTC048092
  • Telephone Number: 079-49068000
  • Support Phone: 079-49068000
  • Sales Phone: 079-49068001
  • International Phone: +917949068001


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How do I download the AEBAS app?

Go to → select VTP from the menu bar → Snap on New VTP Enlistment → Snap on connect “For AEBAS framework Execution in MMKVY Plan, the client can download application for Work area Gadgets and Android Tablets.” A BAS site page will open.

What is an AEBAS device?

Aadhaar Empowered Biometric Participation Framework, ordinarily known by its abbreviation AEBAS is a Period and Participation, the executive’s framework to record the participation of staff working at Government workplaces.

How to install Aadhaar enabled biometric attendance system?

To install the Aadhar Enabled Biometric Attendance System, the User must download the Application and the steps for installing the AEBAS App are given below:

  1. Uninstall BAS, which you have already downloaded.
  2. Download and introduce AEBAS Windows Client programming. Download.
  3. Download and introduce RD Administrations gadget drivers.

How do I get my AEBAS activation code?

To create the enactment code, log in to your Participation entryway as a nodal official. Note: Office Area, Gadget Area, and Biometric gadget head (Gadget Administrator: who will confirm gadget at gadget area) should be characterized before creating enactment code.

Video Featuring AEBAS Android App:

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