What Is Giants Foundry Calculator And How Does It Work?


The Giants Foundry Calculator is a valuable tool used by players of the popular MMORPG Old School RuneScape (OSRS) to optimize their workflow and efficiency when utilizing the new Giants Foundry Smithing method. This calculator simplifies complex in-game calculations related to Smithing experience gains, points earned per hour, projected profits, raw material requirements, and potential reward unlocks.

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With intricate calculations made easy through this calculator, players can streamline their decision-making and strategy when participating in the unique Smithing training minigame offered through the Giants Foundry. Whether you are just starting out with the new Smithing method or looking to maximize your output, utilizing this calculator can provide indispensable insights and direction.

Overview of the Giants Foundry Method

Before delving into the specifics of the calculator itself, it is helpful to understand the basic premise of the Giants Foundry training method. Unlocked at level 60 Smithing, the Giants Foundry mini-game transports players back in time to an ancient ruin built by a race of giants who excelled in the Smithing arts.

Players take on the role of master smith and must melt down raw ore and mould the molten metal into swords and other weapons. Each item crafted earns the player points which can then be exchanged for unique rewards including new Smithing outfit pieces, emojis, trophies, and more. The activity also yields very competitive Smithing experience rates, making it popular for power training the skill.

The minigame mechanics involve managing temperature gauges, energy capacity limitations, and various other interplaying factors, presenting some mental rigor beyond simply clicking to smith items. This is where the Giants Foundry Calculator comes into play.

Key Features and Functions

The Giants Foundry Calculator incorporates the various game factors, limitations, and reward mechanics into an easy-to-use web application that provides tailored projections and recommendations to the player. Some of the key features and functionalities include:

Smithing XP Rate Calculator

By inputting variables such as a player’s Smithing level, preservation points unlocked, and type of metal bars used, the calculator projects the effective Smithing XP per hour rate during the Giants Foundry training. This allows players to model different scenarios to optimize xp gains.

Points Per Hour Calculator

This calculator estimates how many reward points players can expect to earn per hour based on their pace and productivity within the minigame itself. Players can use this to forecast requirements for unlocking certain rewards.

Profits Calculator

The profits calculator takes into account the constantly fluctuating cost of raw materials and value of forged weapons to provide up-to-date evaluations of the effective profit per hour through Giants Foundry training.

Mould Requirements Calculator

To estimate the number of weapon mould packs required for certain Smithing training goals, players can leverage the mould requirement calculator. This ensures you craft enough swords and other weapons to meet your Smithing level goals.

Reward Unlock Forecaster

For players focused on working towards unlocking certain rewards like new titles or pieces of the special Smithing outfit, this calculator projects exactly how many reward points are needed based on your inputs.

Step-By-Step Guide to Using the Calculator

Using the Giants Foundry Calculator is straightforward, but does require inputting some specific in-game values related to your current progress.

Follow these steps for tailored projections:

Step#1. Visit the Giants Foundry Calculator website [add link]

Step#2. Scroll to the calculator for your desired projection (XP rate, Points Per Hour etc)

Step#3. Input your current Smithing level

Step#4. Enter your number of Preservation Points unlocked

Step#5. Select the type of bars you are smelting and forging

Step#6. Adjust any other values like Smithing mastery if applicable

Step#7. Click the calculate button to see your results

The calculator will instantly output projected rates and figures based on your custom inputs. Repeat for other calculators as needed to dial in your strategy.


In summary, the Giants Foundry Calculator is an invaluable asset for any OSRS player utilizing the new Smithing training method. By distilling down complex in-game variables and mechanics into an easy to use web calculator, players can make informed strategic decisions around Smithing activities.

Optimizing efficiency and unlocking rewards faster allows you to get back to adventures and quests sooner. Whether used occasionally or as a constant companion while Smithing at the Foundry, the Giants Foundry Calculator will undoubtedly bolster your productivity.

Smithing XP Rate CalculatorProjects experience gained per hour to optimize training
Points Per Hour CalculatorForecasts points earned to plan rewards unlocks
Profits CalculatorEvaluates effective GP per hour from smelting and smithing
Mould Requirements CalculatorDetermines sufficient mould packs to achieve goals
Reward Unlock ForecasterIdentifies points needed to unlock desired rewards

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