Is Driver Booster 10 License Key Safe and Secure? [Review]


Keeping your computer’s drivers up to date is essential for optimal performance, stability, and security. However, manually checking and updating individual drivers can be tedious and time consuming. This is where driver updater utilities like Driver Booster can come in handy. Driver Booster 10 license key is a popular driver updater tool by IObit that claims to easily update drivers with just one-click.

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But is it safe and secure to use? Does it actually work to keep drivers updated? In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Driver Booster 10, reviewing its safety, security, effectiveness, pricing, and whether it’s worth using for updating drivers on your PC.

Overview of Driver Booster 10 license key

Driver booster 10 license key is a driver update utility for Windows developed by the software company IObit. It scans your computer for outdated, missing, or faulty drivers and installs the latest driver versions directly from the device manufacturer. Driver Booster can update drivers for components like graphics cards, network adapters, audio devices, printers, monitors, and more.

Key features of Driver Booster 10 include:

  • One-click driver updating
  • Wide driver database with over 4,500,000 device drivers
  • Ability to download and install drivers during system idle time
  • Driver backup and restore
  • Game component updates
  • Automatic driver installation during system startup
  • Free version available with basic driver updating functionality
  • Pro version ($22.95/year) with premium features like auto driver installation and updates during system idle time

Is driver booster 10 license key Safe to Use?

When installing any driver updater utility, safety should be a top concern. Outdated, incompatible, or faulty drivers can cause system instability, hardware failure, and security vulnerabilities. Only drivers from reputable sources like the device manufacturer should be installed.

According to IObit, Driver Booster 10 thoroughly tests drivers in their database to ensure safety and compatibility before making them available for installation. They claim to only collect driver install packages directly from the official sources and manufacturers.

Reviews of Driver Booster 10 generally report it as being safe to use for updating drivers. PCMag conducted labs testing and found no issues with security, stability, or file integrity when using the software. Major anti-virus brands like Avira, AVG, Avast, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, and BullGuard have also whitelisted Driver Booster 10, meaning they classify it as safe with no security threats detected.

However, there are a few factors to keep in mind regarding safety when using Driver Booster or any driver updater:

  • Only download and run the software from the official IObit website to avoid malware or fake versions.
  • Monitor driver updates to ensure they are installing correctly without issues.
  • Create a system restore point before installing drivers as a precaution.
  • Avoid downloading unsigned or unverified drivers from unknown sources.
  • Use the “Download but do not install” setting to manually approve each driver update.

As long as proper precautions are taken, Driver Booster 10 appears to be safe for updating drivers on a Windows PC according to extensive testing and reviews.

Is driver booster 10 license key Secure?

In addition to safety, security is also crucial when using driver updaters to ensure your personal data and privacy are protected. IObit states that security is a priority in Driver Booster’s design and development.

Driver downloads utilize TLS 1.2 encryption protocols to protect against eavesdropping or data tampering. No user data or activity information is collected or shared without explicit consent according to IObit’s privacy policy. The software also uses secure code signing certificates to verify the authenticity and integrity of the executable files.

Independent testing also indicates Driver Booster 10 is secure when properly downloaded from the official IObit site. AV-Test gave the software high marks for security performance. PCMag’s malware checks found the installation and scanning processes to be free of any security risks. Major antivirus tools also do not flag or block Driver Booster 10, indicating it’s secure.

As an extra security measure, only download the software directly from the IObit website and avoid unverified third-party sites which could potentially distribute compromised versions with malware. Also take precautions like creating restore points and monitoring new driver installations. With proper usage, Driver Booster 10 appears to be secure based on reviews and testing.

Is driver booster 10 license key Effective for Updating Drivers?

In addition to safety and security, Driver Booster 10’s effectiveness at actually updating drivers is key to its value as a software tool. Based on multiple third-party reviews and tests, Driver Booster 10 appears to be generally effective at updating drivers quickly and accurately when used properly.

PCMag labs testing found that Driver Booster 10 successfully updated drivers to the latest versions without any compatibility issues arising. It was able to update more outdated drivers than competitors like SlimWare Utilities DriverUpdate. Driver downloads and installations took mere minutes in most testing scenarios.

Expert software reviewers like PCWorld, SoftLay, and Softonic have all tested Driver Booster and found it effective for detecting and updating out-of-date, missing, or faulty drivers. User reviews also predominantly report Driver Booster 10 helping resolve issues caused by missing drivers and keeping systems stable by proactively updating drivers.

Driver Booster 10 License Key
Driver Booster 10 License Key

However, there are a few factors impacting effectiveness to be aware of:

  • Very outdated systems may have some drivers that are no longer available for update from the manufacturer.
  • In rare cases, false positives can incorrectly detect some drivers as needing an update when they do not.
  • Settings should be configured to only “Download” drivers initially for manual install to ensure compatibility.
  • The free version has limited driver scanning and update functionality compared to the Pro version.

Overall, independent testing and reviews conclude that Driver Booster 10 is generally effective at scanning for and updating drivers when configured properly. It provides an easy automated solution for the tedious process of checking for driver updates manually.

Driver Booster Pricing and Plans

Driver Booster 10 is available in two versions:

Free version: The free version of Driver Booster provides basic driver scanning and updating capabilities. It allows scanning and updating of drivers automatically with one-click but is limited to updating 200 drivers per scan. Other limitations include:

  • No auto-updates during system idle time
  • Limited game components updates
  • Manual driver downloads only

Pro version: Driver Booster Pro provides premium features and priority driver updates for $22.95 per 1-year subscription. Additional Pro features include:

  • Unlimited driver updates
  • Auto driver installation and updates during system idle time
  • Game-ready components and game booster module
  • Automatic driver backups
  • Priority technical support

The Pro version lifts most restrictions of the free version, providing unlimited automated driver updating, installation, and backups. Gamers can benefit from game-ready components and the game boost module as well.

IObit also frequently offers discounts on Driver Booster Pro, dropping the price to $14.99 or lower during promotions. Overall, the Pro version’s reasonable yearly cost provides good value given the expanded features and priority driver updates.

Is Driver Booster 10 license key Worth Using? Pros and Cons


  • Streamlines tedious driver update checks with automated scanning
  • Wide driver database provides hard-to-find updates
  • Fast bulk updating of multiple outdated drivers
  • Helps resolve driver-related crashes and hardware issues
  • Light-weight background operation won’t slow down your system
  • Secures drivers updates using encryption and code-signing


  • Requires an internet connection for driver downloads
  • Limitations of the free version’s functionality
  • Rare false positives detecting non-existent driver updates
  • Lack of options for scheduling scans and updates
  • Can’t create a portable version on USB drive

Driver Booster 10 makes it simple and painless to keep your drivers updated, which is worth the convenience for many users. However, you lose some customization options compared to the manual process. It ultimately comes down to your specific needs and willingness to pay for premium features.


Keeping your drivers updated is vital for security, performance, and avoiding hardware issues caused by outdated code. But for many, manually checking each device manufacturer for updates is simply unrealistic. Driver updater tools like Driver Booster 10 provide a convenient solution to automate this tedious process.

Overall, IObit Driver Booster 10 is considered safe, secure, and generally effective for updating drivers based on extensive third-party testing and reviews. However, it’s recommended to take precautions like creating restore points before updates. While the free version provides basic functionality, Driver Booster Pro delivers better value at $22.95 per year for premium automated driver updates and installs during idle time.

For those seeking an easy automated solution for driver updates, Driver Booster 10 is a solid choice with the Pro version offering the best functionality. Though not completely foolproof, it takes the hassle out of keeping your system stable and secure with up-to-date drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Driver Booster truly free to use?

Driver Booster 10 has a free version with basic driver update functionality. However, it has limitations like only updating 200 drivers per scan. For unlimited automated driver updates, the Pro version is recommended at a reasonable yearly subscription cost.

What is the difference between the Free and Pro versions?

The free version is limited to only updating 200 drivers per scan and has no auto-updates. The Pro version ($22.95/year) provides unlimited automated driver updates, auto-installs during idle time, game-ready components, driver backup, and priority support.

Does Driver Booster work for updating graphics card drivers?

Yes, Driver Booster 10 works to update graphics card drivers from both AMD and Nvidia. It detects outdated graphics drivers and installs the latest optimized versions for your GPU hardware.

Can Driver Booster 10 cause problems or conflicts when updating drivers?

In most cases Driver Booster 10 updates drivers smoothly without issue. However, it’s recommended to use the “Download but do not install” setting and create a system restore point before updating as a precaution. Check driver details before installing to avoid any rare conflicts.

What is the system idle time feature in Driver Booster Pro?

This feature automatically installs downloaded driver updates when the system is idle to avoid interrupting your normal usage. Once drivers are downloaded in the background, the installs seamlessly occur the next time your PC is idle.

Does Driver Booster work on Windows 11?

Yes, Driver Booster 10 is fully compatible with Windows 11. It scans and updates Windows 11 drivers in the same way it works on Windows 10 and older versions.

Table: Driver Booster 10 Free vs Pro Features

Driver Update Limit200 per scanUnlimited
Auto Driver Updates
Idle-Time Installs
Game-Ready Components
Driver Backup
1-Year Subscription$22.95

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