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Hello Guys, Are you looking for the AZMVDNow information? If yes, then you guys have reached the right place. In this Article, I have provided you with a complete Guide for AZMVDNow. The Link for AZMVDNow is available here. This Website is provided by the Government, which will increase the Security and Privacy of your Details. The AZMVDNow is also called the Official Site of ADOT Now.

AZMVDNow is a Website that provides every help & service which is related to your Car. They have provided the Instructional Video for Activation Overview, Step by Step Activation, and Scheduling an Appointment. They also listed All the services they provide for their Customer, including the four main sectors: Vehicle Registration, Driver’s License & ID, Title, and Other Services.

The Website also provides Express Services, which can be accessed without Creating your Account. The list of the Express Services is provided in the Section given below:

  • Renew Your Vehicle Registration
  • Restricted Use 3-Day Permit
  • Driver License Replacement
  • Vehicle Payment Summary
  • Identification Card Replacement
  • Plate Gallery
  • View Receipts

AZMVDNow Schedule an Appointment:

The Users can Schedule their Appointment in the AZMVDNow, which include Two types of Appointment. The first is by the Schedule as a Guest & second is by the Schedule in AZMVDNow. The Link for Visiting AZMVDNow to Schedule an Appointment is provided here. The Brief Information on the Appointment Process is provided in the Section given below:

Schedule as a Guest:

In this Section, the Users can Schedule an Appointment without having an Account. Customers who have previously provided identification in an MVD transaction can Schedule an Appointment as a Guest. The Users will need to select any of the Options and Click on the “Continue” button to proceed. Then they must enter their Driver’s License Number, Date Of Birth (DOB), & Last 4 Digits of SSN. Check on the ReCaptcha and Click on the Continue Button to proceed to the Next Page, where they need to select the Timing for their Appointment and Confirm their Apponint by clicking the Submit button.

Schedule in AZ MVD Now:

In this Section, the Users will need to Create a New Account if they are the First Time Users or login into their Account. The Link for “Activating Your Account” and “Sign In” is provided here.

AZMVDNow Driver License Replacement:

The AZMVDNow Driver License Replacement is for Users whose Driver’s License has been Lost, Damaged, or Stolen. Suppose the Users need to replace their Driver’s License, then this Article Section is for them. I have also provided you with the Link for AZMVDNow Driver License Replacement here.

The Users must have their Account in which they will be doing the process of “Sign In,” or they will need to Activate an Account. The other option for it is to “Continue as a Guest.” The Link for both of them are provided here which is the Link for “Continue as a Guest,” “Sign In into your Account” and “Activate your Account.”

AZMVDNow Contact Details:

  • Email Address:
  • Address: Arizona Department of Transportation, Motor Vehicle Division, PO Box 2100 Mail Drop 543M, Phoenix AZ 85001-2100.
  • Phone Number: 833-336-0674, 888-488-1120
  • TDD Number: 602.255.0072, 602.712.3222
  • Twitter: Arizona DOT
  • Instagram: arizona_dot
  • Youtube: ArizonaDOT
  • Facebook: Arizona Department of Transportation


I have provided you with this Article’s Guide for AZMVDNow here. I hope that the Article is helpful to you. Furthermore, If you have doubts about AZMVDNow or other Articles, you can let us know in the Comment Section.

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Can I view my AZ registration online?

The Users can use its service because it is Free of Cost. The Users can View & Print the records.

How to renew my AZ driver’s license online?

Sign in to your Account at Follow those steps if you need to activate your Account (everyone with an Arizona driver’s license has one). After logging in, go to the “My Credential” section and click “Renew Now,” then follow the instructions.

How do I apply for an AZ driver’s license online?

To begin, navigate the ADOT MVD website at and select “Driver License Information” under the Driver Services section. Then, click the Link to complete and submit the driver’s license/identification card application online.

How do I check the status of my license in AZ?

To verify your license status, please activate your Account at

Video Featuring AZMVSNow:

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