Blooket Join – Joining and Competing in a Blooket Game: A Step-By-Step Guide

Blooket join has become an increasingly popular educational game platform used by teachers and students alike. With its fun themes, interactive game modes, and easy accessibility, it engages students in learning in new and exciting ways. If you want to join a Blooket game session and compete, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the simple process.

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What is Blooket?

Blooket is a web-based learning platform that allows teachers to create engaging review games and quizzes for students. With Blooket, educators can transform traditional study material into entertaining activities that capture students’ attention and motivate them to learn.

The platform offers a variety of game modes, including tower defense, racing, trivia quizzes, puzzles, and more. Teachers can customize games by uploading their own content, questions, images, and videos. Each game has creative graphics, sounds, and animations related to the selected theme, like space, animals, or fantasy worlds.

Students join Blooket games with nicknames and play as cute block-headed characters called Blooks. This brings a sense of excitement as students compete on leaderboards to answer questions quickly and accurately.

Overall, Blooket takes a fresh approach to instruction and assessment with features that appeal to today’s technologically savvy students. The platform is web-based and easy to use on any device with an internet browser.

How to Join a Blooket Game

Joining a Blooket game is simple and fast. Follow these steps:

1. Get the Game ID or Join Link

You need to get a unique Blooket game ID or join link from the host/teacher to access their game session.

The game ID is a string of numbers and letters, such as “567849”. The join link is a URL, like “”.

The host can share these in a few ways, including displaying on a projector screen, sending via email or chat, or posting as a QR code that can be scanned.

2. Go to the Blooket Website

Go to the Blooket website by entering in your web browser. The site should load the Blooket landing page.

3. Enter the Game ID or Click the Join Link

If you have a game ID, enter it in the “Enter Game ID” search bar and press enter or click “Play Game”.

If you have a join link, simply click the link and it will take you directly to the game lobby.

4. Choose a Nickname

You will be prompted to choose a nickname to play under. You can either:

  • Enter a custom nickname in the text field
  • Click the “Random Name” button to get an auto-generated silly name

Keep it appropriate! The host can remove inappropriate nicknames.

5. Select Your Blook

You now get to choose your Blook avatar. This is the character you play as during the game.

Blooks are the little block-head figures that represent each player. There are many silly and creative Blook options to match each game’s theme.

Once you select your Blook, you are ready to play!

Game Interface and Controls

The Blooket game interface is dynamic but easy to navigate. Here are the main areas and controls:

  • Nickname banner: Displays your nickname and avatar at the top.
  • Timer: Counts down during question rounds.
  • Question box: Displays the current question and answer choices.
  • Leaderboard: Shows player names and scores on the right.
  • Prize bar: Allows you to redeem earned tokens for power-ups and addons.
  • Bottom menu: Provides game controls like selecting an answer, using addons, and more.

Gameplay is simple – read the question, select your answer choice before time runs out, and compete to climb the leaderboard!

Game Modes and Features

Blooket offers a diverse selection of game modes, each with unique twists:

Tower Defense Games

In these games, players answer trivia questions to earn cash for building towers. Earn more by getting questions right quickly. Towers are used to defend against enemies trying to pass through. The player with the last tower standing wins! Examples include Crypto Hack and Tower of Doom.

Racing Games

Race through multiple choice trivia tracks against opponents to reach the finish line first. Select your vehicle and use power-ups earned by answering questions quickly and correctly. Popular racing games include Blook Rush and Fishing Frenzy.

Quiz Games

Classic trivia games like Café and Factory give points for correct rapid-fire questions. Buzz in quickly on these fast-paced modes!

Adventure Games

Embark on an epic quest in these adventure-style games! Answer questions to earn XP, defeat enemies, and collect treasures like Gold Quest and Candy Quest.

In addition to game modes, Blooket has power-ups and addons that can be purchased with tokens earned during play. These exciting extras provide advantages like double points, removing wrong answers, and points multipliers.

Tips for Competing in Blooket

Follow these tips and tricks to get a competitive edge in Blooket:

  • Practice frequently – The more you play, the faster you’ll get at question answering.
  • Memorize material – Study guide content will prepare you with knowledge to answer questions quickly.
  • Read carefully – Don’t rush; take a second to digest each question fully before answering.
  • Use elimination – If stumped, eliminate clearly wrong choices first.
  • Save up tokens – Bank tokens to afford more expensive power-ups later in the game.
  • Take educated risks – Using addons at critical moments could catapult you higher on the leaderboard.
  • Have fun! – Blooket games are meant to educate but also entertain. Enjoy the friendly competition!


Blooket provides an engaging way for students to review material in a fun, low-pressure game environment. With its vivid themes, interactive modes, and excitement of competition on the line, it feels more like play than studying!

Following this guide, you can easily join any Blooket game session. Choose your silly avatar, grab power-ups, and battle your way up the leaderboard. With practice and the right strategies, you’ll be on your way to Blooket mastery.

How to Create Your Own Blooket Game

Blooket’s wide selection of game modes and customization options make it easy for teachers to create unique, tailored review games. Follow this simple guide to start building your own Blooket game your students will love.

Step 1: Log In to Blooket

Go to the Blooket site and log in with your teacher account credentials. If you don’t have an account yet, sign up for free with your school email address to gain access to all creation features.

Step 2: Choose a Game Mode

After logging in, click “Create Game” and select a game mode. Consider your subject material and learning objectives to decide which mode best fits the content:

  • Quiz – Flashcard-style trivia questions
  • Tower Defense – Defend against enemies by answering questions
  • Racing – Answer questions to move through a race track
  • Adventure – RPG adventure quest with trivia challenges
  • Cafe – Fast-paced diner-themed quiz
  • Match – Memory match game with question pairs
  • Factory – Conveyor belt-style trivia under pressure

There are more modes to explore too! Choosing the right game mode can help optimize engagement.

Step 3: Select a Theme

Each game mode comes with many fun themes to set the mood. Browse themes like Space, Fantasy, Holiday, Pirate, and more. The theming adds interest through related visuals, characters, music, and sound effects.

Match your subject – picking a science theme for science questions or math theme for math questions. You can also select purely for fun to motivate students.

Step 4: Add Questions

Now it’s time to populate your game with trivia questions. You have a few options:

  • Create new – Manually type your own custom trivia questions with multiple choice answers.
  • Upload questions – Bulk upload questions from a .CSV file.
  • Use existing questions – Browse and add pre-made public question sets created by other users.
  • Mix and match – Combine new, uploaded, and public questions.

Quality questions aligned with what you want students to review are critical. Take time to ensure they are clear, concise, and cover key material you want reinforced.

Step 5: Set Additional Options

Customize your game further on the options page:

  • Rounds – Set how many question rounds.
  • Time limit – Define seconds per question.
  • Players – Choose number of players per game.

There are also toggles for settings like player chat, anonymity, and requiring logins. Configure these to your preferences.

Step 6: Preview and Share

Preview your game before sharing to check that questions flow well and settings are right. When ready, click “Share” and choose how students can access the game:

  • Game ID – Share the ID for students to manually enter.
  • Join link – Send direct join link to hop right in.
  • QR code – Display the scannable QR code to instantly join.

Now your game is ready for students to play! Review the results and analytics after to gain insights into student performance.

Tips for Maximizing Effectiveness

  • Engaging themes – Increase excitement and motivation with fun, immersive themes.
  • Clear questions – Use concise questions focused on key learning goals.
  • Balanced difficulty – Mix easy and challenging questions to include all levels.
  • Post-game review – Discuss correct answers and clarify concepts after playing.

Creating your own Blooket game is easy, intuitive, and allows endless customization. With the right mode, theme, questions, and options selected, you can build an exceptional learning experience tailored to your students.

An Overview of Blooket Game Modes

With a variety of entertaining game modes to choose from, educators can select the style that best fits their content and curriculum. Here is an overview of the different game mode options available on Blooket.

Quiz Game Modes

Classic Quiz

The classic quiz mode presents students with multiple choice trivia questions on various topics. It has a simple quiz show format where speed and accuracy are rewarded with points.

Key Features

  • Multiple choice trivia questions
  • Students compete for high scores by answering quickly and correctly
  • Set number of rounds and question time limit
  • Questions can cover any academic subject


  • Assesses knowledge with trivia questions
  • Fast-paced play keeps students engaged
  • Leaderboard drives friendly competition
  • Easily customizable question sets


Café mode is a fast-paced quiz set in a restaurant theme. Students compete to take customer orders by buzzing in to answer questions quickly.

Key Features

  • Multiple choice questions presented as customer orders
  • Students buzz in to answer in a limited time
  • Food theme with cooking sound effects


  • Timed, buzz-in format requires quick thinking
  • Engaging restaurant kitchen theme
  • Opportunity to cover practical math and literacy


In Factory, questions continuously move down a production line that students must correctly answer before they reach the end.

Key Features

  • Questions continuously cycle down a conveyor belt
  • Students must answer quickly before questions fall off
  • Machine sound effects and visuals


  • Fast-paced, pressure-style play
  • Simulates working in a factory with fun theme
  • Teaches responding accurately under time constraints

Adventure Game Modes

Gold Quest

In this mining and collecting adventure, students answer questions to earn resources for crafting tools, weapons, and armor.

Key Features

  • RPG-style gameplay to mine for gold and gems
  • Earn points by correctly answering to build gear
  • Defeat enemies to collect their loot


  • Role-playing game format creates engagement
  • Allows covering wide range of subject matter
  • Teaches strategic resource management

Candy Quest

The Candy Quest mode takes students through a candy-themed adventure. Answer questions to earn candy for purchasing equipment and defeating enemies.

Key Features

  • RPG-adventure through candy-themed worlds
  • Earn candy currency by answering questions quickly
  • Use candy to buy items and weapons for defeating enemies


  • Sweet candy theme and images appeal to students
  • RPG-style gameplay teaches strategic thinking
  • Raises excitement and participation with game format

Competitive Game Modes

Tower of Doom

In the Tower of Doom game, players build defense towers by answering questions correctly and quickly. Towers defend against monster waves trying to pass through.

Key Features

  • Earn money for towers by answering timed questions
  • Strategically build towers to destroy approaching monsters
  • Players compete to withstand monster waves with towers


  • Tower defense format provides a new gaming angle
  • Tests ability to answer accurately under pressure
  • Strategy component develops critical thinking abilities

Crypto Hack

Crypto Hack is a hacking-themed game where players hack servers by answering questions. Hackers compete to take over servers and access deeper system levels.

Key Features

  • Answer questions to successfully hack into servers
  • Race against opponents to hack systems first
  • Cybersecurity theme with hacking sound effects


  • Unique hacking and cybersecurity theme
  • Fast-paced competition fosters engagement
  • Covers a wide range of educational content
  • Promotes coding and technology literacy

Racing Modes

In Blooket’s assortment of racing games, players progress through a track by answering questions correctly to speed up their vehicle. Opponents aim to reach the finish line first. Examples include Blook Rush, Fishing Frenzy, and Crypto Race.

Key Features

  • Multiple choice questions allow vehicles to move through race tracks
  • Players compete against each other to cross the finish line first
  • Themed vehicles, tracks, music, and sound effects


  • Highly engaging and exciting racing format
  • Friendly competition provides motivation
  • Questions can cover any educational material
  • Themed Presentation of content connects with students

With this huge selection of game mode varieties, educators can seamlessly match game mechanics to curriculum goals and student needs. Blooket’s versatility facilitates engaging content review through play.


Blooket offers a uniquely engaging platform for reinforcing student knowledge in an entertaining format. With an array of game modes, customization abilities, and vibrant themes to choose from, educators can create tailored learning games that align to educational objectives.

The games transform traditional review into friendly competition that captivates students. They can join any Blooket game session in seconds and be immersed in an interactive world with silly avatars, power-ups, leaderboards, questions based on course content, and more.

Gameplay is focused yet fun, allowing students to test their skills in different ways. And for teachers, the platform provides valuable analytics on student performance. With Blooket, studying becomes less of a chore and more of an adventure!

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