What Is imgsru And How Does It Works


Imgsru is an image hosting and sharing platform that allows users to upload images and organize them into albums. It functions similar to an image board, allowing people to share images anonymously without registration. However, Imgsru has developed controversial reputation over the years for allegedly hosting sexualized images of minors.

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In this article, we will explore what Imgsru is, its purpose, how it protects user privacy, the risks associated with using it, and whether there are safer alternative image hosting platforms.

What is Imgsru?

Imgsru brands itself as an easy to use image hosting site that prides itself on protecting users’ anonymity. Users do not need to register an account to upload or view images. The only requirement is that uploaded images cannot exceed 19 MB in size.

Once images are uploaded, they receive a randomly generated URL. Users can then share this URL to allow others to view that image. Uploaded images can also be organized into custom albums which have their own URL.

Key Features

  • No registration required to upload or view images
  • Anonymity for all users
  • Custom albums to organize images
  • Random URL given to each uploaded image
  • Password protection available for albums
  • Image upload limit of 19MB

At the time of writing, Imgsru claims to host over 1.1 million registered users and 35 million images, though anonymous unregistered users contribute heavily to these totals.

What is the Purpose of Imgsru?

The stated purpose of Imgsru is to be an easy to use image host that protects the anonymity of its users. Users can purportedly upload any images they want without fear of them being connected to who they actually are.

However, Imgsru has gained notoriety over the years for hosting sexualized images of minors. Law enforcement and internet safety organizations have flagged and tracked illegal and unethical content posted on Imgsru. This has raised many questions around the site’s actual purpose and how it is being used.

Ultimately, while Imgsru claims its purpose is to anonymously host legal user-submitted images, the reality is that it has developed an unshakeable reputation as being used to host and spread inappropriate content.


How Does Imgsru Protect User Privacy?

Since no registration is required, Imgsru inherently protects user privacy in some capacity. Uploaded images are not directly tied to an account or identifiable user information.

Additional privacy features include:

  • Random URL – Every image uploaded is assigned a randomized string URL to prevent tracing back to a source
  • Album Passwords – Password protections can be added to custom albums for an additional layer of privacy

However, there appears to be vulnerabilities that undermine some of these privacy protections:

  • Researchers found methods to decode and find the original uploaded images, circumventing the randomized URLs
  • Passwords have allegedly been leaked online, compromising password protected albums
  • Privacy is limited since users still access the site using devices with identifiable IP addresses

So while Imgsru does implement some privacy measures, they seem to fall well short of truly guaranteeing user anonymity given the inherent vulnerabilities.

What are the Risks of Using Imgsru?

There are considerable risks associated with using Imgsru, both legally and ethically.

The primary risks include:

  • Exposure to inappropriate/illegal content – Given Imgsru’s reputation for hosting sexualized images of minors and its lack of moderation, there is a high risk of inadvertently viewing this content.
  • Legal repercussions – Uploading or distributing illegal content involving minors can lead to severe legal punishments depending on the jurisdiction. Even accessing this kind of content raises legal concerns.
  • Security/privacy threats – As covered previously, there are questions around how robust Imgsru’s privacy protections truly are. Users run the risk of having their browsing and usage tracked or linked back to them, or having private content leaked.
  • Malware/virus risk – Like any site allowing file uploads, Imgsru exposes users to potential malware infections from downloading and viewing images.

Essentially, those who actively upload or browse Imgsru assume a disproportionate level of risk across multiple fronts from legal, ethical, privacy and security standpoints.

Are There Any Safer Alternatives?

For those simply looking to anonymously host images online, there are safer alternatives that do not come with Imgsru’s reputation or risks:

  • Imgur – Extremely popular image host allowing anonymous uploads. Does actively monitor and remove illegal content.
  • PostImage – Advertises itself as family friendly image host with moderation.
  • TinyPic – Requires user registration but removes EXIF data for additional privacy.

These sites demonstrate it is possible to develop an image uploading and hosting platform that values privacy while still maintaining ethical standards and protective controls.

However, it’s worth noting that no online platform can guarantee complete user privacy or prevent all illegal activity given the nature of the internet. Some tradeoff between anonymity and safety is usually required.


In summary, Imgsru is an image hosting platform built around user anonymity, but its reputation has become marred by claims of it hosting inappropriate and illegal content involving minors.

While Imgsru does implement some privacy measures through random URLs and password-protected albums, vulnerabilities undermine these protections. There are also significant legal, ethical and security risks associated with using Imgsru.

For those simply wishing to anonymously share legal images online, alternative platforms like Imgur provide many of the same features without the associated reputation risks of Imgsru. However additional oversight and moderation usually accompany these safer alternatives at the cost of reduced privacy.

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