Amazon Prime Is More Expensive From July? A Change Indicates A Price Increase.

Amazon Prime will soon be even more expensive: the subsequent price increase should be just around the corner.

The subsequent price increase will probably come to Amazon Prime customers. The streaming giant recently adjusted its terms of service. In the past, this was an indication of an upcoming fee increase for other Amazon services.

Amazon Prime customers are currently being informed about changes to the terms of use. As discovered, it states explicitly that the streaming provider reserves the right to make changes to the Prime fees. In the past few months, Amazon has used Amazon Music and Amazon Music Unlimited to announce price increases.

According to the announcement, the updated Terms of Use will come into effect on July 11. If the group proceeds as it does with its two music offerings, a price increase for German customers is expected to start on July 13.

As usual, new customers currently have the opportunity to test Amazon Prime for 30 days free of charge. To register, click here:

Amazon Prime soon more expensive?

Prime customers in Germany currently pay either 7.99 euros for monthly billing or 69 euros per year. If you are afraid of a price increase but do not want to do without the Prime content, you can secure an annual subscription at the old conditions at least until July 10. On July 11, the terms of use will also be adjusted for Prime Student. Here, too, a price increase seems likely.

When asked by Golem, Amazon Germany announced: “We have updated the Amazon Prime Terms of Participation to provide even more detailed information on how and when we make changes to these terms, to our Prime service or to the conditions for Prime membership can do.” Further steps are “currently not to be announced”.

In the past, Amazon has always only informed about changes to the subscription models if they have been officially announced beforehand.

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