11 Best AR Zone Apps for Android 2021

Augmented reality has taken the world up by a storm. From the realistic viewing experience to a whole range of filters available in your phone, AR has made a lot of impossible things, possible. With the growing popularity of the same, more and more AR Zone apps have popped up for both Android and iOS devices.

However, in this article, our primary focus is on the AR zone apps that you can consider installing for your Android devices in 2021. Keep in mind that new apps are being developed and uploaded to the Google Play Store every single day, so it isn’t surprising that more and more applications like these are becoming mainstream.

Following are some of the best AR Zone apps that you can consider looking into.

  • Houzz

If you invest your time playing interior decorating games that help you decorate your dream home virtually, you are going to love Houzz. The app is ideal for interior decorators and furniture sellers who want to make a quick buck. It is a home improvement application with elements of augmented reality that enables you to decorate your dream home layout virtually and get a proper picture of how things would look like before investing in the actual project.

In the app, the “View in the Room” feature is what utilizes AR technology to place individual furniture and products in the room to visualize what the future home would look like. It lets you play around with colors and patterns that match your vibe the best.

  • Wikitude

If there’s one AR application that has taken the world up by a storm, it is Wikitude. This is an all-in-one platform that blends in elements of object recognition and tracking for a superior user experience. The app also blends in elements of localization and mapping (SLAM) that enables you to indulge in top-notch recognition with features like geolocation augmented reality.

This app comes in handy when you are visiting a new place that you don’t know much about. Also, if there’s a place that you don’t know about, type in the same in Wikitude’s search bar and the application will augment that specific world for you. It also enables easier scanning through newspapers, magazines, brochure ads, etc.

  • IKEA Place

Much like Houzz, even IKEA place is a home improvement application that uses elements of augmented reality to help users check out IKEA furniture and how they would look in their homes. This gives the users a preview of the overall look and feel, enabling them to make the most out of their purchase with the prospect of visualization.

Using this app, the Swedish furniture seller provides you with a chance to put their products in their respective rooms without having to just eyeball everything. The best thing about this application is how big the layout is. Everything on this app is spread out to match your home’s floor plan so you can check things through. Also, the app has a very seamless user interface with drag and drop functions.

  • Ingress

Pushing aside some of the serious AR zone apps, we have Ingress next on the list. This is an application that takes a real-world depiction and turns it into a mystery landscape for a global game. This is a game application, which means that you need to play through the levels and enjoy the beauty that AR brings to the game.

In this, the player needs to travel real-world locations using their smartphone to be able to accumulate and gather a range of Exotic matter and then control the portals in those specific landmarks for superior user experience.

  • Giphy World

If you are a social media manager or one that tends to deal with digital marketing, Giphy World is an application you would swear by. The application combines the beauty of animated GIFs with AR to bring about real changes and touch to photos and videos and turn them into 3D graphics images. If you have used Snapchat before, especially the filters that come around in it, Giphy World is a lot similar to that.

Adding these animated and real-life-looking GIFs to posts gives them a boost to the personality and look, something that your audience will enjoy connecting with.

  • Sun Surveyor

The Sun Surveyor application is an ideal option for professional photographers who want to make it big in the world with added elements to their final pictures. This application enables the users to find the best location to take a photograph, both in terms of the look and the lighting prospects. It uses AR to display projections of the sun and moon’s path, letting you have an idea of the exact location where the sun and moon would be.

This application is perfect for professional photographers to get their fix of perfect lighting with shadows for that one shot that they have been trying to excel in.

  • Google Lens

One of the most popular AR zone applications for Android only is Google Lens. This is one of those OG AR applications that has been around for years now. The primary objective of Google lens is to streamline and improve the search experience of the users. Using this, you wouldn’t have to be stuck typing about things that you want to know more about. All you need to do is point your camera at the place, object, or item that you want to learn more about, and Google lens with providing you with the necessary information from its database.

Also, the AR functions enable you to find the product online and redirect you to a shoppable link so you wouldn’t have to worry about doing the same separately.

  • InkHunter

Tattoos are extremely personal and an experience that only an individual can describe. However, there are several tattoo disaster stories that you wouldn’t regret indulging in. InkHunter is a popular application that uses the AR zone technology to augment a tattoo on your skin to allow you to get a preview of what it would look like once it’s done permanently.

This enables you to do your tattoo design, capture them and then place them on the part of your body that you think it would look the best on. It allows you to check for different placements on the body and see what looks the best on you, so you don’t end up having your story of a tattoo disaster.

  • Augment

Ecommerce is booming right now, so it isn’t surprising that more and more people are now trying out newer ways to market their products and make them more accessible to the users. Augment is one such application that the majority of e-commerce users leverage. This enables them to created augmented images and GIFs of their products to put them on their store page for a better immersive experience for the users or buyers who come visit their store virtually.

The primary objective of this AR application is to drive better field sales by making the products look more realistic and available, even when the same is done virtually via a smartphone. 

  • Holo

Just like the name of the app suggests, Holo uses AR to project holographic projections and models and images or videos around you. This app is amazing for you to help your kids learn more about animals and the things around them using the projections so they can experience them in real life and retain the information better.

The app has an extensive library of available content that allows you to choose from all the available images and then make the most out of them. Also, it enables users to create their projections and then saves and shares them with the associated community on the platform.

  • Snapchat

There is no point mentioning AR zone applications if we don’t even mention Snapchat in it. Not only is it a social media application, but the platform is also quite popular among teenagers and young users, especially because of the AR-enabled filters that are available on the platform. The popularity of this social media platform has taken the world up by a storm, especially by brands who want to make their presence known in the world. 

The application helps the brands elevate their presence and also invest their coins in branded filters for better outreach. The platform is the best example of showcasing AR at work. So, if you thought Snapchat is just a simple social media platform, it particularly isn’t.

When it comes to discussing the best AR zone applications online in 2021, these are the top 11 options that you can consider looking into. However, make sure that you keep a check on their features and functions before downloading them to your Android phone. Also, make sure that you understand the concept of AR better to make the maximum use of these applications. Keep in mind that these applications aren’t just for fun and entertainment, they are quite useful in research and interaction.

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