How To Play Melvor Idle For Free

Melvor Idle is a popular incremental RPG that has gained a lot of traction since its initial release. This in-depth idle game offers players the chance to skill up and defeat monsters at their own pace, without needing to grind for hours on end. The best part? You can play Melvor Idle completely for free! Here is a comprehensive guide on how to access the free version of this addicting game.

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Melvor Idle is an incremental RPG developed by Malcs and released on mobile and web platforms in 2019. Often described as a Runescape-inspired idle game, Melvor allows you to train up various skills like mining, fishing, woodcutting and more in order to gain levels and progress further into the game. Defeating bosses and completing dungeons also provide new equipment to strengthen your character.

While the full version of Melvor Idle is paid, there is still a way to access a good portion of the content entirely for free.

This guide will cover:

  • Downloading and accessing the free web version of Melvor
  • Differences between the free and paid versions
  • Tips for new players getting started

So if you want to get your first taste of this popular idle game, read on!

Downloading the Free Version

The free demo version of Melvor Idle can be played directly on the official Melvor Idle website ( No download is required, you can simply visit the site and begin playing immediately.

By playing on web, your save data will be stored in the cloud allowing seamless play between devices. So if you start playing on desktop, you can pick up right where you left off on mobile as well.

Creating a Melvor Cloud Account

Before playing, you’ll need to quickly make a free Melvor Cloud account which is used to store your save data.

Here’s how to create an account:

  1. Visit the Melvor Idle site and click “Play”
  2. Click on the “Register” tab
  3. Enter your desired username, email and password
  4. Check your email to verify your account

And that’s it! Once your account is verified, head back to the site and click “Play” again to log in with your details. Your adventure in Melvor begins now!

Free vs Paid Version Differences

While the free web version gives you access to the core Melvor Idle experience, there are some limitations compared to the paid version available on mobile app stores and Steam. Here are the key differences:

Game Modes

  • Free version includes Adventure mode only
  • Paid has Adventure plus Hardcore and Ultimate Ironman modes

Number of Skills

  • 18 skills in the free web version
  • Full 30 skills unlocked in paid


  • 12 free combat areas and enemies
  • 100+ combat zones and enemies in paid

Game Expansions

  • Free has base game only
  • Additional Zone DLC expansions available as paid add-ons

So in summary, you can play through the main adventure in the free web version focusing on skilling and combat. But the paid unlocks extended late game content, increased variety, more challenge modes and expansions.

However, the free demo still provides dozens of hours of incremental gaming at no cost!

Getting Started Tips for New Players

If you’re just beginning your Melvor Idle journey in the free version, keep these tips in mind:

Enable Quick Combat – Turn this on in Settings > Gameplay to skip combat animations to speed up farming.

Train Firemaking First – Unlocks the Bonfire buff which boosts skilling speed. Useful early game boost.

Use Combat Potions – Craft these to apply bonuses to attack, strength or defense before tough fights.

Pick a Focus – Decide early whether to prioritize skilling or combat first. Mixing both can slow overall progress.

Upgrade Equipment – Check shops frequently for gear upgrades to increase damage and survivability.

And most importantly, relax and progress at your own pace! Melvor Idle’s incremental system allows you to step away without wasting any time. Let the numbers climb on their own for a while!

With those starter tips in mind, tap into the addictive gameplay loop of skilling, upgrading and battle that has made Melvor so popular!

In Conclusion

Melvor Idle offers a surprising amount of engaging content entirely for free through the web version. While some late game features and expansions are exclusive to paid, you can sink dozens if not hundreds of idle gameplay hours into the free demo.

Getting started is as simple as making a cloud account and visiting the Melvor Idle site to dive in. Refer to this guide anytime for tips if you find yourself stuck. Most importantly, relax and immerse yourself in this unique incremental RPG masterpiece at your own pace.

The grind awaits, so get ready to skill up and start your free Melvor journey today!

Table 1: Quick Comparison of Free vs Paid Melvor Idle

FeatureFree Web VersionPaid Version
Game ModesAdventureAdventure, Hardcore Ironman, Ultimate Ironman
Max Combat Zones12100+
ExpansionsNoneAdditional paid DLC

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