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What Is Srrality

Srrality.CZ helps to find a suitable property thanks to the current real estate offer in the Czech Republic and abroad. Any use of the content of the webserver www.sreality.CZ, including the acceptance, dissemination or further disclosure of advertisements and photographs, is prohibited without the consent of, a.s.

The most visited Czech real estate server Srrality. With average monthly traffic of almost 2,000,000 real users, Srrality.CZ offers around 80,000 properties from more than 3,000 real estate agencies and individuals. offers space for everyone who presents or is looking for real estate. 

By presenting real estate on the server as a real estate agency or developer, you will get: 

  • Guarantee of long-term high attendance (independently audited by and new customers from all over the Czech Republic and abroad
  • Easy entry of the entire real estate portfolio into a single comprehensive database
  • Professional presentation of real estate offers the possibility of simple structured search (including mobile and English or Russian versions of the site)
  • Detailed overview of traffic and display of published advertisements
  • Possibility of unique benefits of advertisements using attractive formats (Topping, priority statement – TIP region, TIP broker, banner areas)

The database of the real estate server collects real estate offers from the Czech real estate market directly from property owners or real estate agencies. For those interested in buying or renting real estate, it guarantees up-to-date data and a quick search using filters 24 hours a day. The presentation of individual advertisements contains detailed descriptions of real estate, including photographs, video tours, ever-expanding virtual tours and maps of the surroundings. 

Currently, is one of the most sought-after and most visited real estate addresses on the Czech Internet. supports the development of the real estate market, the activities of real estate agencies and all activities aimed at consolidating and adhering to the code of sales ethics. They provide an easy-to-use tool for finding specific properties. Real estate offers are divided into sections and can be sorted by region, type, price, a form of ownership, size and other parameters. are current and guarantee high traffic. The server achieves the maximum quality of the included offers by charging for advertisements and checking content. It is the most visited server in the Srrality.Cz Republic in the field.


From room rental to a development project

  • You can offer one room as well as hundreds of apartments.

No registration fees

  • You pay for the advertised property. No additional fees for more photos or longer descriptions.

The new advertisement is immediately visible

  • The ad you just added will appear at the top of the first page. And by heating, you can always shoot him there again.

You can target a region

  • You can only target your area or city where you operate.

You have absolute control.

  • You decide how much you want to invest in advertising. You can change the texts and images of the advertisements at any time.

Thanks to the statistics, you are clear.

  • You always know how many people saw your ad and how many sent an inquiry. You can easily evaluate the benefits of advertising.

More than half of mobile users

  • 53% of people search from a mobile phone, which means 368 thousand real users per week. If you only want to reach them, you can target your ad purely to mobile devices.

We are setting up consent to personalisation.

The operator of this website and, a.s. Collect, store and share information about end-users, including unique user identifiers, cookies, IP addresses and e-mails, allowing personal identification obtained on our website and on sites of our partners with whom we are connected. You can find detailed information on handling personal data on the website concerning personal data protection and each partner’s website.

This information enables us to provide you with quality and relevant content or promotional offers of genuine interest to you. By consenting, you help us fund and improve our services so that we can offer them for free. By clicking on the “I agree” button, you confirm your consent to access and process the above personal data from the files and possibly share it with our selected partners (including analytic tools) for the following purposes (types of processing):

  • Storage and access to information on the device
  • A profile for personalised advertising and display of personalised advertising
  • A profile for personalised content and display of personalised content
  • Use of precise geolocation data (within 500 metres) and information about device properties

Some partners process data for the following purposes based on legitimate interest:

  • Basic advertising setup
  • Ad and content performance measurement
  • User insights and product development

The legal title of the data processing by the selected partners can be found for each purpose under the “More options” button. Partners, who don’t belong to the TCF 2.0, have defined their goals according to their privacy policies. Your preferences apply to this domain, websites and applications involved in the advertising network operated by Srrality. cz, a.s.

You can modify your decision by clicking on the “More options” button. You will also find information on legitimate interests and the possibility of objecting to them or withholding or withdrawing your consent. If you do not share any information by setting your preferences, You will be served generic content and random advertising messages. More detailed information on the handling of personal data can be found on our privacy policy pages. You can change these settings any time in your Srrality. cz Profile.

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