Is Tom Selleck Gay?

 Tom Selleck is one of the well-known faces in the Hollywood circle and on small screens. He has never shied away from experimenting with different roles in both big and small screens and that has given him a household name in many American homes. 

Despite being married twice to two different women and having a marriage that lasted for more than 30 years, the reason why he is speculated to be gay is quite astonishing. However, there are other facts, you need to know about this excellent artist that will make your jaw drop. 

What are some of the most important facts you need to know regarding Tom Selleck?

There are some important facts one needs to know regarding Tom Selleck.

College Dropout and Tom Selleck’s early days

Tom Selleck was raised in Southern California though he was born in Detroit. He attended the University of California and while pursuing his degree, he worked as a part-time model to pay his bills while he was just 3 credits short of attaining his business degree. He had signed a contract with Fox Studios. 

From the years 1967 to 1973, Tom Selleck had spent a significant amount of time in the California Army National Guard. He worked as a sergeant in the 160th Infantry Regiment. The actor also appeared in various posters for the California National Guard. Dating Game was one of the first TV appearances is made by Tom. Selleck was being a contestant for the game show, The Dating Game in the year 1965. 

Known for his mustache

Tom Selleck is known for his mustache.  

His mush has a separate fan base that led to the opening of a Facebook page and it has more than 40,000 followers.

Rumors surfacing around Tom Selleck’s gay status  

The ones who regularly watch cinema and television back in the 80s must be aware of the fact that Tom Selleck was the heartthrob back then.

It’s not for his mustache, he wouldn’t have gotten this very famous. He never wanted to project himself as a sex symbol, but there are a lot of rumors surrounding his sexual orientation. Tom Selleck has always denied charges that he is homosexual and he has also filed a lawsuit against a particular tabloid that spread rumors of his orientation. There are a certain set of incidents that led to this particular gossip surfacing the news channels.

The story of Tom Selleck’s sexual orientation is not very new. 

Back in the 80s and 90s, there was a news column that was published about his orientation, the actor had thoroughly silenced the media outlets and in the very same year, a lot of gay activists had come together. To point out the actors who had shared this very same orientation during that campaign, one could spot pictures of him with the caption ” Absolutely Queer”.

Tom says that the particular News tabloid was intended to damage his reputation, relationship, character, trade, profession and business, and a lot of other damages. Apart from the 20 million dollars, which he had sought as fine, the actor also specified that this particular news has brought a lot of damage to his mind, offended his feelings, and bought embarrassment. He felt humiliated to the maximum and shame to the worst possible extent. 

He wanted to settle this out of court in the year 1991. Some statements are floating around that Tom had paid a significant amount of money to pen down an apology stating they were wrong and he was not gay. 

Tom clearly says that there are very less chances that I could be gay as I have adopted a son from my spouse’s previous marriage and given birth to a daughter on my own. It is not easy to live a double life without being able to maintain a successful married life. 

Tom wanted to break this persona that surrounded in and so he took up the role of a gay man in the movie, which was released in the year 1997 and was named in & out. He played the character of a TV reporter who sees a lot of humiliation from the news channels reporting fakely of his sexual orientation. The particular movie served as a good barricade to the personal choices he has made. Selleck blatantly says that the gay people want to include him as one among them. So they have made statements like that. However, it is not fine to change the notion of an individual without having his consent.

Quick trivia about Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck had once danced with Princess Diana and this is etched in his memory forever. Tom doesn’t believe in going under the knife to get the sculpted look everyone craves for. He says it is one of the worst possible extents of narcissism. When a person is not able to accept their body and face, they just can’t accept anything else around them. 

Tom has a profound love for animals and he once got his pet cow cremated at his home. Tom’s daughter didn’t want to be a part of the stardom and she is actively into horse breeding. 

Tom became a popular face due to his mustache, but he doesn’t have a name for it yet. Though Tom had a feeling of not having completed his college degree, he did end up getting an honorary degree from Pepperdine University in the year 2000. One of his most famous movies was Three Men and a baby. Tom says that this is one of the best experiences he could get.

A lot of people told Tom that his appearance in the movie and Friends TV show, would bring down stardom, but Tom gives much more importance to the kind of character he gets to play rather than his fandom and stardom. 

Tom is a very picky eater. For instance, he doesn’t like figs as a food, but he would like to include them in his diet in another form. 

Tom is not a gym freak. These days, we get to see a lot of film stars hitting the gym on an everyday basis. Tom says, he goes around cutting and cleaning the bushes in a 63-acre ranch to keep himself fit. 

If you want to know about Tom even better, it’s high time you buy his autobiography shortly. Also, you could find the answer to Is Tom Selleck a gay.


Is Tom a bisexual?

No, Tom has constantly denied any statement that surrounds his sexual orientation. 

Did Tom portray any gay character on the screen?

Yes, Tom did once portray a gay character on screen. 

What is Tom Selleck famous for? 

Tom became a huge hit among the audience for his mustache. He is also known for his excellent choice of movies. he makes.

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