How To Buy An ERSDL Coin?

To trade ERSDL, you’ll need Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH). In this post, I examined Binance, the most popular cryptocurrency, to help you find the best places to buy crypto with a credit card and bank account. Continue reading to discover the most effective bitcoin exchange tactics.

How To create a Binance account

Because there have been multiple phishing incidents involving imitations of the site in recent years, it is critical to examine the URL to the website. First, search for the ‘Secure’ certificate in your address bar, which confirms the site’s legitimacy. Second, bookmark the authentic website to avoid confusion in future searches while trading on the platform.

  • Fill in the blanks to start trading.

You must fill in your trading information by clicking on the “Register” option in the right-hand corner of the website’s page. For example, you may get asked to provide your phone number or email address. Because you will need to check in to your Binance account regularly, it is vital to use your email address, which you can access readily and is the most secure one.

Build a safe login for your email address that has a combination of digits, characters, uppercase, and lowercase. As your user’s passcode and to finish the enrollment process, a 6-digit number will be emailed to the online account you provided.

  • Allow two-factor authentication (Optional)

Allow two-factor authentication after your first log in to make your account more secure. Trust me when I say that setting up 2FA is critical since it protects your account from hacking.

After you fill in your email and password, you’ll get asked to submit a unique code every time you log in with two-factor authentication. Use the Google authenticator app on your smartphone to acquire your unique code.

Buying your first Bitcoin

You can send money to your Binance Crypto wallet account straight from your bank account using a SWIFT money transfer, or you can use your debit/credit card. I’ll show you how to use your credit card in this section.

Previously, Binance did not accept the use of credit or debit cards on its platform, but this has since changed. Binance has teamed with Simplex to allow its users to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum with their credit and debit cards. As a result, Crypto transactions are now faster, have lower transaction fees, and have more transaction flexibility.

I strongly advise purchasing Bitcoin and then exchanging it for the appropriate amount of UnFederalReserve (ERSDL). It’s simple to buy Bitcoins using a credit card, but I’ll go over the best ways to do so step by step. So you grasp everything there is to know about Bitcoin trading.

  • Select the dropdown menu by moving your mouse pointer over the top bar’s ‘Buy Crypto’ tab. Then choose a currency, such as US Dollars, and proceed to the following level by clicking the ‘Credit/Debit Card’ option.
  • You’ll be brought to the following page, in which you might select your desired Bitcoin volume and the sum of funds required to purchase it. The precise figure you’ll have to pay gets based on the number of Bitcoins you’ve ordered and the price of the stock. Nevertheless, you may enter the total charge upfront, and the computer will calculate the order quantity immediately.
  • Then choose “Buy BTC” from the drop-down menu. Your order will get displayed in a window with all of the specifics. However, you must read the disclaimer and Terms of Service before confirming your order. When you get finished, tick the tab to confirm your order and go to “Payment”; click.
  • Fill out your credit card information as well as your details. After that, click “Pay now” and wait a few moments for your information to get verified.
  • If it is your initial online transaction, you would be requested to verify your email and telephone address by entering a password sent to you by email or Text. To complete the test, follow the button in your mail and enter the code sent to your phone. Hit “Next” when you’ve completed all the preceding stages.
  • After that, the use of an official document gets employed to verify identity. Submit a snapshot of your identification document, together with your details, and then click the “Upload Document” button.

Finally, after the system has confirmed your document, you will receive an email confirming your order purchase. Following that, the BTC or Ethereum you purchased gets credited to your Binance account.

Creating a Metamask Account

In your default browser’s search box, type or “Metamask extension.” Let me now demonstrate how to install the MetaMask plugin for Chrome.

Simply click “Install Metamask for Chrome” once you’ve discovered it to add MetaMask to your Google Chrome extensions.

Then, click “Add to Chrome.”

After completing the preceding steps, you will have successfully installed the MetaMask plugin. So simple to do on your own, right? It’s now time to connect your existing cryptocurrency wallet. If you haven’t already made a bitcoin wallet, do so now because it’s not difficult to do so in a few minutes.

When you’ve finished installing the MetaMask Extension, make sure to launch it by clicking the button in the top right corner. You must also read the terms and agree to them.

To make your wallet account more secure, select “Create a Wallet” and create a strong password.

You’ll see a 12-word seed phrase after clicking. You can either store your seed words as a file or copy them to a safe location and then select “I’ve copied it somewhere safe.”

Congratulations! You’ve successfully generated a MetaMask account with a new wallet address at this point!

It allows you to inspect your address on Etherscan (the Ethereum blockchain explorer), which you can accomplish by scanning the QR code, copying your wallet’s address to a clipboard, or exporting your private key.

ETHereum deposits into MetaMask wallet

When you place your mouse pointer over the account name at the top of the window, the message “Copy to clipboard” will appear. To copy your address, you must first click on the account name.

Then, on the app where you’re moving your ETH or tokens from, paste your address in the “receiver” area. Choose the amount you want to send, then follow the steps to complete and submit the transaction, being sure to select the “Ethereum (ETH) ERC20” transfer network.

How to Trade on Uniswap for the First Time

You must first visit the Uniswap V2 exchange platform. Look for the ‘Connect to a wallet’ button in the top right corner, click it, then log in with the wallet you want to trade with it.

Let’s login with a MetaMask wallet in this scenario. The trade window will display on your screen after successfully logging in. You can choose the token you need to swap for the coin you desire in the top section. Let’s go with ETH. Look for the ticket you want to buy in the bottom area, or select it from the drop-down option (in this case, choose (ERSDL).

You’re ready to place your order now that you’ve completed the preceding steps. You can either put a number in the top portion to indicate how much you want to spend or type the quantity number in the bottom to show how much you want to buy. If you look at the bottom of the order menu, you can see how much you’ll get. Click the ‘Swap’ button if the amount is satisfactory.

After that, you must approve the transaction and, if necessary, change the fees to your preferred figure. Take your time, confirm the transaction when you’re ready, and the transaction will get completed. Once you’ve done all of those processes, your tokens will show in your ERC20 wallet.


Buying ERSDL coins is a simple and straightforward process. We hope this guide will help you in investing in the coin without putting in much effort. Stay tuned with us if you are interested in knowing more about the ERSDL coin. Our experts would love to assist you.

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