One could create an account in Microsoft to access all the Microsoft applications and Microsoft Office suite. The process of creating a Microsoft account is very simple. You could sign up using an email ID or a phone number. There are certain other formalities that you would be required to complete for creating an account. If the mail id or phone number is already associated with any of the Microsoft accounts, then you won’t be able to create it. Make sure you have not used the mail ID or the phone number before for creating an account. 

The sign-in procedure for Microsoft account is very simple. A mail ID or phone number along with a password is good to go. To make some changes to the Microsoft Office account, you need to know the settings available in a Microsoft Office account

 What are the various services and products offered by Microsoft?

One could see that it is just enough to have one user ID and password to access all of the products and services offered by Microsoft Windows. OneDrive, Microsoft Edge, Cortana, Microsoft 365, Skype Xbox, and Microsoft Bing are some of the top-selling products and services under the Microsoft Corporation. 

With the help of this one single user ID and password, it is easy to sync your mobile phone and the personal computer be it a desktop computer or a laptop, the user ID and password is compatible with everything. 

What are the benefits of changing your Microsoft Office account settings? 

These are the umpteen benefits one could avail using the Microsoft Office Account. 

Helps take control of data 

The Microsoft Office account settings include changing passwords, updating security questions, and reviewing the activity. When you keep a vital check on these, it helps you secure your account and ensures your data is not misused and stolen. 

Helps to keep files 

If you are looking for a humongous storage option like 5GB for all of your files which is also secure, then you could go for the OneDrive service offered by Microsoft. 

Steps to change the account settings of Microsoft Office products and services 

Be it a mobile phone, laptop, or desktop computer, you need to click on the below link to access all of the apps from one single page. Once you’ve signed in it, redirects you to the main page where all of the services are displayed.

Click on your profile pic icon and you will be redirected to the Account settings. One could see the change password setting on the right-hand side of the page. Once you have changed the password in one particular device, the settings get updated in all the devices you had logged in using a Microsoft Office account. You could manage your profile on Xbox or Skype using this one account itself. 

These are some of the account settings, which Microsoft users must be aware of to make the best possible use of the services rendered by Microsoft Corporation.