Is Auth0 Down or Experiencing Problems?

Is Auth0 down? a popular identity and access management platform used by developers to handle user authentication and authorization for web and mobile applications. With many businesses relying on Auth0 to secure their apps and APIs, any downtime or issues with the service can be detrimental.

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So how can you check if Auth0 is down or having problems? There are a few key sources of information that can provide insight into the current status of Auth0:

In this article, we’ll cover the main ways to check Auth0’s status, including:

  • Downdetector
  • Auth0 Status Page
  • Twitter
  • StatusGator
  • Auth0 Incident History

By checking these sources, you can get real-time information on any outages or service disruptions affecting Auth0. Keep reading to learn more about how to monitor Auth0’s status.

Checking Downdetector

Downdetector is a useful resource for checking the status of various web services and platforms. The site provides real-time user-reported information on outages and problems.

To check on Auth0, simply go to the Auth0 status page on Downdetector. Here you can see a timeline of user reports about issues over the past 24 hours. Problems may include account login, API, or server connection errors.

The page also shows a handy meter indicating any current spikes in problem reports. Green means no significant issues, while yellow or red suggest increased reports of errors.

In addition, users can submit their own outage reports and view recent comments about problems accessing Auth0. This real-time crowd-sourced data provides a good picture of any ongoing issues.

Checking Downdetector should be one of the first troubleshooting steps to see if others are experiencing disruptions with the Auth0 service.

Monitoring the Auth0 Status Page

Auth0 provides its own status page that offers official updates on the availability and performance of its services. The Auth0 status page displays real-time status indicators for Auth0’s various services and regions.

The main status page shows overall availability in a simple view. Green indicates normal operation, while yellow or red suggest degraded performance or outages.

More detailed status information is available by clicking on the “Regions” and “Services” tabs. Here you can see granular status indicators for:

Regions  Availability per geographic area, like US West, Europe, etc.
Services  Status of specific components like the Auth0 Dashboard, APIs, tenants, rules, and more.

The status page also displays a full history of incidents, including ongoing issues, scheduled maintenance, and past disruptions. Details are given on the impact, updates, and resolution for each incident.

Monitoring the Auth0 status page provides authoritative information straight from the source. However, note that it may lag behind some of the real-time crowd-sourced data sources.

Checking @Auth0Status on Twitter

For quick updates, following Auth0’s Twitter account @auth0status can be helpful. The company uses this account solely to provide notifications on the availability of Auth0’s services.

Tweets indicate any ongoing issues or scheduled maintenance that may affect platform performance. The account is also used to provide resolution notices when incidents are resolved.

As an example, a recent tweet on October 24, 2023 indicated an hour-long disruption with the Auth0 Dashboard:

Investigating: We are aware of an issue impacting availability of the Auth0 Dashboard. We are all hands investigating – more details to follow.

This was followed by a resolution tweet once the issue was addressed:

Resolved: Between 11:42 and 12:09 UTC customers may have experienced errors accessing the Auth0 Dashboard. The issue has been resolved. More details can be found on our status page.

Following @auth0status is a fast way to get real-time updates right from the source. However, keep in mind that details tend to be limited and links are often provided to check the status page for more information.

StatusGator for Notifications

StatusGator is a useful tool that monitors Auth0’s status page and provides proactive notifications on disruptions.

After signing up, you can configure StatusGator to send email or SMS alerts when Auth0 has an outage or disruption to any services. Alerts can also be created for scheduled maintenance windows.

By setting up notifications, you can get automatic warnings when Auth0 experiences issues without needing to continually verify status yourself. This can ensure your team or users are promptly notified of problems before they pile up and create headaches.

StatusGator provides added value on top of Auth0’s status page by pushing the updates directly to you. Just be aware that it relies on the status page, so notifications may have a slight lag compared to sources like Twitter or Downdetector.

Reviewing Auth0’s Incident History

To get a full picture of Auth0’s reliability and past issues, reviewing their incident history can be enlightening. The Auth0 incident history page provides a chronological list of all service disruptions and maintenance dating back to 2017.

Each incident provides details on:

  • Date/time of occurrence
  • Impacted services or regions
  • Duration
  • Root cause explanation
  • Resolution summary

By scanning the incident history, you can get a sense of how often Auth0 has outages, the typical severity and duration, and how incidents are handled. Over the past year, disruptions have been relatively limited with quick resolutions.

The history also lists any upcoming maintenance windows, which are periods of planned downtime to roll out new features and updates. This allows you to be aware of any authorized downtime that may disrupt service.

Reviewing the incident history provides helpful context into Auth0’s overall reliability and performance trends over time.


Auth0 is generally a highly reliable service, but even the best platforms can experience occasional issues. By utilizing the various status checking tools outlined in this article, you can stay on top of Auth0’s availability and quickly respond to any disruptions.

The key takeaways are:

  • Check Downdetector for real-time crowd-sourced outage reports
  • Monitor Auth0’s status page for official service updates
  • Follow @auth0status on Twitter for fast notifications
  • Use StatusGator to get automatic alerts
  • Review Auth0’s incident history for long-term trends

With proactive monitoring through these methods, you can minimize the impact of any Auth0 downtime or service problems. Getting prompt notifications allows you to communicate status with stakeholders and implement any necessary contingency plans.

Stay vigilant with Auth0’s status and your applications can gracefully handle occasional disruptions. Auth0 provides trusted and transparent information to make monitoring easy. By tapping into the various tools and sources covered here, you can avoid getting blindsided by issues and outages.

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