How To Connect With 3kh0 netlify App? [Guide]


The 3KH0 Netlify app provides access to fun, unblocked games right within your browser. Connecting your own app builds upon the existing 3KH0 platform, allowing you to contribute new games and features to the community.

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Getting set up with the 3KH0 Netlify app does require some technical knowledge, but this guide breaks the process down into simple, step-by-step instructions. With a Netlify account, Git repository, and the 3KH0 building blocks, you’ll be able to connect your own app creation in no time.


Before diving into the 3KH0 Netlify app connection process, there are a couple of key services and accounts you’ll need.

Netlify Account

Netlify is the platform that powers the 3KH0 app deployment and hosting. To connect your own app, you’ll need a Netlify account configured with access to the Git repository containing your app code.

Creating a Netlify account is simple and free to start. Just visit and click the “Sign Up” button. You can authenticate with either an email address, or third-party providers like GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket.

Git Repository

The source code for your 3KH0 Netlify app needs to be version controlled in a Git repository. This allows you to push code changes easily, which then trigger automated builds and deployments through Netlify.

Popular Git hosting services like GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket offer free public repositories for open-source projects like 3KH0 apps. You can quickly create a new Git repository tailored for your Netlify app in any of those services’ web interfaces or desktop apps.

Connecting To Netlify

With accounts and a Git repository ready, you can now link them together on Netlify and configure automated building and deployments.

Link The Repository

In the Netlify Sites dashboard, click the “New Site from Git” button to connect your new Git repository.

You’ll be prompted to link Netlify with the Git hosting service your repository lives on. The exact steps vary slightly depending on which provider you use:

  • GitHub: Select GitHub and you’ll be forwarded to to authenticate your account access. After allowing access, you return to Netlify to select the specific repo.
  • GitLab: Authenticate your GitLab account, then search for and select the repository.
  • Bitbucket: Similarly log in to Bitbucket, then choose the repository to link up.

Once connected, Netlify runs an initial build and deployment of your Git repository’s code.

Configure The Site

With the site now created in Netlify from your Git repository, head to the site dashboard’s “Settings” tab to configure further options like:

  • Deployment branch – Specify which Git branch Netlify should build from
  • Custom domains – Add your own domain name mapping
  • Build & deploy settings – Customize the build process Netlify runs
  • Environment variables – Configure secret keys or other dynamic variables

Spend some time exploring all of the configuration options available to tailor your Netlify site’s build, deploy, and runtime behavior.

Making Changes

One of the key benefits of linking your 3KH0 app code to a Netlify site is taking advantage of automatic deployments.

Now whenever you push code changes to your connected Git repository, Netlify will automatically rebuild the site and deploy an up-to-date live version. No need for manual deploy scripts or processes!

Between this automated pipeline and the configuration options covered already, you have tremendous flexibility to build, deploy, and update your app rapidly as it evolves.

Integrating With 3KH0

Connecting to Netlify handles all of the hosting and infrastructure components, but how does your app actually integrate into the 3KH0 platform itself?

The 3KH0 project includes reusable UI components, branding assets, and shared APIs that you can easily incorporate to align perfectly with the existing apps.

UI Kits

The 3KH0 UI Kits package up common visual components like buttons, menus, widgets, and more for easy reuse in your app.

For example, adding the standard 3KH0 top navigation bar or sidebar simply involves copying an embedding the pre-authored UI Kit code into your app pages. No extra styling or adjustments needed!

Review the full UI Kits catalog and documentation for specifics on what interoperable components are available.

Branding assets

The UI Kits ensure visual cohesion, and the 3KH0 branding assets give your app consistency.

The Press & Branding package provides official 3KH0 logos, icons, fonts, and colors to employ in your own Netlify app. Using the same visual identity cues helps reinforce your app’s place in the 3KH0 ecosystem.

Shared services

Finally, check out the REST APIs and other backend services offered by the core 3KH0 platform:

  • User accounts and authentication
  • Game data tracking and statistics
  • Leaderboards and achievement badges
  • CMS-powered blog and news updates

Leveraging these common features through API integrations dramatically simplifies your own app code while keeping end users’ experiences consistent.

Focus your efforts on the unique games or customizations in your Netlify app code repo, not reinventing the wheel for shared services!

Promoting Your Creation

Congratulations, your 3KH0 Netlify app is now successfully connected, deployed live on the internet for all to access!

The final step involves spreading the word about your awesome new creation to drive players to it:

3KH0 community

Start by joining the 3KH0 Discord server introduce your app to the active, enthusiastic community already there. Experienced 3KH0 members may offer promotional help or advice on improving your games.

Social media

Share your live Netlify app link on Twitter, Reddit, or other platforms attaching relevant hashtags like #gaming and #indiedev. This taps into wider social networks to find players interested in fun online games.

Direct links

Ideally over time your app gets linked directly from the main portal site, providing ongoing organic visitor traffic. But nothing stops you adding buttons/links pointing to your Netlify app URL from your own sites or profiles!


Connecting a custom Netlify app into the 3KH0 ecosystem provides huge rewards for relatively little effort thanks to copious documentation and reusable building blocks.

With core infrastructure needs like hosting, deployment, and authentication managed by Netlify and 3KH0 APIs respectively, you can focus efforts entirely on the game ideas and features that set your app apart.

So don’t wait any longer – spin up a Netlify site from your own 3KH0 game ideas today using this guide, then get promoting across the unblocked games community!


  • Netlify delivers simplified hosting and automated deployments
  • UI Kits and branding assets ensure visual consistency
  • Shared services via 3KH0 APIs save huge development effort
  • Promote your app across the 3KH0 Discord and forums

Now put this guide into action, and happy 3KH0 Netlify app building!

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