Does bumble have read receipts? [Review]

Does Bumble Have Read Receipts? A Detailed Look


Does bumble have read receipts, it has become one of the most popular dating apps, with over 100 million users worldwide. The app is best known for its unique women-first messaging feature, which requires women to make the first move after matching with men.

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But one messaging feature that Bumble lacks is read receipts. Read receipts show when a message has been opened and read by the recipient. Many messaging platforms like iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger have read receipts as a standard feature. So does Bumble have read receipts? Let’s take a detailed look.

What are Read Receipts?

Read receipts, also known as delivery receipts, are notifications that confirm when a message sent to someone has been opened and read. On apps with read receipts, users can see when the recipient has read their message.

Read receipts provide the sender with assurance that their message was received and read. It also creates accountability for the recipient to respond. Without read receipts, the sender does not know if the recipient actually read their message or not.

Some platforms like WhatsApp also have double check marks to indicate a message was delivered to the recipient’s device. Read receipts take it a step further by confirming the message has been opened and read.

The Absence of Read Receipts on Bumble

Bumble does not have read receipts for messages. When you send a message to a match on Bumble, there is no way to tell if they’ve read it or not. You won’t see any sort of indicator that the message was opened.

This applies to all messaging on Bumble, including the unique women-first messages that women have to send after matching. Even when a woman sends that first message, she won’t know if the man has read it or not.

The lack of read receipts is constant whether you are using the free version of Bumble or the paid Bumble Premium subscription. There are no settings to turn on read receipts either.

So in summary, no – Bumble does not have read receipts available currently. Messages on Bumble are sent without any delivery or read confirmation.

Why Doesn’t Bumble Have Read Receipts?

Bumble not having read receipts appears to be an intentional product decision rather than a technical limitation. Bumble seems designed to be simple and focused on initial messaging without too many extra features.

Here are some potential reasons why Bumble may have excluded read receipts:

  • Privacy – Read receipts can sometimes feel invasive or like another layer of tracking a user. Bumble may want messaging to feel private.
  • Simplicity – The app aims for a clean, easy feel. Read receipts could clutter the messaging interface.
  • Low priority – For a dating app, read receipts may be considered a “nice to have” rather than an essential messaging feature.
  • Women-first messaging – Since women have to message first, there may be less need for men to have read receipt tracking on those initial messages.
  • Encourages patience – Without receipts, users may be more patient waiting for replies rather than constantly checking if messages were read.

While some users may want read receipts, Bumble has clearly prioritized other features over including read confirmations. The unique women-first messaging system reduces some of the need for read tracking compared to other platforms.

The Pros and Cons of Bumble Not Having Read Receipts

The lack of read receipts on Bumble has both advantages and disadvantages for users. Here are some of the key pros and cons:


More privacy and less pressure on recipients

Cleaner, simpler messaging interface

Encourages patience rather than constant status checks

Avoids unnecessary confrontations about reading but not replying quickly


No way to confirm your messages are being read

You don’t know if matches are ignoring you or just haven’t seen messages

Harder to have accountability for replies compared to platforms with read receipts

Women don’t know if men read their initial messages

Overall, it mainly comes down to personal messaging style and priorities. People who want delivery confirmation may find Bumble messaging frustrating. But those who value privacy and simplicity may appreciate Bumble’s choice not to have read receipts.

Are Read Receipts Ever Coming to Bumble?

There are no signs currently that Bumble plans to add read receipts in the future. Since it seems like an intentional choice by Bumble, it’s unlikely the platform will change course and introduce message delivery/read tracking. Bumble’s product roadmap focuses on new features like audio messaging rather than additions like receipts.

However, user demand does sometimes sway platforms to add new options. For example, WhatsApp held out for years without read receipts before eventually implementing them due to high user requests.

If enough Bumble users request read receipts, there is an outside chance the dating app could implement some form of delivery confirmation down the road. But given their intentional design up until now, any future read receipt functionality would likely be optional rather than a default.

Bumble representatives have not hinted at any plans to work on read receipts. So for now, it seems safe to assume messaging will continue on Bumble without any delivery or read information.

Tips for Messaging on Bumble Without Read Receipts

Not having read receipts may take some adjusting for users joining Bumble from other platforms.

Here are some tips for smoothly messaging matches on Bumble without the ability to see if your messages were read:

  • Be patient about replies. Don’t assume someone is ignoring you; they really may just not have seen your message yet.
  • Avoid double texting or bombarding a match with multiple messages. Space out your messages and let some time pass.
  • Check back on the app periodically to see if matches have responded rather than constantly monitoring.
  • Pay attention to response rates to get a feel for how promptly matches tend to reply.
  • If a conversation goes cold, politely follow up with a new message after a few days. But don’t aggressively message if there’s no response.
  • When you reply, acknowledge the delay and pick the conversation back up rather than calling out the lack of response.
  • Focus conversations on topics that require a reply to keep things flowing, rather than just open-ended questions.
  • Make use of other Bumble features like extending matches and sending a “like” to stay on matches’ radar if a conversation stalls.

While the lack of confirmation can be frustrating at times, adjusting your messaging style can make Bumble’s no-receipts system work. The right techniques allow you to have engaging conversations even without read receipts.


Bumble opting not to include read receipts or delivery confirmation for messages is an intentional product choice aligned with the app’s values of simplicity and privacy. The pros and cons come down to personal preferences around wanting message status updates versus valuing a streamlined, unobtrusive messaging experience.

Without any indications Bumble plans to add receipts in the future, users should adjust expectations and conversation techniques for messaging without read information. While some may desire message status updates, prioritizing patience and periodically checking back in can lead to dating app success even without Bumble offering read receipts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Read Receipts on Bumble

Q1. Does Bumble have read receipts or delivery confirmation?

No, Bumble does not have read receipts or any other form of delivery or read confirmation for messages. There is no way to see if your messages have been opened.

Q2. Can you get read receipts by paying for Bumble Premium?

Unfortunately no – even with a paid Bumble Premium account, there is still no way to get read receipts for Bumble messages. Read confirmations are not an included premium feature.

Q3. Are read receipts ever coming to Bumble in the future?

There are no signs Bumble plans to add read receipts. Since it seems like an intentional choice not to include them, it’s unlikely Bumble will add message delivery/read tracking anytime soon without major user demand.

Q4. Why doesn’t Bumble have read receipts?

Reasons are likely privacy, simplicity, low priority compared to other features, and less need with women-first messaging. Delivery confirmation doesn’t seem to align with Bumble’s overall messaging values.

Q5. What tips help adjust to messaging without read receipts on Bumble?

Be patient, avoid over-messaging, periodically check back, pay attention to reply rates, politely follow up if conversations stall, acknowledge delays rather than calling them out. Focusing conversations also helps move things forward.

Q6. Do other major dating apps have read receipts?

Apps like Tinder, Hinge, and OkCupid also currently lack read receipts. However, some newer apps like Thursday are building in delivery and read confirmation features. So there may be shifts in the dating app industry ahead.

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