Who Ben Mallah? What Is The Net Worth

Benjamin Mallah popularly known as Ben Mallah is a perfect example of a rags-to-riches story. He stands tall as to how our determination and belief in oneself and the mindset to accept life as it comes could drive one from zero to hero. 

He is one of the leading residential and Commercial Real Estate Developers in the United States of America. He doesn’t hold an engineering degree or a master’s in Business Administration from a prestigious business school in the United States, but he has developed an entire kingdom all for himself. His growth is tremendous over the years and it stands on par with the other real estate developers in the country. 

There is a common saying that goes, to reach heights you need to stand out from the crowd. The creative bent of thinking and the element of uniqueness attached to the real estate business Mallah was into is the reason behind his Himalayan growth in the real estate industry.

Benjamin Mallah’s Net Worth stands more than 250 million dollars as of date. He was born in the year 1965 and is 54 years as of today’s date. 

The hurdles and the mental strength Mallah developed serves as a source of inspiration for those aiming to make it big in any business they venture into. They say to predict the future you need to know the past and understand the present. 

Behind every successful man’s life, there is a story that had various elements in it. If you take a deeper look you can figure out that it is the pain and the hurdles he had undergone that make a man very successful. 

Benjamin Mallah’s childhood and early days 

Benjamin Mallah was born into a low-income family based out of New York City, United States of America. He never completed his schooling and left school at the age of 14 itself. 

Benjamin Mallah grew up in the low-income society of the New York City area. He grew up seeing all the rich businessmen hustling across the city. This led him to build a dream that he also wanted to lead a lavish and rich lifestyle in the future. He was totally against the idea of savings. He never liked the idea that his dad never spent everything on himself or the welfare of his family but saved the money. Ben Mallah’s attitude towards money ever since his childhood was investing it and doubling it. 

Ben Mallah is married and has three children. He is a happy, married man. 

In an interview, he had revealed that he lacked parental care and was always at odds against what they believed and wanted out of a regular child. He says the path he took had helped him bring the best out of him. 

After dropping out of school, he did a lot of odd jobs to feed himself and also to keep some money in his pocket. It is his limitless and varied job experiences that helped him garner the real essence of life, which is the most important element required for a person wanting to make it big in business. When you are a part of an organization, you just do the work assigned to you and you don’t need to have a vision for an entire community. You just need to set goals and destinations as to where you intend to reach. He went on hustling in the streets of New York City as he left his school at the age of 14 itself. He then became a messenger at Wolf Street. To tune some levels of the discipline into his life, he joined the army. 

When you employ more than 20 to 30 people in a firm, you need to be aware of the well-being of the families of those employees and also how your actions impact society at large. Also, your business output needs to be in tune with contemporary times. 

If your business doesn’t go in sync with what the customer needs and is not in trend with the present market scenario, then there are very less chances that your business would flourish for a longer period. 

Also, you need to learn from the diverse activities that been Mallah was into to boost financial resources for his business. 

He sold Cars to make money and bought houses out of it and kept doing a lot of buying, selling, reselling, modelling in a continuous cycle and kept the wave going. 

How did Benjamin Mallah increase his net worth?

The real estate business has always been on an upward trajectory ever since globalization kicked in. The migration of people in the United States of America has accelerated the need for proper housing and sophisticated living conditions. 

Except for when the economy plummeted due to recession, the real estate business was always booming. 

Ben Mallah net worth got into the real estate business by choice. After this brief stint with the military where he inculcated discipline in himself after doing all hustling kinds of jobs in the past. 

He restarted his job as a garbage collector in a building compound. Looking at his dedication, the owner of the building decided to promote him to the status of Watchman of that building later. He was appointed as the guard of all the property the owner had held. 

When Mallah saw a huge opportunity in buying and selling homes as he maintained this huge real estate property. He then joined an investment firm, which was primarily into selling and buying homes. This is where the seed for his culmination of riches was sown.

He began to spread his tentacles in almost all possible verticals so that he tripled and quadrupled his money flow in no time. His first employer where he is now a partner would always remark that Ben Mallah never gave up and pushed him to bring the best out of himself always and whenever he could. 

  • Buying and selling of homes 

Ben Mallah bought homes and sold them by keeping some profit margin. He then put into rotation the money derived under the profit margin to buy new homes and sell them all over again. This is considered as his starting step for increasing his net worth.

  • Renovation and selling of homes 

This is one of the most profitable ventures by Ben Mallah. A lot of dilapidated homes and destructed buildings came for sale and Ben Mallah saw a huge treasure buried underneath these buildings which had a very strong foundation and only had their other structures destructed. He spent a little on the renovation and remodelling and sold it at a much higher price. This is one of the most brilliant ideas put in by him and set him on the path to becoming one of the fastest-growing millionaires in the United States of America.

  • Consultant for Real Estate 

When the consumer base in an economy grows, the need for consultants for any firm grows rampantly. Mallah being a part of huge construction projects and property handling knows in and out of what goes into building and maintaining a property. 

His work duration as a consultant helped him gain a lot of consumers for his real estate business and also increase his worth in the market. 

His being a part of a real estate firm did make a huge difference in terms of understanding the nuances of the industry. 

  • ·         Investment in the Hospitality sector

 The United States of America is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The number of people making use of the services rendered by the hospitality sector in the country became very high with the multiplication of different industries in the country. A lot of meetings, conferences, and seminars are held in all these luxury hotels in the United States. Benjamin Mallah saw a very good opportunity in these hotels for doubling up his net worth. He right now has about seven hotels under his kitty and is planning to expand more by diversification of the assets he already owns.

Ben Mallah’s motto towards life is there is no point in having all the money, respect, and power in society if you are unable to spend quality time with your beloved ones. He is known for his outspoken nature. He has always been very vocal about his views and opinions in almost all the interviews he has attended. 

  To know how a person became a millionaire, it is important to learn about his attitude towards personal life and professional life. They say, a person behaves differently to the outside world and differently in the world inside his home. But, one must never forget that what kind of person you are within the walls of your home and your childhood experiences is what actually drives you to behave in a certain manner in the outside world and also develop life experiences. These are the ways by which you can make it big in life. Ben Mallah’s YouTube video has garnered a lot of attention for the brutal replies he has made for the comments. 

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