Is Melvor Idle Free To Play?

Melvor Idle is an incremental RPG game that has gained immense popularity in recent years. With its intricate skill system, expansive world to explore, and addictive gameplay, it’s easy to get hooked on Melvor for hours at a time. One common question players have is – is Melvor Idle free? Let’s take a deeper look at what parts of the game are free, what premium options are available, and the differences between them.

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Melvor Idle started as a free-to-play web browser game in 2018. The full desktop client version was later released on platforms like Steam and Epic Games Store as a paid game. However, Melvor still offers a free demo version with limited features for players to try out. Upgrading to the premium version unlocks the full experience.

Free Version Overview

The free demo version gives players access to the core Melvor Idle gameplay loop.

Here are some of the key things available in the free version:

  • Limited selection of skills, enemies, and game modes
  • Maximum skill level capped at 99
  • Adventure mode and Standard mode accessible
  • Core item and equipment selection
  • Banking and inventory management systems
Melvor Idle Free
Melvor Idle Free

So in summary – the free demo allows you to sample Melvor’s basic gameplay, progression systems and get a feel for the adventure mode. However, a lot of content and features are locked behind the premium version.

Premium Version Benefits

Here are some of the key upgrades and additional content unlocked with the paid version of Melvor Idle:

  • Full version with no locks or membership fees
  • All skills, items, enemies, and dungeons accessible
  • Maximum skill level extended to 1215
  • Additional game modes like Gathering and Combat unlocked
  • Further major expansions planned and available for purchase
  • Significantly more gear, enemies, quests, and end game content

As you can see, while the core of Melvor is available for free, paying for the full version massively expands the scope and content of the game. Players who want to experience everything Melvor has to offer will need to purchase premium access.

Mobile Version Overview

In addition to PC/Mac and browser versions, Melvor Idle is also available on iOS and Android mobile devices.

The mobile version includes:

  • Cross-platform cloud saving with the PC versions
  • Over 1700 items available to collect and use
  • Full banking and interactive inventory system
  • Mobile-optimized touch controls
  • All content and expansions from PC also available on mobile

So players can switch seamlessly between their PC and mobile device, with cloud saving ensuring you never lose your incremental progress. The mobile experience offers the full Melvor Idle experience on the go.

Free vs Paid Version Comparison

Here is a quick comparison table outlining the differences between Melvor Idle’s free demo and paid full version:

FeatureFree VersionPaid Version
Max Skill Level991215
Game ModesStandard, AdventureStandard, Adventure, Gathering, Combat + more
Skills AvailableLimited selectionAll skills
Enemies & DungeonsLimited selectionAll enemies & dungeons
Items AvailableCore selectionAll 1700+ items
ExpansionsNoneAll major expansions


In summary – Melvor Idle offers a generous free demo for players to try out the core game. However, paying a one-time fee unlocks an exponentially bigger and richer idle RPG experience. With regular expansions and a vast amount of content available, players who love Melvor will find tremendous value in upgrading to premium. Whether you play on PC or mobile, the full version is where Melvor Idle truly shines as an incremental RPG masterpiece.

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