How To Fix PS5 Error Code CE-118527-4 PlayStation

The PlayStation 5 is Sony’s newest gaming console, offering next-generation graphics, speedy load times, and innovative features like haptic feedback. However, as with any new technology, PS5 owners may encounter various error codes and issues. One common error is the PS5 Error Code CE-118527-4. This guide will provide an in-depth look at this error, why it occurs, and how to fix it.

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What Does the CE-118527-4 Error Mean?

The ps5 error code CE-118527-4 indicates there is an issue with your PS5’s internet connection. Specifically, it means the console is unable to connect to PlayStation Network (PSN). This could be due to problems with your home network, ISP, router settings, or even PSN itself. Without a stable internet connection, you won’t be able to play online, stream media, or download games and updates.

Common Causes of the CE-118527-4 Error

There are a few typical culprits responsible for the CE-118527-4 error:

  • Internet Connection Issues – The problem may lie with your broadband connection, WiFi, router, or modem. Power outages, ISP service disruptions, and loose cables can cause connection drops.
  • Router/Modem Problems – Faulty routers and modems are common causes. Issues like outdated firmware, improperly configured settings, and hardware faults can prevent proper PSN access.
  • PSN Outages – Though rare, there are times when the PlayStation Network experiences outages due to high traffic or DDoS attacks. When this happens, all PS5s will fail to connect.
  • Account Bans – In extreme cases, your PSN account may have been banned, temporarily blocking network access on your PS5. However, you would typically see a separate error code in this instance.
  • System Software Issues – Outdated or corrupted PS5 system software can sometimes impede your internet connectivity and trigger the CE-118527-4 error.

So in summary, any problems communicating with PSN can lead to this error code appearing on your PS5.

How to Fix CE-118527-4 Error

If you see the CE-118527-4 error displayed on your PlayStation 5, don’t panic. Here are some top troubleshooting tips to get your internet working again:

PS5 Error Code CE-118527-4
PS5 Error Code CE-118527-4

Restart Your Network Devices

The first step is to restart your modem, router, PS5, and any other connected devices on your home network. Follow these instructions:

  1. Turn off your PS5 by pressing the power button until it beeps twice.
  2. Unplug your broadband modem and router from power for at least 30 seconds.
  3. Reconnect your modem first and wait for it to fully come online.
  4. Then reconnect your router and wait for it to boot up.
  5. Finally, turn your PS5 back on.

Once everything has restarted, try loading a game or app that requires an internet connection to see if the CE-118527-4 error still appears. Restarting devices will often fix temporary network glitches.

Check Your Internet Connection

Make sure there are no issues with your broadband service by running a connection test on your PS5:

  1. Go to Settings > Network > Connection Status
  2. Select View Connection Status
  3. Run the Test Internet Connection

This will analyze things like your signal strength, network speed, and NAT type. If the results show any problems, it’s time to contact your ISP or research router troubleshooting steps.

You can also test your connection using a computer, smartphone, or other device on the same network. Try loading websites, running a speed test, and pinging endpoints to check for anomalies.

Update Your PS5 System Software

Sometimes CE errors can occur after major system updates.

Confirm you have the latest PS5 firmware installed:

  1. Go to Settings > System > System Software
  2. Select System Software Update
  3. Install any available updates.

Updates may include bug fixes and performance improvements that resolve your CE-118527-4 issue.

Adjust Your Router Settings

Since most home internet issues stem from the router, reviewing its configurations is a wise step:

  • Log into your router admin page and make sure you have the latest firmware. Old firmware can cause connection problems.
  • Check that the security and encryption settings match those required by your ISP. For example, many fiber connections rely on WPA3 security.
  • Make sure UPnP and port forwarding are enabled for your PS5’s local IP address. This opens the required ports for PSN access.
  • Try adjusting between automatic, WPA2, and WPA3 encryption protocols to see if one works better.

Refer to your router admin guide for details on adjusting these settings.

Use Ethernet Instead of WiFi

WiFi signals can suffer interference and instability.

For consistent online gaming, use an Ethernet cable instead:

  1. Connect an Ethernet cable from your router to the PS5’s rear port.
  2. Go to Settings > Network on your PS5.
  3. Select Set Up Internet Connection > Use a LAN Cable

This hard-wired link often resolves connectivity and speed issues. Make sure you have a high-quality, Cat 5E or Cat 6 Ethernet cable.

Contact PlayStation Support

If you still see the CE-118527-4 error after trying these steps, it’s time to contact PlayStation Support:

Provide details on when the error began, troubleshooting already attempted, and any other observed symptoms. The support team can further diagnose the issue and will record your error code for internal monitoring purposes.

Preventing CE-118527-4 Errors in the Future

Once you’ve resolved the CE-118527-4 error, take proactive measures to avoid a recurrence:

  • Ensure your router firmware stays up-to-date in the admin interface or app. Enable auto-update if available.
  • Periodically run speed tests on your network connection using online tools. Check for slowdowns that indicate ISP or router problems.
  • Reboot your PS5 and router before extended gaming sessions and apply PS5 system updates as soon as they are available.
  • Use Ethernet over WiFi whenever possible for a stronger, more reliable signal.
  • Upgrade your internet plan if you have multiple users/devices competing for bandwidth. Lack of speed can manifest as connection errors.
  • Contact your ISP at the first sign of service issues like slow speeds or dropouts which can lead to CE errors.

Following these tips will help minimize future CE-118527-4 occurrences and ensure smooth online gameplay.

FAQs About CE-118527-4 Error Code

What is the CE-118527-4 error code on PS5?

The CE-118527-4 error indicates your PlayStation 5 is unable to connect to PlayStation Network (PSN). It is typically caused by issues with your internet connection preventing proper access.

Why do I keep getting CE-118527-4 on my PS5?

This error most commonly occurs due to problems with your home network, ISP service, router settings, or the PSN servers themselves. Repeated CE-118527-4 errors point to an underlying problem needs addressed.

How do I fix CE-118527-4 without internet?

Since this error stems from a lack of internet connectivity, it is very difficult to resolve without a working network connection for troubleshooting. You’ll need to establish a wired or WiFi internet connection first.

Can a banned account cause CE-118527-4 errors?

Yes, if your PSN account has been permanently banned, this will block network access on your PS5 and lead to CE-118527-4 errors appearing. You would need a new PSN account to restore online functionality.

Is the CE-118527-4 error serious?

This error prevents online play, but does not harm your console. It is more of an annoyance than a serious issue. Once you resolve the network or PSN problem, the CE error will disappear.


The CE-118527-4 error code generally indicates your PS5 is unable to connect to PSN due to problems with your internet connection. Typical causes include router misconfigurations, ISP service issues, or even PSN outages.

Thankfully, this error can often be resolved through router restarts, software updates, adjusting settings, or using a wired Ethernet connection. For ongoing or unresolved errors, contact PlayStation Support for further assistance.

Consistently apply firmware updates, run network speed tests, and reboot your PS5 before play sessions to avoid recurring CE-118527-4 errors. While frustrating, this code does not damage your console – it merely prevents online functionality until the underlying network problem is corrected.

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