How to Increase FPS In Palworld

Increase FPS In Palworld, game is a new simulator game where you can befriend, raise, and breed creatures called Pals. With its expansive open world and detailed graphics, Palworld can be quite demanding on your PC’s hardware. Low frame rates can negatively impact your gameplay experience and immersion in this cute and chaotic world. Fortunately, there are several optimizations you can make to boost FPS performance in Palworld. In this guide, we’ll go over the top methods to increase FPS and enjoy smooth high-speed gameplay on various PC configurations.

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1. Update Your Drivers and Windows

Before diving into in-game settings, first ensure that your system is up to date. Having the latest GPU drivers and Windows version allows your hardware to run optimally.

  • For NVIDIA GPUs, open the GeForce Experience app to download the newest Game Ready driver.
  • For AMD GPUs, go to the AMD website and get the latest recommended driver for your specific graphics card.
  • For Windows, open Settings > Windows Update and install any pending OS updates.

Updating these components eliminates software-related performance issues and lays the groundwork for further optimizations inside Palworld.

2. Close Background Apps

Open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc. Review the Processes tab and look for any unnecessary apps running in the background. These can consume CPU and memory resources that should be allocated to Palworld.

Some examples of apps to close:

  • Web browsers
  • Media players
  • Game launchers like Steam or Epic Games
  • Recording/streaming software like OBS or XSplit

End their processes so that your PC can focus on delivering high FPS in Palworld. This easy tweak can boost speeds by a significant amount.

3. Change In-Game Graphics Settings

Palworld provides several graphics options you can tweak to improve FPS based on your system. It’s worth experimenting with different setups to find the right balance of visuals and performance for your rig.

3.1 Set Max FPS to Unlimited

Open the Video settings and look for the Max FPS option. Set this to Unlimited so that Palworld isn’t capped at 60 FPS by default. This immediately raises the performance ceiling.

[Image: Palworld graphics settings]

3.2 Disable VSync

Still in Video settings, turn off Vertical Sync. VSync synchronizes the frame rate with your monitor’s refresh rate to prevent screen tearing. But it can also limit FPS below your display’s refresh rate. Disabling VSync eliminates this cap for higher frame rates.

3.3 Lower Shadow Quality

Shadows have a big impact on game performance. Try setting Shadow Quality to Medium or Low if you need a FPS boost. The visual difference is subtle but you’ll gain more speed.

3.4 Reduce Texture Quality

High resolution textures demand more VRAM. Setting Texture Quality to Medium may increase FPS without drastically affecting image quality. Test different levels to optimize this setting.

3.5 Lower Grass Density

Lush grass fills Palworld’s landscapes but also tanks FPS in densely populated areas. Reduce Grass Density until you achieve smooth gameplay in grassy environments.

3.6 Adjust View Distance

View Distance determines how far you can see. Higher settings reveal more of the environment but require more GPU power. Lower this option if you need a performance boost.

3.7 Turn Off Motion Blur

Motion Blur adds an artificial blurring effect during movement. Turning this resource-intensive setting Off improves FPS with little visual impact.

3.8 Set Screen Resolution To Native Monitor Resolution

Using your monitor’s native resolution (1080p, 1440p, etc) provides the best image quality and FPS. Avoid upscaling to a higher resolution as this negatively impacts performance.

By experimenting with these settings, you can tailor Palworld’s graphics to achieve the best experience on your PC. Don’t be afraid to try Extreme or Low presets then tweak individual options.

4. Enable DLSS If Using an NVIDIA RTX GPU

NVIDIA RTX graphics cards feature Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS). This AI-powered technology boosts frame rates while generating sharp graphics through upscaling.

In Palworld’s Video settings, set DLSS to Quality or Performance mode. Quality offers a balance of image quality and speed. Performance prioritizes fast FPS.

With DLSS enabled, you can use higher resolutions and graphics settings while maintaining smooth performance. It’s great for demanding games like Palworld.

5. Overclock Your GPU

If you have advanced cooling on your GPU, overclocking can further optimize Palworld’s FPS. Use software like MSI Afterburner to safely raise your graphics card’s clock speed. This extracts more graphical horsepower.

Increase the core clock and memory clock in small increments, testing stability each time in Palworld. Don’t push too far or you may experience crashes. But a modest overclock can provide a worthwhile FPS gain.

6. Lower In-Game Resolution

If your system is still struggling, reducing the in-game rendering resolution to 90% or 80% decreases the workload for improved FPS. This makes assets render at a slightly lower resolution for speed benefits.

7. Upgrade PC Components

For players truly wanting max FPS in Palworld, upgrading PC components is the most comprehensive solution.

Getting a modern high-core count CPU like the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D provides a big performance lift in CPU-intensive games. Plus fast DDR4 or DDR5 RAM helps feed the CPU quickly.

For GPU, upgrade to a powerful modern graphics card like the NVIDIA RTX 3080 or AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX. Their advanced architectures and 10+ GB of VRAM deliver extremely high frame rates in 1440p or 4K.

With top-tier components, you can demolish Palworld’s recommended specs and achieve buttery smooth 140+ FPS for a super responsive and immersive Palworld experience even at max settings.

Summary of FPS Boosting Tips

  1. Update GPU drivers and Windows
  2. Close unused background apps
  3. Enable Max FPS, disable VSync
  4. Lower shadows, textures, and view distance
  5. Turn off motion blur
  6. Use optimized screen resolution
  7. Enable DLSS on RTX GPUs
  8. Overclock your graphics card
  9. Lower in-game resolution scaling
  10. Upgrade CPU, RAM, and GPU

By following these optimization techniques, you can uncover new levels of speed in Palworld to enjoy its quirky world in silky-smooth motion. Tweak the various settings based on your system’s capabilities to find the best personal balance of visual fidelity and high FPS. Palworld offers plenty of options to cater to both low and high-end rigs. Stay patient through the process of dialing in these settings and you’ll be rewarded with buttery frame rates.


In summary, achieving higher FPS in Palworld revolves around updating system software, closing other apps, changing in-game graphics options, enabling DLSS if available, overclocking, lowering resolution scaling, and upgrading PC hardware if possible. With these tips, you can fine-tune performance based on your specific setup. Unlocking Palworld’s full speed empowers you to immerse in its whimsical world without hitching or stuttering. Silky-smooth high FPS gameplay makes Palworld even more enjoyable. Follow this guide to extract the maximum frames per second your system can deliver.

Table: Summary of Tips to Boost FPS in Palworld

Update Drivers/WindowsEliminates software-related performance issues.
Close Background AppsFrees up CPU and memory resources for the game.
Change In-Game Graphics SettingsFind optimal balance of visuals and FPS for your system.
Enable DLSS (RTX GPUs)Leverage AI upscaling for higher FPS with sharp image quality.
Overclock GPUGain extra FPS through moderately increasing GPU clock speeds.
Lower In-Game ResolutionReduces GPU workload for improved FPS.
Upgrade PC ComponentsHigh-performance CPU, RAM, and GPU provide max FPS.

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