Is animetribes Legal And Safe Anime Platform?


Animetribes is a website that allows users to stream and download anime content for free. Given the vast library of content and lack of need for subscriptions or payments, Animetribes seems like an anime fan’s dream. However, the legality and safety of the platform have come into question.

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In this article, we will analyze if Animetribes is a legal and safe platform to use. We will also explore some of the best alternative anime streaming platforms that are legal, safe, and still provide an enjoyable viewing experience for anime fans.

Is Animetribes Legal?

When evaluating the legality of any website, the first step is checking whether they have the proper licensing deals and permissions to distribute the content hosted on their platform.

Animetribes does not clearly indicate anywhere on their site that they have obtained licenses from anime production studios and distributors to host and allow downloads of anime content. Most of the anime series available on Animetribes are still under copyright and have not entered the public domain.

Without explicit authorization from copyright holders, Animetribes is likely operating in violation of intellectual property laws. Streaming and distributing copyrighted content without permission constitutes copyright infringement.

In the past, Animetribes has removed content after receiving Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notices. This confirms the platform hosts anime without the proper licensing agreements in place.

Is Animetribes Safe to Use?

Aside from the questionable legality, Animetribes also presents potential safety issues for users.

Malware Risks

Free anime downloads tend to come with hidden malware risks. Hackers can attach malware like viruses, spyware or ransomware to video files and animations. When unsuspecting users download and open these files on their devices, the malware infections can cause significant harm.

Animetribes downloads come from unverified sources, increasing the chances of malware infection. There are many user complaints online of getting viruses from downloads on Animetribes.

Personal Data Privacy

To download from Animetribes, users have to disable ad blockers. This exposes visitors to intrusive targeted ads and potential snooping of their browsing activities through tracking cookies/pixels.

Disabling security for any site increases privacy risks of personal data collection without clear information on how user data may get used.

Streaming Safety Issues

Even just streaming on Animetribes poses some safety concerns:

  • Pop-up/redirect ads could lead to phishing or inappropriate sites
  • Lack of HTTPS encryption makes connections vulnerable to eavesdropping
  • No moderation increases chances of stumbling upon disturbing/explicit content

With no reassurance of safety measures in place, Animetribes streaming comes with many risks users must blindly accept.

Top Alternatives to Animetribes

Given the dubious legality and safety issues of Animetribes, anime fans deserve better platforms to enjoy their favorite shows. Here are some of the top alternative anime streaming sites:

1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is the world’s most popular anime streaming service, with over 5 million paid subscribers.

Legality: Crunchyroll has proper licensing deals with major Japanese studios like Toei Animation, licensing over 1000 different anime series. This makes it 100% legal.

Safety: Crunchyroll offers a safe viewing experience with no malware risks. It has strong privacy protections and moderates all content.

Content: A massive library of new and classic anime, along with simulcast of latest episodes shortly after airing in Japan. Focused solely on anime.

Price: Premium ad-free viewing for $7.99/month. Some content available for free with ads.

2. Funimation

Funimation is another major licensed anime streaming platform, owned by Sony.

Legality: Licenses anime from producers before streaming, operating fully legally.

Safety: Safe streaming with no malware or piracy, strong privacy and moderation.

Content: Extensive anime catalogue of over 500 shows, including simulcasts. Dubbed and subbed options.

Price: $5.99 per month for premium subscription, some content free with ads.

3. Netflix

Netflix offers some quality anime content as part of their general entertainment library.

Legality: Fully authorized to stream all content on their platform.

Safety: Very safe streaming experience with strong security and privacy.

Content: Has exclusive rights to stream popular shows like Neon Genesis Evangelion. Overall anime library is limited compared to dedicated services.

Price: $8.99 – $15.99 per month depending on plan. Anime included with overall subscription.

4. Hulu

Hulu also hosts a modest anime selection alongside their general content.

Legality: Properly licenses all content, following broadcast and IP laws.

Safety: Very safe streaming platform with emphasis on security protections.

Content: Has some popular anime series and movies alongside western TV shows and films. Library is relatively small.

Price: $6.99 per month for basic plan with ads. Anime included in overall subscription.

In Summary

Animetribes facilitates free access to vast anime content, but has many red flags around legality and safety. Users risk legal trouble and malware by using the platform.

Thankfully, there are plenty of legal, safe alternatives for watching anime online. Services like Crunchyroll, Funimation and Netflix offer excellent libraries of anime while prioritizing security, privacy and content moderation.

Though paid subscriptions are required, the peace of mind and high quality experience make platforms like Crunchyroll worth the modest monthly fees. Anime fans deserve and should demand ethical anime streaming services.

Frequently Asked Questions about Animetribes and Legal Anime Streaming

Is it illegal to use Animetribes?

While Animetribes itself operates in a legal grey area globally, users could potentially get in trouble for streaming or downloading copyrighted content without permission. Each country has different laws on this matter. Many prefer avoiding the platform to steer clear of any piracy-related risks.

Is Animetribes really that unsafe?

There are multiple reports online of people getting malware from downloads on Animetribes. Also, having to disable ad blockers and lack of HTTPS encryption creates a high-risk browsing environment. While occasional use may be okay, prolonged use does pose safety threats.

Why doesn’t Animetribes just get licensed?

Obtaining streaming licenses involves many negotiations, restrictions and fees that cut into profits. Animetribes currently maximizes profit by operating without regard for copyright law. Transitioning to a legal model would require drastic changes to their business that they have thus far avoided.

Can Netflix or Amazon Prime replace Animetribes?

Netflix and Amazon Prime offer a limited anime library compared to dedicated services like Crunchyroll or Funimation. While the anime selection is lacking, their overall safety and legality makes them decent backup options if your preferred service does not have a particular title.

Is there really no free but legal option?

Unfortunately, licensing anime requires payment for streaming rights, and free legal platforms tend to have very limited libraries. However, services like Crunchyroll offer some content for free with ads. Retail DVD purchases are also an option for building an owned anime collection over time.


While the free anime content on Animetribes is alluring, the risks of piracy and malware make it a platform not worth using in the long run. For a safe and legal anime streaming experience, platforms like Crunchyroll, Funimation and Netflix are recommended. And they offer enough great anime to keep even the most avid fan entertained for a lifetime.

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