Is Footlocker Homeview Still Working Or Not? An In-Depth Review

Foot Locker homeview, virtual reality shopping experience, Homeview, aimed to provide a unique and innovative way for customers to try on shoes virtually. However, there have been mixed reports on whether the website is still functioning properly. This article will provide an in-depth review of Footlocker Homeview, examining its current status, key features and benefits, troubleshooting tips, and overall viability as a virtual shopping platform.

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Foot Locker launched Homeview in 2018 as an immersive 3D virtual reality website and app that allowed customers to digitally “try on” shoes. The goal was to bring the in-store experience online and let shoppers visualize how sneakers look on their feet before buying.

Initially available in the US and Europe, Homeview gave users access to new product launches and exclusive styles. However, recent online reviews and discussions suggest the website may not be working consistently or could be discontinued.

This article will analyze the current state of Footlocker’s Homeview, including:

  • Checking the website’s status and functionality
  • Outlining the intended benefits and features
  • Providing troubleshooting tips for access issues
  • Assessing the overall viability and future of the virtual platform

By reviewing multiple sources and aggregating key details, we’ll determine if Homeview is still an active virtual shopping option for sneaker lovers.

Checking the Current Status of Footlocker Homeview

To evaluate if Homeview is still functioning, the first step is to check the website directly.

The homepage at displays a message that the service is currently unavailable in your region. Similar messages appear when trying to access the site from different locations and devices.

Searching for the site on internet monitoring tools like Downdetector and also indicates users have reported issues accessing Homeview over the past year.

Additionally, visiting Footlocker’s main website and app shows no mention of Homeview as an available feature. The virtual reality showcase has essentially disappeared from Footlocker’s digital platforms.

Overall, directly testing and monitoring the homepage suggests Homeview is likely discontinued or experiencing significant technical difficulties. It appears the virtual sneaker try-on service is inaccessible across regions at the time of writing.

Intended Benefits and Features of Footlocker Homeview

When initially launched, Homeview offered a unique virtual shopping experience with many potential benefits for customers:

  • Immersive 3D visualization – The photorealistic digital renderings were designed to make shopping feel like you’re in a Footlocker store.
  • Accurate sizing – Homeview used precise 3D models of real shoes to help find the best size fit.
  • At-home convenience– Shoppers could browse new releases and test products without leaving home.
  • Exclusive access – Wear and preview shoes not yet available in-store.
  • Gamification and rewards – Interactive challenges and milestones provided entertainment value.
  • Discount opportunities – Special promos like 30% off for early users encouraged engagement.

For Footlocker employees, Homeview offered additional perks like flexible work schedules, social connections, and 50% off coupons several times per year.

The website and apps aimed to replicate an in-store fitting using advanced 3D technology for an easy at-home shopping experience.

Troubleshooting Tips for Access Issues

If attempting to access Homeview, there are a few troubleshooting steps users can try to resolve any connection or login issues:

  • Check site status – Monitor the homepage to see if outage notices are posted.
  • Clear cache & cookies – Wipe cached data and files from your browser and apps.
  • Use alternate links – Try different regional Homeview sites like or
  • Contact support – Reach out to Footlocker’s customer service team for assistance.
  • Check employment links – For employee access, confirm you are using the right login portal from your employer.

However, given that Homeview appears to be deactivated, troubleshooting tips may be of limited use. The virtual platform is not accessible despite best efforts to get the website or apps working again.

Is Footlocker Homeview Still Viable?

Considering the lack of access across regions and disappearing web presence, Footlocker seems to have discontinued their Homeview virtual reality showcase. The site and apps are non-functional, providing a clear indicator the platform is no longer viable.

There are a few possible reasons Homeview may have been shut down:

  • High development costs – Complex VR/AR experiences can be expensive to build and maintain.
  • Limited adoption – Many customers still prefer in-store shopping, limiting usage of virtual platforms.
  • Evolving priorities – Footlocker may have shifted focus to other initiatives and technologies.
  • Competitive landscape – Other brands offered virtual try-on and visualization, limiting Homeview’s value.

While innovative in concept, Homeview appears to have not delivered the return on investment Footlocker hoped for. The lack of mention across their brand assets implies Homeview is not coming back in its previous iteration.

Virtual try-on is still a growing technology, but brands need to carefully consider the costs and benefits before committing fully to developing complex platforms like Homeview.

Conclusion and Summary

In summary, Footlocker’s virtual reality showcase Homeview allowed shoppers to digitally try on shoes for an immersive at-home shopping experience. However, directly accessing the website proves it is no longer functioning.

Troubleshooting tips are unlikely to get Homeview working again. All indicators suggest Footlocker has discontinued actively supporting the platform due to high costs and lack of adoption.

While innovative, Homeview seems to have struggled gaining an audience and was ultimately not a viable long-term virtual shopping solution for Footlocker. Brands should carefully weigh the pros and cons before investing in emerging technologies like virtual and augmented reality try-on.

Summary Table

FeatureDetails (inactive)
PlatformsWebsite, iOS and Android apps
Key Features3D virtual try-on, accurate sizing, exclusives, rewards
StatusDiscontinued/non-functional as of 2023
TroubleshootingCheck site status, clear cache/cookies, contact support
ViabilityNo longer viable due to high costs and low adoption

The table above summarizes the key details on Footlocker’s Homeview virtual reality shopping platform, indicating it is no longer an active service. While innovative, the website and apps faced challenges that led to the discontinuation of this technology-focused initiative.

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