How to Fix iPhone 15 Overheating Problem [Working Solution]

Fix an Overheating iPhone 15

The iPhone 15 is Apple’s latest and most advanced iPhone yet. However, some users have reported issues with their iPhone 15 overheating problem during normal use. An overheating iPhone 15 can drain your battery faster, cause performance issues, and even permanently damage internal components if left unchecked.

Thankfully, there are several simple troubleshooting steps you can try to cool down your iPhone and stop it from overheating. This guide will walk you through the top solutions to fix an iPhone 15 that’s running hot.

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What’s Causing the iPhone 15 overheating problem?

Before we dive into the fixes, it’s important to understand what might be causing your iPhone 15 overheating problem in the first place. Here are some of the most common culprits:

Software and App Issues

Problematic apps, iOS bugs, and software crashes can all cause an iPhone 15 to heat up. Apps that use GPS, the camera, or graphics/CPU-intensive functions are more likely to trigger iPhone 15 overheating problem.

Charging and Battery Problems

Using lower-quality cables, chargers, or batteries can lead to overheating during charging. An aging or damaged battery may also have trouble regulating heat.

Hot Environments and Direct Sunlight

Exposing your iPhone to high ambient temperatures or direct sunlight for too long can cause it to warm up excessively. This is especially true if you’re simultaneously using demanding apps.

Dust and Debris Buildup

Pocket lint, dust, and other particles getting lodged in your iPhone’s ports or openings can restrict airflow and cooling inside the device.

Top Solutions To Fix iPhone 15 Overheating Problem

If you suspect one of the common overheating causes listed above applies to your iPhone 15, then try the following troubleshooting tips:

1. Close Apps and Let the iPhone Cool Down

If your iPhone feels extremely hot, stop using it immediately (except for emergency calls) and let it cool off for 30 minutes. Heat can build up faster than it can dissipate, so giving your iPhone 15 time to return to room temperature is essential.

While waiting, you can also force quit any memory-intensive apps that may be contributing to overheating. Double tap the Home button and swipe up on the app previews to close running apps.

2. Move the iPhone Out of Direct Sunlight

As mentioned before, direct sunlight hitting your iPhone 15’s body can really heat it up. If you have been using your phone outdoors on a hot, sunny day, move to a shaded area immediately.

If possible, point a fan at your phone to accelerate cooling. Avoid placing it on heat-trapping surfaces like car seats during this time.

3. Turn On Airplane Mode

Radios like cellular connectivity and Wi-Fi emit electromagnetic radiation that slightly warms phones from the inside. If your iPhone is already bordering on overheated, then every small heat contribution matters.

You can turn on Airplane mode from Control Center to temporarily disable all wireless radios and prevent internal heating. Re-enable radios selectively later as needed.

4. Stop Charging and Use Alternative Charger

It’s important to stop charging immediately if you notice heating up while charging your iPhone 15. Faulty, damaged, or lower-quality charging accessories can overload power regulation chips and lead to thermal runaway.

If possible, switch to an alternative, MFi-certified Lightning cable and 20W USB-C Power Adapter. Also, give your iPhone some cool-down time before resuming charging.

5. Update iOS, Apps, and iPhone Software

Apple and third-party app developers regularly push software updates to fix bugs, improve performance, and address overheating issues.

Head to Settings > General > Software Update to download the latest iOS update. Also update apps, especially those that access GPS, graphics processors, etc which are prone to overheating-related bugs.

6. Check iPhone Ports and Speakers for Blocked Debris

As mentioned before, dust buildup in ports, speakers, and other iPhone openings can block airflow and amplify heat trapping inside.

Use a soft-bristle toothbrush or microfiber cloth to gently clear any visible debris buildup around the Lightning port, earpiece, or speakers. Avoid inserting anything sharp or metal that could damage delicate components.

7. Disable Background App Refresh and Notifications

Restricting battery-draining features like Background App Refresh and superfluous notifications can lower iPhone power consumption, thereby reducing associated heating.

Head to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and toggle off apps that don’t need constant data feeds. Similarly, disable unnecessary Notification Center alerts under Settings > Notifications.

8. Schedule a Genius Bar Appointment

If you have already tried all other troubleshooting tips without success, your iPhone 15 could have a battery or hardware defect causing persistent overheating. Schedule a Genius Bar appointment at the nearest Apple Store for advanced diagnostics and repair options.

Apple Geniuses have specialized tools and processes to accurately pinpoint overheating issues. They can suggest replacing swollen batteries or damaged components contributing to heat. As an Apple-certified repair center, the Genius Bar should be your last resort before considering a warranty replacement.

Weighing the Top Overheating Fixes

To summarize the solutions covered in this guide, here is a comparison of the different options you have to fix an overheating iPhone 15:

Close Apps and Let iPhone Cool DownHighLowNone
Move iPhone Out of Direct SunlightHighLowNone
Turn On Airplane ModeModerateLowNone
Stop Charging and Switch ChargerHighLowLow
Update iOS, Apps, iPhone SoftwareModerateLowLow
Clear Debris From Ports/SpeakersModerateModerateLow
Disable Background Refresh, NotificationsModerateLowNone
Genius Bar AppointmentHighModerateNone

As you can see, letting your iPhone 15 cool down, keeping it out of heat traps like direct sunlight, and being careful about charging are some of the most effective and easy fixes you can try first. Updating your software and clearing dust buildup also helps in many cases.

Don’t Ignore an iPhone 15 overheating problem

While many iPhone 15 overheating problem are easily reversible, ignoring persistent heating can lead to permanent hardware damage over time. Thermal stress slowly degrades your iPhone’s processor, battery, and internal circuits. In worst cases, it can even trigger fires or explosions.

So if general troubleshooting fails to cool down your iPhone 15 for more than a few days, do get professional help. The Genius Bar or Apple Support can diagnose if a faulty component replacement is needed under warranty or accidental damage coverage.

With proper care and attention, you should be able to identify and resolve transient overheating causes, and keep your iPhone running in tip-top shape for years. Follow the solutions in this guide at the first signs of unusual heating. Stay vigilant about heat-related stresses to maximize your iPhone 15’s lifespan.


iPhone 15 overheating problem is a common issue that can impact your iPhone 15’s performance and longevity. By understanding the various causes and implementing the appropriate fixes, you can often resolve overheating problems quickly. Simple measures like closing apps, moving your phone out of direct sunlight, and updating software usually help greatly.

For persistent heating despite troubleshooting, don’t hesitate to consult Apple support or replace faulty components like batteries. With timely intervention, you can nip iPhone overheating issues in the bud and continue enjoying smooth and lag-free usage for years.

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