Even after purchasing one of the best Iphones facing issues in customizing your home screen? Then you can probably use the Icon themer app for Apple Iphone’s app icon customization. Icon themer app allows you to have a variety of customized screens, using icon themer you can create profiles that can be used in later stages whenever required. Icon themer even lets you share the profile with others using the Icon themer app, in a secured way. People with whom who have shared the profile, can simply open the icon themer app and check if the profile is verified, they all set to install the same on your device and have an all new customized home screen. When customization or installing a theme on home screen apps became popular, many people around the globe had a complaint regarding the opening of shortcuts app before the actual app is being launched, when clicked on themed icons, well with the launch of iOS14 Apple introduced the ability for its users to create profile, that will directly launch the main app without redirecting you through the shortcut app, because which Icon Themer app came into picture to use the feature.

Let’s talk in detail about the Icon themer app on how it works, whether it is safe to use this app or not and a lot more..

Iphones are one of incredible inventions from Apple but they too have some flaws and limitations, one of the major concerning flaw was the lack of customization of home screen icons and themes, this flaw becomes even more annoying when you see your friends with Android phones customizing there home screen themes every now and then, but you are stuck with the same default icon designs.

Icon Themer brings in a collection of impressive iOS icon packs, which can be used to customize your Iphone home screen and provide it with more stylish and unique looks. With the installation of these icons on your Iphone using Icon themer app, it is possible to transform your Iphone icons and have custom designs. You can use themed icon sets or mix and match to create your own unique looks as well.

iOS 14.3 was the starting point for Iphone when they introduced the ability for its users to directly launch the main app and not the shortcut app at first. In order for you to enjoy this feature you need to download and install an external app, there are a variety of apps available in the app store, but when compared all of them together Icon Themer provides you with quite a superior experience. We have listed down some of the reasons why Icon themer is better than other apps in its segment.

  • Completion banner won’t be visible on the top of screen at the time of opening apps
  • With Icon themer it is possible to create a single profile for all the icons you may want to customize instead of creating multiple shortcuts for each icon, which is a major drawback in other apps
  • Users have the ability to import themes externally rather than just choosing the icon manually for each and every app
  • Once a profile is created the same can be shared for you to install them again in the future also the profile can be shared with other people with Icon themer app on their device through iCloud

How does the Icon Themer app work?

Configuration profiles are being created by the icon themer that contains web clips in order to launch the apps. This feature was always available on the different versions of Iphone, but before the launch iOS 14, initially the shortcut app was being launched before the main app came up. With iOS 14 it is possible to directly open the main app without any redirect.

You can create and customize the icons as per your requirements and once you are done customizing the icon, you will be redirected to the settings menu of your device. You will be prompted or asked to enter your passcode to complete the installation process.

Almost all the apps on your device work perfectly fine without a URL scheme, but there are always some available that may not work as expected. Creator of Icon themer keeping this in mind has maintained a repository for the list of URL schemes for popular apps that are queried and does not require any shortcut update.

They even provide support, if any of your app doesn’t work properly with the Icon themer app. If you are an advanced user then you can even use the option to specify the URL scheme manually, which is again quite useful to open an app into a particular page or even to open a webpage using a custom browser.

Now as you are familiar with the working of icon themer, one question may definitely arise in your mind about the safety of this app, as in the present time there are many fraudulent apps available in the market, that can corrupt your let’s look at the safety of icon themer.

How Safe is Icon Themer?

Icon themer is quite appreciable on its safety terms, as any app customized using icon themer will always have an watermark saying ‘Signed by’ at the bottom. Right from the 0.9.0 version of icon themer created by shortcut, you will find this watermark. If you cannot do the same, it is probably a fake app.

If you are installing a profile that was shared with you by someone else and you are not sure about its trustworthiness, then look for the verified status of that profile, as any profile created using the icon themer will always make sure that it shows you the verified sign. But do remember there could be chances that the profile was saved or shared a while ago and its certificate got expired and was renewed, in such cases you may see the Not verified sign but no need to worry on the same, as you can still install those profiles with just one extra confirmation step.

In any of the mentioned cases icon themer profiles will only and always contain web clips, in case you find anything else it is advised not install that profile as it could be a fake one.

What are Icon themer’s limitations?

Till now there is no Iphone version available that allows you to skip the step of redirecting the built-in system apps that come in pre-installed on your Iphone. Along with any other apps in the app store, whose manufacturer is Apple. Icon themer can still provide you the customization facility and can theme the system apps, but they will still be redirected. For some of the apps by Apple this redirection may even happen twice. And already mentioned this is something we cannot overcome because of the private URL schemes used by Apple for those apps.

After the launch of iOS and iPadOS 14.5, Apple has further limited the functionality of Icon themer, as it now uses enterprise managed devices, because of which the app does not work properly anymore. The redirection through shortcut apps will be present even for the 3rd party apps and not only the system apps, also the customized themed icon will not be able to work properly or rather at all if the URL scheme is not provided. As of now there is no way known to fix this issue.

Icons there were customized before updating or are restored from a backup, and can still continue to work. But icon themer cannot be used for any of the new apps. Also Apple is providing any exception to downgrade your OS to 14.4.2 as of 3rd May, 2021.

You can view the list of some already known Apps which can face issues when themed using icon themer.

List of known Problematic apps

Below list helps you identify some of the known apps that may show an error message or may even have a weird behaviour when customized or themed using the icon themer, and as of now icon themer do not have any known fix to them.

Third Party apps

  • GoodNotes 5
  • Google Classroom
  • Reddit
  • Steam

System apps

  • Keynote
  • Safari
  • Weather

Facility to Import themes

Icon themer comes in with a very important option to import themes if you are not willing to search and manually choose an icon for each and every app on your device. You can simply import a theme from a .zip file that would contain the icons and no subdirectories or also a .deb file can be used for a traditional jailbreak theme structure. For both file systems, your filename must contain the bundle ID of the app which is case sensitive. You may even find multiple icons for an app, you can select any one based on your choice.


Icon themer is one of the best available apps in the market for you to customize your Iphone’s home screen icon and provide your device with a refreshing new look. Icon themer is a trustworthy and easy to use app. You can import, share, reinstall your previously created profiles.

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