20 Best FirstRowSports Alternatives for Live Sports Streaming

20 Best FirstRowSports Alternatives for Live Sports Streaming

FirstRowSports was once a popular website for free live sports streaming. However, due to legal issues, the site has become inaccessible in several countries. If you’re looking for FirstRowSports alternatives to watch your favorite games, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we provide a comprehensive list of the 20 best FirstRowSports alternatives for live sports streaming in 2024.

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FirstRowSports offered free live streams for numerous sporting events like football, cricket, basketball, baseball, tennis, motorsports, and more. At its peak popularity, it attracted millions of sports enthusiasts who wanted to watch events for free.

However, broadcasters and authorities alleged FirstRowSports engaged in copyright infringement activities by providing unauthorized streams. This led to the website getting blocked and becoming inaccessible in regions like the UK, Australia, India, and parts of Europe.

If you used to rely on FirstRowSports to catch live games, don’t worry. There are plenty of working alternatives and sites like FirstRowSports to choose from in 2024. We’ve thoroughly researched and curated this list of the 20 best options currently available.

Overview of Features

When looking for FirstRowSports alternatives, keep an eye out for these useful features and criteria:

  • Live streaming of major sports – The sites should cover popular sports like football, soccer, basketball, baseball, cricket, tennis, boxing, motorsports, golf, etc. Basically, sports previously covered on FirstRowSports.
  • Free access – Most top alternatives provide free live streams without needing registration or subscription. However, some sites may require sign up.
  • Multiple video qualities – Ability to choose stream quality like 720p HD, 540p, 480p, 360p depending on internet speed. Options for mobile streaming are also useful.
  • No geo-restrictions – Sites shouldn’t impose geo-blocks on certain regions. You should be able to access streams from anywhere.
  • Minimal ads – Excessive ads and pop-ups can ruin the streaming experience. Prefer sites with minimal, non-intrusive ads.
  • Mobile compatibility – Many users watch sports on mobile devices, so mobile-friendly sites are preferred.
  • Multi-language options – For international sports events, streams in languages like Spanish, Portuguese, German etc. are beneficial.
  • Customer support – Responsive customer support in case any issues come up during live streaming sessions.

With an idea of what features to look for, let’s jump right into the list of best FirstRowSports alternatives for sports live streaming.

20 Top FirstRowSports Alternatives

1. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is our pick for the best overall FirstRowSports alternative. It offers free high-quality live streams for all popular sports including soccer, American football, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, Formula 1, MotoGP, and more.

Stream2Watch provides multiple streaming links for each game in different video qualities ranging from 240p to 720p HD. There are even 1080p full HD streams for select events. You also get options like mobile, WebRTC, Acestream links for flexible viewing.

The site is very user-friendly with a intuitive interface. Related information like lineups, stats, fixtures, results tables is available. You can even check sports news and updates while streaming. With servers across the globe, geo-restrictions are easily bypassed.

Screenshot of Stream2Watch’s interface while streaming a live game

2. VIP League

VIP League should be a go-to alternative thanks to its extensive sports catalogue which includes both mainstream professional leagues and niche competitions. American football, soccer, tennis, MMA, motorsports, ice hockey, rugby, cricket – you name the sport, and VIP League likely streams it.

This site impresses with its high quality HD streams that provide crisp, lag-free viewing. Their video player also offers handy controls like closed captions, adjustable resolution, volume, and camera angles. For popular events, they make multiple stream links available.

Navigation is simple with separate pages for each sport. Live scores, video highlights, current standings are also available alongside streams to enhance your viewing experience.

VIP League’s homepage showing different sports categories

3. LiveTV

As its name suggests, LiveTV is all about live television streaming. In addition to sports, you can watch news, movies, TV shows, music, and more. But their sports section is of particular interest to us.

You can live stream football, tennis, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, Formula 1, boxing, MMA fights here in HD quality without any subscription fees or registration. Events are scheduled conveniently with additional information like lineups, head-to-head stats, and news.

An ad-blocker is recommended when using LiveTV to avoid excessive ads. But channel loading speeds are quick and performance is smooth. With their dedicated sports section and coverage of international games, LiveTV is a FirstRowSports alternative worth bookmarking.

Live TV’s sports streaming page

4. SportRAR.TV

SportRAR.TV has a clean, ad-free interface making it easy to find and watch your desired sports streams. No annoying pop-ups or clickbait links on this site.

It indexes live streaming links from various sources and enables you to watch different sports like soccer, motorsports, rugby, tennis, American football, boxing, and more in HD quality. Unique streams like dart tournaments are also featured sometimes.

Easy navigation by sport, quick loading channels, Chromecast support, and a clutter-free experience are positives for SportRAR. Just don’t expect any accompanying stats or information here – the focus is purely on seamless live streaming.

SportRAR.TV’s minimalist interface

5. StreamWoop

StreamWoop hosts free live streams for soccer, tennis, American football, baseball, ice hockey, Formula 1, and other sports. It’s clean interface and well-organized event schedule make it simple to find the games you wish to watch.

Once you select a live game, you can see available stream links from providers like YouTube, Dailymotion, Ustream organized neatly in a list. The HD quality links offer smooth streaming without buffering or lags on fast internet connections.

Interestingly, StreamWoop provides audio streams for some major events. So you can tune in and listen to live commentary if unable to watch. With solid performance and features, it’s a good pick.

StreamWoop showing different providers’ links available for a soccer game

6. BatmanStream

BatmanStream is an excellent place to stream free live sports in HD quality, just like the old FirstRowSports. It has a substantial catalog of football, soccer, ice hockey, tennis, boxing, and other events.

This site really shines for American sports, especially NFL football. You can find quick loading HD streams for NFL Thursday, Sunday, and Monday night games. For big matches, they embed YouTube live stream links directly into the site for best performance.

BatmanStream also provides live scores, stats, standings, and news bits in its minimal interface so you stay updated while streaming your favorite sports.

BatmanStream showing NFL YouTube live stream embedded

7. RedZoneTV.net

RedZoneTV is a good alternative to FirstRowSports for streaming American football. As the name hints, this site specializes in NFL redzone streams and offers live coverage of all NFL games on Sundays.

In addition to NFL redzone, you can catch full game replays, NFL Network programs like Good Morning Football, Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football and more.

Stream quality is decent at 720p HD for redzone coverage and SD quality for individual NFL game streams. Navigation is simple with a weekly NFL schedule and live score bars are provided. Overall, this is a useful site for NFL football streaming.

RedZoneTV’s NFL Football streaming homepage

8. Volokit

Volokit provides free live sports streams in high definition without the need for user registration. It covers most major leagues including NFL football, NBA basketball, ice hockey, baseball, Formula 1, tennis, boxing, MMA and more.

The site is very simple with just two main sections – one for live games and one for upcoming scheduled matches. Stream links are sourced from YouTube, Periscope and other providers to ensure good video quality and performance.

Volokit is a suitable option if you just want to quickly find and start watching a live game without navigating complex menus and options. It lacks accompanying stats and information, but the minimalist design has its benefits.

Volokit’s clean interface showing live and upcoming streams

9. StreamEast

StreamEast has been around for several years and still delivers as a FirstRowSports alternative. It offers free HD live streams for NFL football, NBA basketball, NHL hockey, baseball, Formula 1, tennis, boxing, MMA and more.

During big games, they make multiple streaming links available from different sources. This helps distribute the traffic load so streams don’t lag or buffer. Video and audio quality of HD streams is above average.

The site layout is slightly dated but easy enough to navigate. Ad-block is recommended to avoid excessive ads. Overall, StreamEast remains a solid option for free sports streaming.

StreamEast showing multiple links and languages available for an NFL game

10. StrikeOut.nu

StrikeOut.nu is another long-running site that offers high-quality sports streams. American football, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, tennis, soccer, Formula 1, boxing, WWE and other sports are covered here.

In addition to live games, you can also catch sports talk shows, documentaries, replays and highlights on StrikeOut. Video and audio performance of live HD streams meets expectations without much buffering or stuttering.

The site layout is dated and cluttered with ads, so having an ad-blocker setup is strongly recommended. But once you start streaming, the actual performance and stability of links is good.

StrikeOut.nu’s streaming page littered with ads

11. Sports-Today.club

Sports-Today.club is a general sports site that provides coverage of live games and news for many different leagues and tournaments. It can act as a nice FirstRowSports replacement.

You can live stream football, basketball, baseball, Formula 1, tennis, boxing, ice hockey and more on Sports-Today.club. Streaming links are available in different resolutions and the HD streams work well. Chromecast is supported too.

The interface is clean with some ads here and there. Along with live games, Sports-Today provides fixtures, results, standings and sports news for additional context. Decent option overall.

Sports-Today’s streaming page showing different available links

12. SportsSurge

SportsSurge is a simple FirstRowSports alternative that collects and indexes free live sports streams from various sites. It enables you to conveniently see what stream links are available for any live event.

The streams itself are hosted on third-party sites which SportsSurge links to. Video quality varies but HD streams are typically available. You can watch NFL football, NBA basketball, ice hockey, tennis, soccer and more thanks to the different stream sources integrated.

The no-frills interface just displays available streams for easy selection. Useful option if you want to quickly see your streaming link choices for live games.

SportsSurge showing different links aggregated for an NBA basketball game

13. Feed2All

Feed2All is one of the original sports streaming sites and still runs smoothly today. It offers free live streams and on-demand replays for football, basketball, baseball, tennis, boxing, motorsports, and other events.

HD quality streams are available for most popular live games in 720p or 1080p resolution without lag or buffering issues. You can also check upcoming matches schedules and view sports highlights on Feed2All.

The site is cluttered with ads so make sure to have an ad-blocker enabled. But stream quality itself rarely disappoints. Overall, Feed2All remains a decent option for free sports streaming.

Feed2All showing HD stream links available for a Soccer game

14. Crackstreams

As its name hints, Crackstreams specializes in “cracked” high-quality sports streams that work flawlessly. It’s a suitable FirstRowSports replacement, especially for watching NFL football and NBA basketball.

You’ll find crisp HD streams for NFL Thursday Night, Sunday Night, Monday Night games and NBA matches on Crackstreams. The streams have great video quality while their in-browser player offers smooth performance.

Crackstreams keeps things simple by focusing solely on live games. You won’t find news or additional information here. But for reliable HD sporting event streams, it delivers.

Crackstreams’ HD stream for an NFL Sunday night game

15. totalsportek.com

TotalSportek covers live and on-demand streams for football, soccer, basketball, tennis, boxing, WWE, and other sports. It has a very comprehensive match calendar so you can easily find game schedules.

Stream quality is a bit inconsistent compared to other FirstRowSports alternatives, but HD options are available. You also get fixtures, results, stats and news bits for extra context while streaming games on TotalSportek.

Navigation is simple – just select your sport to see available live and upcoming matches. Decent option for its regularly updated calendar of events across different sports.

TotalSportek’s homepage showing different sports categories

16. ReddIt Soccer/NBA/NFL Streams

For reliable free sports streams, the different Sports Streaming Subreddits on Reddit are valuable resources.

Subreddits like /r/nbastreams, /r/nflstreams, /r/soccerstreams provide free live game streams for NBA basketball, NFL football, soccer/football respectively.

These subreddits have active communities that post working high-quality streams before games start. Just open the subreddit on gameday and find stream links posted by various users. You can find both website links and Acestream/Sopcast links.

With active moderation and community curation, stream links are verified to avoid low-quality streams and spam. If you’re a Reddit user, be sure to follow these handy sports streaming subreddits.

NBA Streams subreddit where users share live game links

17. Sport365.live

Sport365.live is a neatly organized sports site for live game streaming and highlights. For major leagues like NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, you get streaming links, scores, standings, videos and news.

The ability to switch between different sport categories makes it easy to find current live games. Video quality is consistently good with HD streams loading smoothly. The European-style interface may take some getting used to however.

Having LiveScores and LiveTV functionality integrated is also convenient for checking latest updates. Easy navigation and good stream performance make Sport365 a viable FirstRowSports alternative.

Sport365 showing different league categories available

18. VIPBox

VIPBox is a long-running sports streaming site that offers multiple live events and on-demand replays. It has a very extensive catalog spanning football, basketball, motorsports, rugby, cricket, tennis, boxing, wrestling, and more.

For popular leagues and matches, VIPBox provides various HD stream links from different sources. You can also enable Chromecast support for casting streams directly to your TV.

Interface is dated and laden with ads, but navigating to your desired sports stream is simple enough. For its vast content library and reliable streams, VIPBox remains a useful alternative.

VIPBox showing the variety of sports covered

19. Soccer Streams 100

As the name indicates, Soccer Streams 100 is specifically designed for football/soccer streaming. This site covers live matches from leagues like the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, and Champions League.

Multiple HD stream links from different sources are indexed here for each live game. You can also check match lineups, current standings tables, fixtures, results, and news.

If football/soccer is your main sport of interest, Soccer Streams 100 can act as a suitable FirstRowSports replacement with its focus on soccer events.

Soccer Streams 100 showing different stream links for a EPL game

20. LiveSoccerTV

LiveSoccerTV is a comprehensive football streaming site that allows you to track your favorite teams and watch live matches. It covers games from over 500 worldwide leagues and competitions.


FirstRowSports alternatives offered a convenient way for sports fans to catch live games online for free. Though it is no longer accessible, several working alternatives exist as we’ve covered.

The 20 websites in this list provide free HD sports streams across football, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, hockey, motorsports, boxing, MMA and more. These FirstRowSports alternatives offer smooth streaming thanks to multiple links, mobile compatibility, Chromecast support and minimal ads.

While most options listed are free streaming sites, paid services like ESPN+ and DAZN provide legal, premium quality sports streaming. Ultimately, choose a safe streaming provider that fits your sport preferences and budget.

FirstRowSports helped pioneer the online sports streaming landscape. Its shutdown in certain regions was unfortunate, but sports buffs still have plenty of alternatives to catch the live action in 2024. Bookmark your favorite pick(s) from our list for an enhanced gameday viewing experience!

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