Why Coinlist Reportedly Unable To Withdraw coins?

Coinlist, the best platform for cryptocurrency crowdfunding, can’t get its coins out. According to a recent tweet from WuBlockchain, some members of the Conlist community said that the crowdfunding platform for cryptocurrencies, Coinlist, is unable to withdraw its coins.

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The reason why Coinlist can’t cash out is because

The official reason, according to the platform, is that the custody partner is having maintenance done, but it has been going on for more than a week. The top crowdfunding platform loses $35 million because of the 3AC crash, which is a big deal. In a Twitter thread on November 15, the platform told its users where it stood last week and said that the last week had been a nightmare for cryptocurrency.

Coinlist guarantees users that their money is safe.

The best crowdfunding platform for crypto also gave its users the assurance that their assets are safe. Along with this, the crowdfunding platform made it clear that CoinList has no material exposure to FTX, FTT, Alameda, or any of its affiliates. The tweet says that the platform will never use a user’s money without the user’s permission.

Among the Coinlist Custody Partners, Anchorage, Bitgo, Gemini Custody, and Silvergate Bank stand out. In 2018, DCG took part in Coinlist’s A round investment. Genesis is currently bankrupt, so it is not clear if they worked with Coinlist.

According to the tweet from @meta mate8, Users can’t get their money out of Coinlist right now because of maintenance. In his tweet, he also asks if there is a problem with the signal. Besides this, he hopes that it won’t be a big deal. He said, “At first, many popular coins, like ICP, FIL, Algo, and flow, looked like they were new on the coinlist. At the time, I took part in a few sessions. It was hard to win, so I won’t do it again.”

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