How To Play RE8 PSVR2 Mode [Review]


The acclaimed survival horror game Resident Evil Village has received a free VR mode “RE8 PSVR2” update for the PlayStation VR2 headset. This allows players to experience the entire story campaign from a deeply immersive first-person perspective.

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Playing RE Village in virtual reality takes the game’s horror atmosphere to thrilling new levels. Exploring the photorealistic village and castle environments in VR creates an unmatched sense of presence and dread. Fighting off terrifying creatures like werewolves and vampires face-to-face amplifies the action exponentially.

However, to access RE Village’s PSVR2 mode, you need the right equipment and settings configured. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to play Resident Evil Village in VR on your PS5.


To play RE Village in PSVR2 mode, you’ll need:

  • A PlayStation 5 console
  • A PSVR2 headset
  • A copy of Resident Evil Village (physical or digital)

The PSVR2 headset connects to the PS5 via a single USB-C cable. Make sure your PS5 system software is updated to the latest version to support all PSVR2 features.

Enabling VR Mode

Once you have PSVR2 set up with your PS5 and have RE Village ready, enabling VR mode is simple:

  1. Launch Resident Evil Village on your PS5 as normal.
  2. From the main menu screen, select “Options.”
  3. Scroll down to “VR Mode” and select it.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to calibrate and adjust your PSVR2 headset.

After a quick headset measurement and setup process, you’ll find yourself standing inside the world of Resident Evil Village in VR!

VR Mode Gameplay and Controls

VR completely transforms the Resident Evil Village experience. You can freely look around in all directions and use motion-controlled aiming and shooting. The DualSense controller becomes your in-game hands for interactive objects.

Movement is handled via controller-directed teleportation. Aim the controller beam and press a button to zip to that spot. This comfortable movement system helps avoid VR motion sickness.

Combat works similarly to the regular game, but aiming and shooting feels much more visceral in VR. Lining up headshots requires precision aim, adding to the tension. Reloading also requires realistic motions like ejecting magazines.

Cutscenes switch to a simulated theater view instead of taking camera control away. You can still look around the theater during cinematics.

Overall, VR enhances RE Village’s gameplay, action, and environments substantially while keeping the same great story and content.

Immersion and Fright Levels in VR

Exploring the village, castle, and locales of RE Village in PSVR2 is scarily lifelike. The highly detailed textures and lighting make the environments feel hauntingly real. Leaning in to examine items or peeking around corners amps up the tension enormously.

Coming face-to-face with the various nightmare creatures is downright terrifying. Towering beasts like the werewolves seem ready to leap out of the screen. The excellent 3D audio design also helps make the experience incredibly immersive.

For players who enjoy horror games, RE Village in VR takes the fear factor to bold new levels. There’s a heightened sense of presence and vulnerability thanks to the first-person perspective. Some sequences may prove too horrifying for VR newcomers!

Pros and Cons of VR Mode

Overall, RE Village’s PSVR2 update is an amazing way for fans to re-experience the game. Here are some of the biggest pros and cons:


  • Deeply immersive first-person view
  • Terrifying up-close encounters
  • Realistic aiming and shooting
  • Interact naturally with items and objects
  • Detailed 3D audio increases dread


  • VR comfort level varies by person
  • Long cutscenes interrupt gameplay
  • Requires lots of room space for play
  • Some visual downgrades from regular graphics
  • Can be too scary for some!

For most players, the pros far outweigh any drawbacks. VR brings the horror to life and makes combat much more visceral. The amazing environmental visuals in VR make it easy to overlook the graphical compromises. Gamers with lower VR tolerance may want to play in shorter sessions.

VR Comfort and Motion Sickness Tips

VR comfort level can vary substantially by player. RE Village offers various settings to help minimize VR motion sickness and discomfort:

  • Use snap turning instead of smooth turning
  • Adjust field of view and camera movement speeds
  • Take regular breaks during longer play sessions
  • Play seated if standing play is tiring
  • Have a fan blowing on you to reduce motion sickness
  • Chew ginger gum to alleviate nausea
  • Stay hydrated and avoid playing while ill

Build up your VR levels gradually. Start with shorter play sessions of 30-60 minutes before trying longer blocks. Stop immediately if you feel any nausea coming on. With practice, you can adjust to RE Village’s intense VR environments.

Resident Evil Village VR Review Roundup

Overall, critics praised RE Village’s PSVR2 mode as an engaging way to experience the survival horror game. Here’s a quick look at some popular review opinions:

IGN – “An excellent conversion that makes the horrors feel even more intimate and invasive.” (9/10)

GameSpot – “VR adds new dimension to combat and exploration. A scary good time.” (8/10)

UploadVR – “The best way to experience RE8’s terrifying world. VR unlocks the game’s true potential.” (4.5/5)

GamesRadar+ – “First-person view amps up the horror superbly. VR works seamlessly with the gameplay.” (4.5/5)

Reviewers cited the increased immersion and visceral combat as VR highlights. Most felt the graphics and technical implementation were top-notch. The story and pacing also work well in extended VR play. Overall, a thrilling showcase for PSVR2 potential.

Tips for Getting Started

For players new to RE Village VR, here are some useful tips:

  • Adjust comfort settings until VR feels natural
  • Take time to look around and appreciate the environment
  • Lean around corners before walking out
  • Listen carefully – sound cues reveal enemy locations
  • Save handgun ammo – collect pipe bombs for crowds
  • Use shotgun blast followed by handgun headshots on tough foes
  • Clear out items boxes frequently to make space
  • Don’t be afraid to run if you’re low on health/ammo!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about Resident Evil Village’s VR mode:

Is VR mode a separate purchase from the base game?

No, VR mode is a free update for all Resident Evil Village owners. You just need the VR headset.

Does VR mode support PS Move controllers?

No, VR mode uses the DualSense controller for movement, actions, and aiming. PlayStation Move is not supported.

Can I play VR mode seated?

Yes, there is an option to calibrate VR mode for seated play if standing gets tiring.

Does VR mode work with DLC and extras?

Yes, all DLC like The Mercenaries is fully playable in VR too. It supports all existing game content.

Is there PS Aim controller support?

Unfortunately no, DualSense is the only controller supported. PS Aim is not compatible.


Experiencing Resident Evil Village in PSVR2 virtual reality mode brings the survival horror adventure to life like never before. Despite some minor drawbacks, VR adds hugely impactful new layers of immersion, interaction, and intensity. Looking around with your own eyes and firing weapons with your own hands makes combat feel visceral and real.

For RE fans hungry for a fresh take, VR mode offers a terrifying new way to enjoy this horror gem. Just make sure you have the stomach for its frighteningly realistic scenarios! With the right comfort settings configured, playing RE Village in VR on PSVR2 is a thrilling showcase of next-gen horror potential.

Key Takeaways:

  • RE Village’s free VR mode brings new immersive perspective to the acclaimed horror game
  • Requires PS5, PSVR2 headset, and copy of RE Village to access
  • VR adds lifelike environmental interaction and visceral first-person combat
  • Terrifying creatures and scenarios feel scarily realistic up close
  • Comfort settings help minimize VR motion sickness
  • Overall an excellent way for fans to re-experience RE Village in VR

Hope this overview gives you all the key info to play Resident Evil Village in PSVR2! Let us know if you have any other questions.

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