Is Reddit Tube Legal And Safe To Download Funny Reddit Videos?

Is Reddit Tube Legal and Safe for Downloading Funny Reddit Videos?

Reddit Tube marketed itself as a platform for easily downloading videos from Reddit. However, there are serious concerns about the legality and safety of using this site. This article examines whether Reddit Tube can be considered legal and safe for downloading funny viral Reddit videos.

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Overview of Reddit Tube

Reddit Tube started off as a tool for downloading videos posted on Reddit. The site allowed users to simply enter a Reddit post URL and download the video file. This provided an easy way for people to save funny or interesting Reddit videos to watch later without an internet connection.

Initially, Reddit Tube seemed like a useful tool for Reddit lovers. However, over time the site has changed and now raises multiple red flags in terms of legality and safety.

Concerns Around Legality of Reddit Tube

There are a few reasons why using Reddit Tube to download Reddit videos is legally questionable:

Lack of Copyright Permissions

When downloading videos via Reddit Tube, there is no verification that the downloader has the rights or permissions to reproduce and distribute that video content. Most viral Reddit videos are reposts from other sources, like YouTube or TikTok. Downloading and sharing them without permission infringes on copyright law.

Site Transitioned to Hosting Ad@lt Content

Over time, Reddit Tube pivoted from a Reddit video downloader into an ad@lt video site, hosting lots of po@nographic content. Downloading from ad@lt sites brings up issues related to age verification and distribution of such content.

Use Against Reddit’s API Terms of Service

Reddit Tube likely relies on scraping Reddit directly via their API. However, Reddit’s API Terms of Service explicitly forbid using the API for downloading media in bulk. So the core functionality of Reddit Tube appears to violate Reddit’s API rules.

Given the above concerns, most legal experts would advise against using Reddit Tube for downloading videos, especially for mass distribution. The legality is questionable at best.

Safety Issues and Risks of Malware Downloads

In addition to the legal concerns, security researchers have flagged Reddit Tube as a potentially unsafe site for the following reasons:

Reputation for Spreading Malware

As the site moved into hosting ad@lt content, it developed a poor reputation in terms of malware downloads from suspicious third party ad networks. Researchers identified various malware strains that infected users’ devices after visiting Reddit Tube.

Risk of Spyware Installs

Similarly, multiple spyware programs seem to piggyback on software installs from Reddit Tube. These can monitor browsing activity, show intrusive ads, or install additional unwanted programs.

Lack of Moderation for Inappropriate Content

Given the unchecked and unlabeled ad@lt content on Reddit Tube, there are risks associated with exposing minors to such content. Additionally, offensive media may be distributed without proper content moderation.

Unsafe Ads and Misleading Download Offers

The plethora of sketchy ads on RedditTube increase the malware and spyware risks. Additionally, UX patterns like fake download buttons can trick users into unintended clicks and installs.

Researchers strongly recommend avoiding sites like Reddit Tube for protecting your privacy, security, and digital safety based on these red flags.

Safe Alternatives for Downloading Reddit Videos

Rather than risk malware infections or legal issues using RedditTube, there are safer methods for saving funny viral videos from Reddit:

Use Reddit’s Official Apps

Reddit’s first party iOS and Android apps have built-in features to download videos posted on the platform. This provides official support directly from Reddit.

Try Reputable Browser Extensions

Trusted browser extensions like Reddit Video Downloader and Fast Reddit Video Downloader offer one-click downloads for Reddit videos in MP4 format.

Use Screen Recording Software

Simple screen capture or screen recorder apps for your device give you full control to manually record any video playing in the browser.

Leverage a Trusted Downloader like youtube-dl

For advanced downloading directly in command line, youtube-dl now supports pulling videos from Reddit threads in addition to YouTube.

These methods avoid legal gray areas and risks associated with sites like RedditTube. Stick to reputable methods endorsed by the Reddit community for safely saving viral funny videos to watch later.

Summary Tables

Reasons Why Reddit Tube is Legally Questionable
Lack of copyright permissionsDownloading and sharing Reddit videos without authorization infringes on copyright law
Site transitioned to ad@lt contentAge verification issues and distribution concerns with ad@lt content
Violates Reddit API Terms of ServiceCore video downloading functionality seems to violate Reddit’s API rules
Risks and Safety Issues of Downloading from Reddit Tube
Spreading malware infectionsSite has reputation for malware downloads from suspicious ads
Spyware install risksSpyware can monitor browsing activity and be difficult to remove
Inappropriate unmoderated contentRisk of exposing minors and offensive content distribution
Misleading UX and fake download offersTrick users into unintended clicks and unwanted installs
Safer Alternatives for Downloading Funny Reddit Videos
Use Reddit’s official mobile appsBuilt-in saving and downloading capabilities
Trusted browser extensionsOne-click save options from reputable extensions
Screen recording softwareManually record any videos playing in your browser
youtube-dl command line toolAdvanced program now supports pulling Reddit videos


In summary, Reddit Tube cannot be considered a legal or safe option for downloading funny viral videos from Reddit. The site’s reputation has deteriorated over time. Experts strongly advise against using RedditTube due to:

  • Copyright and ad@lt content distribution concerns
  • Numerous reports of malware and spyware risks
  • Lack of video moderation policies
  • Misleading UX patterns tricking users

Instead of risking your security and privacy, rely on legitimate methods endorsed by Reddit for saving videos. Use Reddit’s official apps, reputable browser extensions, screen recording software, or advanced command line tools like youtube-dl. These provide much safer alternatives without legal gray areas.

Be a conscientious internet user and avoid questionable sites like Reddit Tube for any video or content downloads.

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