How To Activate A Capital One Platinum Card?

Having a poor credit score can lead to a lot of problems when you apply for a loan or credit card. In most cases, the bank will not approve your application. But on a good note, you can improve your credit score.

One of the best ways to build a good credit score is by getting a Capital One Platinum credit card. Unlike other credit cards, you don’t need to have a good credit score to qualify for this card. You can apply for it even with a ‘fair’ credit score. The card comes with a higher monthly interest. But if you can pay off your full balance on time, you will be good to go.

The Capital One Platinum Card comes with many useful features that will help you build your credit score. For instance, your credit limit automatically increases in six months. If you are paying your balance on time and also reducing your credit percentage, you will have a good credit score in no time. Once that happens, you will be able to apply for loans and other credit cards.

Guide To Activate Capital One Platinum Card

Capital One is one of the best credit card companies based in North America. If you have received your Platinum card, you would want to activate it following the given activation process.

The good thing is you can activate the card online, by phone, or through the Capital One mobile app. No matter, which method you choose, the steps are easy to follow. But before we move on to the steps, we would like to share some vital information about the activation process.

Here you go with the details:

  • The online activation process is available only for customers located in the US. For customers in Canada, they will have to call customer support to get their cards activated. The toll-free number is 1 (888) 655-5646.
  • The activation phone number can vary for certain approved accounts and customers. This is why you are advised to use the phone number that is there on the sticker. A new credit card comes with an activation sticker on the front. You need to call the number given on the sticker. In case, you have misplaced the sticker, you should call the general CapitalOne activate number.
  • For Canadian customers even if they sign up for online banking, they will not have the option to activate their cards online. The mentioned method is only available for US-based customers. However, by activating your online banking you can at least get fast access to your purchasing statements. Not just that, but you can also pay quickly.
  • To register for online banking with Capital One, you need to provide some required details. This includes your Capital One account number, email address, and identification number.

Requirements For Capital One Activation Process

To be able to activate your Capital One Platinum card, you will need your three-digit security code. You should find it on the back of your card.

You can request your cash PIN while activating your card. However, you can request the same even after the activation process is done. In that case, you will have to call 1 (800) 955-7070. Alternatively, you can send a secured message from your online profile after it is set up. Or you can ask an agent through online chat.

You should keep in mind that the cash PIN is not required for the activation process.

Steps To Activate Your Capital One Platinum Card Online

The online activation process is perhaps the easiest way to get your card activated. But for this, you need to have an online banking account with Capital One. In case, you don’t have an account, no worries. You can submit your details such as bank account number, social security number, and date of birth to get access. Once that is done, you need to follow the given steps.

  1. Visit the official website of Capital One.
  2. Using your username and password, log into your account.
  3. Now find your credit card.
  4. Enter the last 3-digits of your security code to activate it. You can locate the code on the back of your card.

Steps To Activate Your Capital One Platinum Card With A Mobile App

The next best method is activating the card through the Capital One mobile app. Their official mobile app is available for download in both Google Play and App Store. Once you have the app installed on your mobile phone, you need to follow the given steps:

  1. Open the app on your phone.
  2. Log into your account using your username and password.
  3. Go to your profile and from there access Account Settings.
  4. In this section, you will find your new card. Just tap on the Activate Credit Card option and you will be done.

Steps To Activate Your Capital One Platinum Card By Phone

You can also activate your card by phone. This method is mainly for customers in Canada as they are not permitted for online activation. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Call the customer support on their toll-free number 800-277-4825. The customer care number may vary based on your location.
  2. Once they receive your call, follow their instructions and your card will be activated.

By following the right steps and fulfilling the requirements, you can easily and quickly activate your Capital One Platinum card.

Benefits Of Holding A Capital One Platinum Card

Capital One Platinum Card gives you the chance to build a good credit score. The best thing about this credit card is that you can apply for it even with a poor credit record. Not just that, but it also brings you some benefits. For instance, it gives you travel benefits and insurance protection. Also, there is no annual fee.

  • Consumer protections

You can get extended warranties on eligible items. However, the product should come with a warranty card when you pay for it using your credit card.

  • Travel benefits

The good thing about this card is that it comes with $0 fraud liability, security alerts, emergency card replacement, and virtual card numbers from Eno. Not just that, but it also doesn’t charge any foreign transaction fees.

  • Credit-related perks

The card comes with a lower credit limit at the start. However, your credit limit is automatically increased in six months provided that you pay off your balance on time. Along with that, you will also get to enjoy CreditWise from the bank. This will give you access to your credit score and important tools for tracking over time.

Other benefits:

Some other benefits that are associated with the card are:

  • Fraud coverage

It often happens that a customer loses his/her card. If any such thing happens to you, there’s no need to panic because the Capital One Platinum card comes with fraud coverage. It has a $0 fraud liability in the case, your card is lost or stolen.

  • Emergency card services

Capital One also offers emergency card services to customers. You can apply for cash in advance or a replacement card, in case, you have lost your card.

  • ID theft protection

The credit card is backed by Mastercard ID Theft Protection. You will find this feature useful, in case, your card is stolen.

  • Official mobile app

Capital One also has its official mobile app which makes things easy for customers. You can use the app to activate your card and also perform other functions. It gives you instant access to your bank account details, payment history, and balance.

  • Proactive account alerts

Proactive account alerts keep you updated about all banking activities via texts, email, or phone. You will be sent notifications every time there’s a new transaction is made. In case, any suspicious activities are going on with your account, you will get to know about it instantly.

  • Card lock

You can also lock your Platinum card via the official app. This feature will come in handy if you become a victim of theft or misplace your card. You can lock your card instantly and prevent it from getting misused. Through the app, you can complete the process all by yourself. There is no need for you to depend on anyone.

  • Credit Wise

You will get alerts when your Experian and TransUnion credit report changes. This is a free service provided with your card and will continue even if you are not using Capital One anymore.

  • Pick your due date

You are allowed to choose your due date and payment method as per your convenience. They also offer multiple payment options including the mobile app, online and in-branch.

Capital One Platinum Card is one of the easiest ways to boost your credit score. It comes with tons of features and benefits that make it a suitable option for users. If you can pay off your balance on time, this card is for you.

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