Boston, Massachusetts: Where to Go, and What to Do?

Chances are that if you’re browsing this page, we won’t need to convince you why Boston, Massachusetts is one of the most enticing cities on the East Coast. It’s a beautiful area, loaded with history, character, and charisma. Whether you’re visiting or are a resident of Beantown, we’ve arranged some of the most memorable days out and activities to do in the Hub. 

Explore the Greenway

A breathtaking mile-long stretch of lush grass, parks, and serene outdoor retreats beckons both travelers and locals seeking a tranquil escape. As you embark on your journey, you’ll discover the charm of wandering through the expansive 15-acre site that links the renowned Zakim Bridge to the Chinatown Gate. Along the way, picturesque elements like enchanting fountains and a multitude of food trucks await, ready to invigorate your senses. Whether you visit on a sunny spring day or during the balmy summer months, this destination promises an idyllic setting for relaxation. Don’t forget to consult the events calendar to catch vibrant festivals, exciting gatherings, and lively parades taking place near the park.

Encore Boston Harbor

The Encore Boston Harbor is a gamblers’ paradise. This mega-casino resort doesn’t just cater to the avid gambler, however, as tourists and locals can enjoy various activities whether you’re just visiting or looking for an overnight stay. 

It’s a 210,000-square-foot complex for starters, boasting over 15 dining and lounge areas, 700 guest rooms, and premium suites, including an indoor and outdoor space stretching 50,000 square feet. Oh, and of course, the high-end spa area is idealistic to wind down. 

It isn’t strictly a visit for gamblers, as the Haborwalk provides picnic areas, viewing decks, waterfront restaurants, bike paths, and a stunning green with breathtaking gardens. 

Support the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park

Rememberthat Boston is the home of the Boston Red Sox, a sports franchise that partakes in America’s greatest pastime, baseball! 

Fenway Park is one of the most historic stadiums in the MLB (Major League Baseball), and locals have been attending the site since 1912 when it first opened its door. It’s also one of the smallest, with 38,000 seats. So, tickets can be difficult to snag for big games, but public tours are available for sports fans and history buffs wanting to learn about the park’s past and present.

Professional sports and sports betting is a big part of Boston culture, so you want to take advantage of wagers on sports games or events; there are various betting promotions on the market in Massachusetts. You can research betting promos for Massachusetts before visiting the Fenway Park sportsbook. BetMGM’s bookies include a 40-foot big-screen TV with live odds and betting windows so visitors can bet on the action while watching the big game.

Honorable mentions: Fenway Park is one of many sporting day out on offer in Boston. As the home of the NBA’s Boston Celtics, the New England Patriots, and the NHL’s Boston Bruins, add the Gilette Stadium and the TD Garden to your schedule and witness an incredible day of basketball, ice hockey, or American football.  

High Street Place

It’s one of Boston’s newer diners, and in a city where diners are booming, it’s a great choice for dinner, lunch, a quick bite, or a beer-or two! It has 20,000 square feet of restaurants and bars that are located in the financial district, High Street, where you are given endless dining options. Remember to try a bagel at Mamaleh, sushi at Fujis or some delicious slices at Tiffani Faison’s Tenderonis.

 Coolidge Corner Theatre 

Coolidge Corner Theatre is A non-profit movie theater located in Brookline’s Coolidge Corner that shows late-night movies.

Perfect for insomniacs or those who simply enjoy niche cinema, you’ll love the movie screens after dark at the Coolidge Corner Theatre. You’ll find low-budget horror movies from the 1990s and horror fan favorites like Nightmare on Elm Street and Psycho and be sure to feast before (or during) the movie, as these late screenings won’t give you many food options after the movie is over.

Newbury Street 

And to finish it cannot be stopped from recommending New Boston’s most popular shopping area for those needing some retail therapy.

There you can discover an endless number of salons, cafes, bars, galleries, eateries, and retail stores located in the middle of Arlington Street and Massachusetts Avenue.

Remember tolook up and around, as the eight blocks of architectural mastery present unique brick townhouses for some of your favorite brands, such as Burberry and Chanel, but also chic boutiques and much more. 

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