Is fox now free with amazon prime And Where to watch FOX 10?

Introduction: A Guide to Watching Fox News and FOX 10 On Amazon Prime

With the rise of streaming services like Amazon Prime, more viewers are cutting the cord and looking for ways to watch live news without a traditional cable subscription. Two common questions that emerge are: is Fox News free with Amazon Prime? And where can I stream local Fox affiliates, like FOX 10, for free?

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This article will provide an overview of Fox News and FOX 10 and discuss methods for accessing both on Amazon Fire TV and other streaming devices. We’ll cover:

  • What is Fox News and is it free with Amazon Prime?
  • How to watch FOX 10 on Amazon Fire TV
  • Overview of the Amazon News app on Fire TV
  • What is Fox Now and what content is available?
  • Additional options for streaming Fox News and local affiliates

Armed with this information, cord cutters can better understand their options for accessing live Fox News content and local Fox programming without a cable subscription.

What is Fox News and is it Free with Amazon Prime?

Fox News is a cable news channel owned by the Fox Corporation. It primarily features political commentary and analysis, focusing heavily on U.S. politics.

Unfortunately, Fox News is not freely available to stream with an Amazon Prime membership. Amazon Prime does not offer live access to cable news networks like Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, etc.

So if you want to stream Fox News through Amazon, you’ll need a live TV streaming service that includes Fox News in its channel lineup. Some options include:

  • Hulu + Live TV
  • YouTube TV
  • Sling TV
  • FuboTV
  • AT&T TV

These services start at $35-$65/month. Many offer free trial periods so you can test them out.

To stream Fox News directly through Amazon, you can add it to your Prime Video account for $5.99/month. However, this only allows on-demand access, not live viewing.

The cheapest way to get live Fox News through Amazon is to purchase it through Prime Video Channels starting at $2.99/month with a subscription to Sling TV Blue. But Sling Blue normally costs $35/month, so this isn’t the most economical option for just watching Fox News.

How to Watch FOX 10 on Amazon Fire TV

Unlike Fox News, local Fox affiliates like FOX 10 are available to stream for free in certain markets.

On Amazon Fire TV, there are two ways to watch FOX 10 free:

  1. Using the Amazon News app
  2. Streaming the channel through LG Channels

The Amazon News app comes pre-installed on Fire TV devices. It offers access to live local news in certain markets, including FOX 10 in Phoenix.

To watch FOX 10 on the Amazon News app:

  • Say “Alexa, play FOX 10”
  • Or open the app and select FOX 10 from your local news channels

The Amazon News app is only available in the United States.

LG Channels is another free option for streaming FOX 10 in Phoenix. It offers over 325 free streaming channels.

To access FOX 10 through LG Channels:

  • Download the LG Channels app on your Fire TV
  • Open the app and select Channel 154

LG Channels is available for download on most Fire TV and Fire tablet devices. However, channel availability varies by region.

Overview of the Amazon News App

Since the Amazon News app provides free access to local channels like FOX 10, it’s helpful to understand what the app is and how it works.

The Amazon News app is a free customizable news aggregator available on Fire TV and Alexa devices. It provides both national and local news coverage from a variety of providers.

The app launched in 2019 and comes pre-installed on Fire TV streaming devices and smart TVs in the U.S.

To access the Amazon News app, you can:

  • Say “Alexa, play the news”
  • Find the app on your Fire TV home screen
  • Download it from the Amazon Appstore

When you first open the app, you can select topics and providers you’re interested in following. This creates a customized playlist of video news clips.

The app now covers local news in over 150 markets. To access local coverage, use the “Local News” tab or ask Alexa to play local news.

Overall, the Amazon News app makes it easy to stay updated on the latest headlines and watch local live news for free on Fire TV devices.

What is Fox Now and What Content is Available?

In addition to Fox News and local affiliates, Fox also offers a streaming service called Fox Now. This provides access to Fox shows on demand, but requires a pay TV subscription.

Fox Now is a free app you can download to stream full episodes of Fox series. It offers a mix of live, on demand, and locked content.

The Fox Now app is available across devices like:

  • Fire TV
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • iOS and Android
  • Web browsers

With Fox Now you can watch full episodes of Fox shows like 9-1-1, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, and more.

Currently airing episodes are available for free on demand for a limited time after they air live on Fox. For example, episodes are usually available the day after they first air.

Other episodes require you to sign in with a participating pay TV provider, like Sling TV, Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, or a cable subscription. These “locked” episodes become fully available about eight days after airing without needing to sign in.

So Fox Now gives you access to tons of Fox content for free, but most of it is available for a limited window or requires a pay TV subscription.

Additional Options for Streaming Fox News and Local Affiliates

Beyond Amazon’s offerings, there are some other ways to stream Fox News and local Fox stations:

  • Use an HD antenna – Antennas let you watch local broadcast channels, including local Fox stations, totally free. Just connect an indoor or outdoor antenna to your TV.
  • Check Fox channels’ websites and apps – Networks sometimes provide live streams on their own websites and mobile apps. Check and your local Fox station’s website.
  • Consider free trials – Many live TV streaming services offer 3-7 day free trials. Sign up to test them out. Just be sure to cancel before getting charged.
  • See if a friend or family member can share their cable login – This allows you to watch Fox News and local channels through apps like Fox Now.


While Fox News doesn’t come with an Amazon Prime membership, there are options for watching both Fox News and local affiliates like FOX 10 through Amazon’s Fire TV platform.

The Amazon News app provides free local news in many markets. LG Channels also offers select local channels on Fire TV. To watch Fox News, you’ll need to subscribe to a live TV streaming service. And Fox Now lets you stream Fox series on demand, with some limitations.

With this breakdown, cord cutters can better navigate their options for accessing live Fox programming without a traditional pay TV subscription. The availability of local news through Amazon News and LG Channels makes it easier and more affordable than ever to stay informed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is Fox News available on Amazon Prime?

No, Fox News is not included with an Amazon Prime membership. To stream Fox News through Amazon, you need to add it to your Prime Video account for $5.99/month or subscribe to a live TV streaming service like Hulu + Live TV.

Q2: Can I watch my local Fox station with Amazon Prime?

Maybe. The Amazon News app provides live local news streams, including Fox affiliates, in certain U.S. markets for free. But local channel availability varies.

Q3: Does the basic Hulu plan include Fox News or local Fox channels?

No. The basic on-demand Hulu plan does not include any live TV channels. You need to upgrade to Hulu + Live TV to get live Fox News and local Fox affiliates.

Q4: What’s the cheapest way to stream Fox News through Amazon?

The cheapest option is to purchase Fox News for $2.99/month through Prime Video Channels by first subscribing to Sling TV’s Sling Blue plan. But Sling Blue normally costs $35/month.

Q5: Can I watch Fox shows on demand with Amazon Prime?

You can stream recent episodes of Fox shows for free for a limited time after airing using the Fox Now app. Otherwise, you’ll need to sign in with a pay TV provider.

Q6: Does Amazon Fire TV have an antenna input so I can watch local channels?

Yes, the Fire TV Cube and some Fire TV Edition smart TVs have built-in tuners and antenna inputs to access local over-the-air channels. You can also use an HD antenna with other Fire TV devices using an optional USB tuner adapter.

Table: Streaming Options for Fox News and Local Fox Affiliates

Streaming Service    Fox News       Local Fox       Other Details

Amazon PrimeNoYes,<br>through Amazon<br>News app (select<br>markets only)Can add Fox News channel for $5.99/month
Hulu + Live TVYesYes$69.99/month
YouTube TVYesYes$64.99/month
Sling TVYesNoBlue plan required,<br>$35/month

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