Create Your Emoji iPhone – Emoji With Your Face

Emoji iPhone have become indispensable in modern communication via WhatsApp & Co. However, only the same standard set of smileys is available to all users. However, you can easily create your emoji based on your face with unique apps. We’llWe’ll show you how it works.

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Create Your Own Emoji iPhone

Before we show you how to create your emoji, we would like to point out the new Memoji stickers from Apple briefly. You can make these both in the messaging app (iMessage) and WhatsApp and design them according to your wishes. In another article, we will show you how to create your own Memoji.

Tip: In addition to the static Emoji iPhone stickers, you can also send moving Animoji on WhatsApp with a trick!

Create Your Emoji iPhone – Emoji With Your Face
Emoji iPhone

Create Your Emoji With Mirror

To create an emoji with your face, you first need the Mirror app, which you can download for free from the App Store. After downloading the app to your iPhone, open it, agree to the user agreement and allow access to your camera.

Mirror: Face Sticker Keyboard

All you have to do is align your face in the white circle and press the shutter button. Alternatively, you can also use a photo from your recordings. To do this, tap on the button at the bottom left and allow the app access to your photos. Then you choose any picture from which the app creates a personal emoji.

You can now adjust a few characteristics such as hairstyle, beard, skin color, and eye makeup or add accessories such as glasses and hats. Once you’re done, press “Get stickers” below to save your emoji and generate the stickers.

You can find your Emoji iPhone under the “Mirror” tab at the bottom left. In the upper toolbar, you can now choose from different categories, including topics such as “Celebration,” “Love,” or “Positive.” Your emoji will be embedded in a suitable scene or given a corresponding facial expression depending on the category. If necessary, you can adjust your emoji later by tapping on “Edit face” in the top left.

Tip: You can use the search field (magnifying glass symbol in the top left) to find emojis on specific topics quickly. Enter any term such as “music,” “sport,” or “crazy” in the field, and matching Emoji iPhone will be displayed!

To send an emoji, tap it and choose an app you want to share the emoji in, such as iMessage or WhatsApp.

So that you don’tdon’t have to jump back and forth between two apps every time, we recommend using Mirror directly in the respective news or social media app. In iMessage, e.g., For example, you can find Mirror in the app bar below the text input. Tap the app icon to view your emojis.

However, you need to be paid premium access if you want to use your emojis directly on WhatsApp. You can activate this for €4.99 per week. Go to “Sticker packs” in the Mirror app and tap on “Add to WhatsApp.” Then open WhatsApp and tap the sticker icon in the text input field.

Tip: Starting with the iPhone X, you can create your Animojis directly on the Emoji iPhone without an additional app.

Create Your Emoji With Bitmoji

The Bitmoji app offers another way to get away from the standard Emoji iPhone. Here, too, you can create your emoji based on you personally, and in contrast to Mirror, you can edit your emoji even more extreme.

In order to be able to create such a “Bitmoji,” you must first download the free Bitmoji app from the App Store and create an account. You can either register with your e-mail address or, if necessary, with your Snapchat account.


As soon as you have registered, you can start. First, create a selfie based on which your avatar or emoji will be generated. You can then adjust the face of your emoji by, e.g., B. selecting the hairstyle, eye color, skin tone, lips, nose, chin, etc. Confirm your selection with a tap on saves at the top right. Then you choose a suitable outfit and accessories.

You will now see various stickers with your Bitmoji for different categories, including themes such as love, joy, or sadness. To share an emoji, tap it and choose an app like WhatsApp or iMessage.

It’sIt’s even easier to share the stickers or Emoji iPhone directly from an app. So you don’tdon’t have to leave the respective app every time you want to send an emoji. In iMessage, you will find them directly below the text input. Just tap the icon in the app bar to view your Bitmojis.

If you want to use your emojis on WhatsApp, you must first activate the Bitmoji keyboard. Go to Bitmoji → Keyboards in the “Settings app” and tap the switch to the right of “Bitmoji.” Then you allow full access to the keyboard. Now activate the keyboard in WhatsApp by pressing and holding the globe icon in the bottom left and selecting “Bitmoji.”

Tip: You can quickly find emojis on specific topics using the integrated search field (“Search Bitmoji…”). Enter a term such as “music” or “sport” in the area, and you will be shown matching emojis.

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