What Is dlnet delta com And How Does It Works?


DLNet Delta com is an internal website and portal used exclusively by Delta Air Lines employees, retirees, and authorized contractors and vendors. It provides access to various tools, applications, and information needed to conduct Delta business and operations. While not accessible to the general public, understanding DLNet Delta’s purpose and functionality provides insights into how a major airline manages its workforce. In this article, we will explore what DLNet Delta is, who can access it, its key features, and how employees use it in their daily work.

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What is DLNet Delta?

DLNet Delta is the employee intranet portal for Delta Air Lines. It serves as a central hub through which Delta employees, retirees, and authorized external partners can access the various software, tools, resources, and information they need to perform their roles within the company.

Only those with an authorized Delta user ID and password can access DLNet Delta. This ensures that sensitive company information remains protected and is only viewable by personnel who have a legitimate business need. Attempting to access or use DLNet Delta without proper authorization is strictly prohibited.

DLNet Delta provides quick links and access to critical workplace applications, company news and announcements, employee resources and support services, workplace tools, and more. By housing all these resources in one place, DLNet Delta enables authorized users to easily find what they need to be productive and carry out their responsibilities.

Who Can Access DLNet Delta?

As mentioned above, access to DLNet Delta is limited only to authorized Delta personnel, including:

  • Current Delta employees
  • Delta retirees
  • Approved contractors/vendors requiring access for business purposes

General members of the public cannot access DLNet Delta. Additionally, former employees and retirees will have their access revoked upon leaving Delta. Only current personnel receive the login details and credentials needed to sign into the portal.

Users sign in to DLNet Delta using their unique 9-digit Personnel Processing Record (PPR) number and associated password. This employee ID system ensures only authorized individuals can view internal company resources not intended for public consumption. Strict access controls are maintained to prevent unauthorized external parties from improperly accessing confidential Delta systems and data.

Key Features and Tools

DLNet Delta offers a vast array of applications, tools, and resources Delta employees regularly use to perform their work responsibilities. Some of the most essential features include:

Internal Communications and News

  • Daily News Site – Provides the latest company announcements, executive messages, employee features, and other news.
  • Department/Division Pages – Shares updates, resources, and communications for specific workgroups.
  • Travel Advisories – Details essential travel notices impacting Delta operations.

Work Tools and Resources

  • My Workspace – A customizable home page where users can access frequently used apps and quick links.
  • Delta University – Provides online employee training courses and materials.
  • Worklife4D – Offers wellbeing resources, benefits information, and access to employee support services.
  • Your Pay – Allows employees to view pay statements and tax documents.
  • Flight Planning System – Enables pilots and flight dispatchers to file flight plans.

Company Applications

  • DeltaNet – Core system for reservations, scheduling, ticketing, check-in, and other passenger services.
  • eHR – Used for managing employee records, time tracking, absence management, and payroll.
  • RaMP – Repository for various corporate manuals and standard procedures.
  • RMS – Resource Management System for tracking aircraft maintenance and materials.
  • TIMS – Terminal Information Management System for airport departure control.

How Employees Use DLNet Delta

DLNet Delta is essential to Delta employees’ daily work routines.

Some examples include:

  • Checking company news and updates – Employees can stay current on Delta happenings that impact their work by checking the Daily News or department pages.
  • Completing required training – Courses essential to specific roles are accessible through Delta University. Training status and progress can be tracked.
  • Managing schedules and time tracking – Employees can view schedules, request time off, and manage absences through integrated systems like eHR.
  • Researching work policies, processes, manuals – Reference materials outlining Delta standards are housed in RaMP for easy access.
  • Booking travel for work – Employees can book job-related travel through dedicated tools integrated with Delta’s schedules and fares.
  • Accessing workplace tools and resources – Relevant platforms to complete workflows are provided based on each employee’s business needs.
  • Viewing pay and tax information – Employees can privately access their compensation details through DLNet portals.
  • Communicating with leadership – Some groups share organization-wide or division-specific news via their DLNet sites.

By centralizing these essential resources on DLNet Delta, Delta aims to provide employees with the information and tools they require in one secure, convenient portal. Easy access facilitates workforce productivity and efficiency.


In summary, DLNet Delta is an invaluable resource for Delta Air Lines employees and authorized partners. It allows them to quickly tap into the systems, applications, news, policies, training, and tools needed for their respective roles within the company. Powering so many essential business functions, DLNet Delta is mission-critical for the day-to-day operations of Delta personnel. Strict access controls maintain information security while enabling those who legitimately need access to employee-only resources. Understanding DLNet Delta provides helpful perspective into how a major airline successfully manages its workforce through technology.

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