What is Ghanaweb Entertainment? And How To Get Regular Update 2022

What is Ghanaweb Entertainment?

GhanaWeb is the country’s most popular digital news and advertising platform, and it’s working to make journalism more accessible to the public, expand free speech, and give more control to the people who produce news and other material.

Legally, Ghanaians are free to share their thoughts and ideas in the form of articles, multimedia, and comments on the open platform that went live in 1999 and is governed by Dutch law.

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The site also stores millions of pieces of user-generated content that were published through the GhanaWeb Reporter, a digital media sharing platform built into the GhanaWeb App that provides citizen journalists and content creators with easy access to publish a variety of locally-focused works.

GhanaWeb is particularly well-liked by Ghanaians living in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Italy, South Africa, the Netherlands, and France, as evidenced by the website’s high Alexa traffic rank.

Thanks to these repeat users and their millions of regular readers, GhanaWeb has quickly become the country’s go-to source for news and is now the third most-visited website in Ghana, behind only Google and YouTube.

The Editorial Staff of Ghanaweb’s Entertainment Section

GhanaWeb’s editors and writers work round the clock to bring you fair and balanced reporting on the news from Accra.

The privately owned, unbiased portal has a dedicated staff of web engineers and designers who work tirelessly to maintain and enhance the platform’s streamlined technology and attractive design in order to better serve the portal’s 4 million monthly unique visitors.

The AfricaWeb Holding company, of which GhanaWeb is a subsidiary, offers digital solutions to print media companies across Africa. As part of its mission to provide sustainable independent news portals, advertising, and publishing solutions for Africa, AfricaWeb also owns sites such as CamerounWeb.com, TanzaniaWeb.com, and MyNigeria.com.

The Editorial Staff of GhanaWeb follows the guidelines established by the AfricaWeb Group. The group’s copyright issues are handled by AfricaWeb Publishing, which also manages and licences all content within the group. If you want to get in touch with the editors of GhanaWeb or AfricaWeb Publishing, please visit our Contact Page.

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Ghanaweb Entertainment Register

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Ghanaweb Entertainment The history of GhanaWeb.com spans over twenty years, beginning in 1994 when it was founded as a print magazine to serve the increasing Ghanaian population in Amsterdam by compiling news pieces from Ghanaian publications.

When a Ghanaian professor teaching in Finland had the idea for the website in the early 1990s, he combined it with another blog he had started called GhanaHomePage on the domain of the University of Uta in Finland and launched it on January 1, 1999.

You could find a wealth of information at GhanaWeb.com/GhanaHomePage, including recent headlines, sports scores, public service announcements, online forums, and a dictionary of the Ghanaian language. Many periodicals and their mailing lists carried news articles about events in Ghana.

A dramatic redesign, featuring a colourful interface created by a top Russian graphic designer and released on October 13, 1999, made the site’s extensive resources much easier to use for users in Ghana. Since then, GhanaWeb’s colourful design has become its identifying feature, setting it apart from the prevailing norm of content distribution via drab, unappealing websites.

Unlike other early websites, GhanaWeb’s content management system (CMS) was designed from the ground up by its Dutch inventor, a professional software engineer, and was optimised for the continent of Africa’s infrastructure. Even on sluggish and unpredictable African internet connections, GhanaWeb has been loading very swiftly and reliably because to the custom CMS.

GhanaWeb launched the first mobile website in Africa in 2001

At first only available on feature phones like the Nokia 3110. GhanaWeb was mobile over the WAP protocol 6 years before the first iPhone was released.

Consistent growth of the portal could be attributed to the large number of contributors who helped to add new content, such as daily news and statistics about Ghana, to the site. GhanaWeb has helped launch the careers of numerous journalists, bloggers, and columnists.

As it has done since its start, the website led the online news sector in Ghana in 2009, with advertising income having increased dramatically from the previous seven years and more individuals being employed remotely to maintain the website with news and information.

To safeguard the right of Ghanaians to freely express their opinions without government interference, GhanaWeb began forming a series of partnerships with local companies in 2011 to manage the editorial side of the business from Ghana while keeping the legal entity and technical operations in Amsterdam.

In spite of facing its share of lawsuits in Europe due to news published on the website, the GhanaWeb Newsroom has now evolved into a solid backbone of the business. Despite the losses, GhanaWeb remains committed to remaining independent and providing Ghanaians with a censorship-free, fair and balanced news media platform.

The addition of CameroonWeb.com in 2014 was a smart move for the company. Designed on the same principles as GhanaWeb, this portal also features some multilingual for added convenience. When it first went live, CameroonWeb was published in both French and English, and it was supervised by journalists who had been brought in from Cameroon.

After two years, it became evident that the market favoured the French version of the site, therefore the English version was shut down in favour of the French-only CamerounWeb.com portal.

Despite government censorship and constant attacks on the media, the portal has risen to become the most popular website in Cameroon, ranking seventh after top sites like Google, YouTube, etc. In order to ensure the safety of its journalists, the company has relocated its newsroom outside of the nation.

In addition, 2017 saw the debut of Swahili-language news outlet TanzaniaWeb. Censorship is a problem, and the newsroom was relocated to a neighbouring country for the same reason.

As a result of GhanaWeb’s rapid growth, a new holding company, AfricaWeb Holding, was established in 2019 in the Netherlands under the name AfricaWeb Publishing B.V.

Its purpose is to assist in the growth of self-sustaining African news portals, as well as web and publishing solutions. MyNigeria.com, an online platform designed to assist the people of Nigeria, was launched under its aegis in October 2019.

AfricaWeb Holding is laying the groundwork for fruitful relationships that will make it possible to realise the vision of thriving online media in Africa. AfricaWeb established the non-profit AW Free Foundation in 2021 to advocate for free speech, independent media, and professional journalism in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The organisation promotes open technology and uncensored media tools and toolkits for journalists, and it has activities in countries like Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Togo.

Current GhanaWeb has developed from a news aggregator website into a provider of unique content, including video and digital content. The GhanaWeb Reporter, a digital media sharing platform that provides citizen journalists and content creators with direct access to publish a wide range of local material, is also hosted on a mobile app.

The innovative GhanaWeb Reporter project, which will infuse new ideas into the global news ecosystem, won the first Google News Initiative (GNI) Innovation Challenge in 2020.

21 projects from 13 countries in the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa region received a total of $1.93 million to support the growth of journalism in the digital age. Among these projects was the GhanaWeb Reporter.

Over the next five years, the AfricaWeb Holding media platforms are projected to grow their workforce to over 300 people and attract 20 million monthly visitors. Putting Ghana online was the inspiration, and now it’s Africa’s turn.

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