What Is Innocams And How Does It Work? [Review]


Innocams is a company that provides wireless security camera systems for homes and businesses. Their cameras offer user-friendly interfaces, high-definition video quality, and real-time monitoring capabilities powered by artificial intelligence (AI). This article will provide an in-depth review of Innocams – exploring what it is, its key features, benefits for security, and how the system works.

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Overview of Innocams

Founded in 2015, Innocams aims to provide clients with creative video surveillance solutions that get the most out of IP camera technology. Their security cameras are finely tuned to detect any movement within their field of view. When motion is detected, the Innocams camera automatically starts recording footage.

Innocams uses AI and deep learning algorithms to precisely identify and track moving objects. This intelligence allows the cameras to differentiate between people, vehicles, and animals with a high degree of accuracy. The company’s ultimate goal is to create smart security camera systems that learn user habits and can proactively identify risks.

Key Features of Innocams

Innocams wireless security cameras provide the following standout features:

High-Definition Video Quality

Innocams cameras capture footage in 1080p or 4K resolution. Their lenses offer exceptional clarity both during the day and at night. Advanced sensors and image processing ensure the video quality remains crisp in all lighting conditions.

Real-Time Monitoring

The Innocams app provides real-time monitoring capabilities from anywhere in the world. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access live feeds from your cameras using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This allows you to maintain vigilance of your property even when away.

AI-Powered Analytics

Smart algorithms help Innocams cameras reliably distinguish between general motion and potential security events. AI allows the cameras to track moving objects with a high degree of accuracy. You receive intelligent alerts only when the cameras detect a person or suspicious activity.

Customizable Privacy Zones

While offering whole-home coverage, Innocams allows you to customize privacy zones where you do not wish to have surveillance. For instance, you can set camera preferences so that certain areas like bedrooms or bathrooms are not recorded.

Instant Alerts

Whenever Innocams cameras detect unexpected motion or loud sounds, you will receive an instant alert on your smartphone. These notifications allow you to take quick action by either accessing the live feeds to verify activity or coordinate with local authorities.

Benefits of Using Innocams

There are several unique benefits to using Innocams for your home or business security:

Enhanced Security

Innocams offers 24/7 surveillance with capabilities to detect and record security events. Features like night vision, motion sensing alerts, and crystal-clear footage minimize vulnerabilities. As a result, Innocams enhances safety and deters potential threats.

Flexible Remote Monitoring

You can access Innocams camera feeds and security controls from your smartphone anytime, anywhere. This allows you to maintain vigilance of your property even when travelling internationally or away from home.


With customizable wireless cameras and affordable monthly subscription plans, Innocams presents a budget-friendly security solution for most homeowners and businesses. Their systems are quick to install and convenient to scale as your needs evolve.

Peace of Mind

Continuous surveillance capabilities and intelligent alerts provide confidence that your property remains protected at all times. Innocams alleviates security concerns, allowing you to focus on what matters most whether at home or work.


User-friendly mobile apps and support for home automation systems like Alexa and Google Assistant makes security monitoring incredibly convenient. You have complete control at your fingertips.

How Innocams Security Systems Work

Innocams provides proprietary wireless cameras that connect to a central application hosted in the cloud. Streaming video feeds are securely accessible only to registered users via mobile and web apps. Here is an overview of how Innocams systems work:

Camera Setup

Innocams cameras work wirelessly by connecting directly to your home WiFi network. They are equipped with rechargeable battery packs to provide cord-free installation anywhere inside or outside your property. The cameras are weatherproof and designed for versatile placement.

Initial camera setup takes just minutes using the Innocams mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. You simply connect each camera to your WiFi network and assign the desired name and location.

Video Recording

Footage from Innocams cameras record continuously and get stored securely in the cloud via an encrypted connection. When motion events occur, the cameras also capture video clips and still images along with metadata like time and geotagged location.

Innocams provides 24 hours of rolling cloud storage for clips triggered by motion and sound detection. You can purchase optional Cloud Video Recording plans to store continuous footage for 7 to 30 days.

Smart Alerts

Whenever Inno cams cameras detect motion or loud sounds, you will receive a Smart Alert through push notifications. These alerts contain thumbnail images allowing you to verify the event. Facial recognition capabilities even allow Inno cams alerts to identify known individuals.

Remote Access

The Innocams mobile app provides real-time access to video streams from all your connected security cameras. As long as you have cellular data or a WiFi connection, you can check feeds on-the-go. The dashboard allows easy control of each camera’s live feed, recordings, and settings.

You can also access camera dashboards and live feeds by logging into your Inno cams account on any web browser. This allows flexible access via laptops and desktop workstations as well.

Expanding Coverage

An Innocams Starter Kit contains 3 to 5 wireless cameras along with secure cloud storage to meet the needs of most homes. You can expand your coverage anytime by purchasing and connecting additional Inno cams cameras. There are no wires or installation costs to adding cameras.


In summary, Innocams offers high-tech wireless security cameras with smart features that detect and deter external threats to your property. Real-time monitoring and instant alerts provide continuous surveillance alongside the convenience of remote access. With superior HD video and intelligent analytics, Innocams cameras capture and interpret footage that maximizes security.

Customizable coverage and budget-friendly subscription plans allow their systems to effectively scale for homes and businesses. Inno cams provides modern video surveillance that offers capabilities far beyond traditional wired cameras. By adopting the latest in AI and camera technology, the company aims to provide clients with creative solutions that enhance safety with the most user-friendly experience.

Table 1: Comparison of Key Features

FeatureInnocamsTraditional Security Cameras
Video Quality1080p HD or 4K720p
Field of View130-degrees diagonal80-100 degrees
Night VisionYes, up to 100 feet clarityLimited range
Wireless ConnectivityYesNo, wired only
Real-Time NotificationsMotion detection alertsNone
Cloud Storage24 hours included, expandableNone
Mobile App AccessYesNo
AI Person DetectionYesNo
Privacy ZonesCustomizableNo

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