Best Ballroom and Latin Dance Shoes for Beginners

Embarking on the ballroom and Latin dance journey is both exhilarating and challenging. Therefore, aspiring dancers must invest sufficiently in this art and prepare accordingly to have success. To make it, you must gradually grow into it, making the right moves to get to the height of the game. One of the first and most crucial steps is selecting the proper ballroom dance shoes. The right pair of dancing shoes can significantly affect comfort, performance, and learning curve. Therefore, beginners need a comprehensive guide on the best ballroom and Latin dance shoes to help them make the right choice.

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Before delving into specific recommendations, it is essential to understand what sets dance shoes apart from regular footwear. To enhance your dancing experience, you must be ready with the proper dancing attire. Most importantly, your dance shoes must offer flexibility, support, and grip appropriate for dance floors. They typically feature suede or leather soles that allow smooth gliding and spinning, essential for dance movements. Therefore, beginners must familiarize themselves with these shoes to sail smoothly in the dance world.

Sample Dance Shoe Brands for Beginners

Remember, choosing the proper dance shoes is not just a step but also a leap toward your dance journey, a sign of your commitment and dedication.  To get off with a good start, beginners in the dancing world must invest in a good dance shoe. Here is a list of ballroom and Latin dance shoes to guide your search for the best ballroom and Latin dance shoes for beginners:

1.      Capezio: The Capezio Women’s SD02 Ava is an excellent choice for beginners. It features a moderate 2-inch heel, a well-cushioned insole, and a flexible suede sole, perfect for both ballroom and Latin dances.

2.      Bloch: Bloch offers a range of dance shoes catering to various needs. The Bloch Dance Women’s Splitsoul Ballroom Shoe is a fantastic option for newcomers. Its split sole design provides flexibility and comfort, which are crucial for learning intricate steps.

3.      Supadance: This brand is also suitable for beginners. The Supadance 1012 for women, featuring a 2.5-inch heel and superior arch support, is ideal for beginners aiming to improve their technique. Men can look at the Supadance 8000, a leather ballroom shoe with a comfortable fit and durable sole.

4.      Very Fine Dance Shoes: Very Fine Dance Shoes are for beginners looking for quality on a budget. Their Very Fine SERA701 model for women and the Very Fine C-Series for men are popular choices, offering comfort, style, and support for new dancers.

Various dance shoe options are available on the market, as highlighted here. However, not all fit every dance style. Therefore, you should carefully pick a shoe that will work well with ballroom and Latin dance. This will be vital in bringing out the experience you seek in your dancing career.

Features to Look For in Ballroom and Latin Dance Shoes

When choosing your ballroom and Latin dance shoes, it would be best to look at various aspects. Certain features define the quality and usefulness of a dance shoe. Therefore, understanding these features will make you feel prepared and confident in choosing dance shoes. To get the right shoe for ballroom and Latin dance, here are some of the features that you should prioritize in your selection:

1.      Fit and Comfort

Beginners should prioritize comfort because it is vital in defining how you feel about your dance experience. A well-fitted shoe prevents blisters and foot fatigue, which are common issues for new dancers. To ensure a proper fit, try wearing shoes when your feet are slightly swollen at the end of the day. This effort will be an excellent opportunity to pick a shoe to care for your feet for a lasting dance experience.

2.      Heel Height

Different dance shoe heels serve various purposes. As a beginner, you should choose a heel height that will not cause problems on the dance floor. For ballroom dance, women generally start with a heel height of 1.5 to 2 inches, while men opt for a standard 1-inch heel.

Latin dance shoes for women might have slightly higher heels, around 2 to 2.5 inches, to help with the characteristic Latin posture and movements. Most importantly, you must ensure you are comfortable and stable with whatever height you choose.

3.      Shoe Material

Dance shoes are made of different materials. Therefore, you can choose whatever material that works well for your dance and feet. Leather and satin are the common materials that you will find in the market. Leather materials are durable and stretch over time, while satin is more flexible and lighter. Both materials have merits and good qualities for dance shoes. However, beginners might prefer leather for its durability and support.

4.      Sole Type

Suede soles are the most popular as they provide the right balance of grip and slide. Therefore, they are a relatively good option for beginners. Rubber soles, while more durable, can be too sticky on dance floors, hindering movement for anyone getting started with dance.

Buying your Dance Shoes

Ballroom shoes typically have a lower heel and more support, while Latin shoes have a higher heel and more flexibility for the required movements. With the many shoe brands and features available in the market, you must endeavor to choose a good shoe for your feet. To make the right choice, here is what to do:

·          Test Them Out. Always try dancing in the shoes on a surface similar to your dance floor. This helps assess the shoes’ grip and flexibility.

·          Break Them In. Wear them around the house before your dance class to soften the material and get used to the feel.

·          Consult with Instructors. Dance instructors can provide valuable insights based on their experience and knowledge of what works best for beginners.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the best ballroom and Latin dance shoes for beginners involves a blend of comfort, support, and appropriate design. By focusing on fit, heel height, material, and sole type, beginners can confidently enhance their dance experience and progress. Remember, the right pair of shoes supports your feet and boosts your confidence, enabling you to focus on learning and enjoying the dance.

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