Is Viperplay Legit Or Scam To Watch Online Football?


Viperplay is an online entertainment platform that offers live streaming and on-demand access to football matches from leagues around the world. With Viperplay, users can watch matches from popular competitions like the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and international tournaments like the Copa Libertadores.

The service is available on the web as well as via apps for mobile devices. Users can access Viperplay for free or subscribe to paid plans to access premium content and features.

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However, there are concerns about whether Viperplay is a legitimate service or a scam. This article reviews Viperplay, its features, legitimacy, safety, and steps to access it to help readers determine if it is worth using.

Overview of Viperplay

Viperplay provides the following features:

  • Live streaming of football matches from leagues around the world
  • On-demand replays of full matches and highlights
  • Live scores and stats
  • Original football-related content like documentaries and shows
  • Streaming on web browser as well as mobile apps
  • Free access with limited content and paid subscription plans

The service offers streams in qualities ranging from 360p to 1080p HD depending on the plan. It also provides chromecast support to stream to TV screens.

Viperplay provides access to matches from leagues like:

  • Premier League
  • La Liga
  • Serie A
  • Ligue 1
  • Primeira Liga
  • Bundesliga
  • Eredivisie
  • Major League Soccer
  • Copa Libertadores
  • Copa Sudamericana

It offers streams from over 100 worldwide channels and has servers across Europe and Latin America.

Is Viperplay Legitimate or a Scam?

The legitimacy of Viperplay is debatable, with mixed opinions online:

Indications it may be legitimate:

  • Numerous user reviews vouch for Viperplay as a legal streaming service that works well and offers good value for money.
  • Independent review sites have analyzed Viperplay and found no major red flags or negative signals indicating it is illegal or scam.
  • Viperplay seems to have agreements in place with media partners and channels to provide legal streams.
  • It offers refunds in case users are not satisfied with the service. Scam sites typically do not provide refunds.
  • The service has been operating for several years now since 2016 without any major disruptions.

Causes for concern over its legitimacy:

  • Viperplay is not officially licensed by or affiliated with most major football leagues and clubs.
  • The company behind it does not share much verifiable information about its operations and agreements.
  • Some unofficial streams may skirt copyright rules in certain regions.
  • There are user complaints about incorrect billing practices.

So in summary, while Viperplay seems to be a legitimate service, there is no foolproof way to ascertain its legality and safety. Users should exercise caution when using such streaming sites.

Is Viperplay Safe to Use?

There are also contrasting views on whether Viperplay is safe to use:

Indications it may be safe

  • Viperplay’s website and apps employ HTTPS encryption for secure connections.
  • There are no reports of malware or viruses being spread through the platform.
  • Independent testing has not revealed major security flaws or risks.
  • User account information seems to be handled securely.

Risk factors to consider

  • The opaque operations mean security standards are unclear.
  • Using unofficial streams from unverified sources has inherent risks.
  • Downloadable apps are not available on official stores like Google Play.
  • User data is likely shared for ad targeting and analytics.

So Viperplay appears relatively safe from a technical perspective but users should be careful about the source of downloads and sharing personal data. A good protective measure is using a reputable VPN service while accessing the platform.

How Can You Access and Download Viperplay?

Viperplay can be accessed in the following ways:


The official Viperplay website is accessible on web browsers at One can watch live matches and highlights directly on the site.

Mobile Apps

Viperplay offers mobile apps for iOS, Android, Smart TVs, and other devices. However, these apps are not available on official app stores like Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

The Android and iOS apps have to be downloaded as APK or IPA files from the Viper play website or third party app stores. This increases security risks.

Steps to download Viperplay Android app:

  1. Step#1. Go to the Viperplay website on your phone browser.
  2. Step#2. Navigate to the apps page.
  3. Step#3. Download the Android APK file.
  4. Step#4. Enable “Install from unknown sources” in your Android settings.
  5. Step#5. Open the downloaded APK file to trigger installation.
  6. Step#6. The Viperplay app will now be installed on your device.

Smart DNS Proxy

Viper play can also be accessed by connecting to a Smart DNS proxy service that unblocks geo-restricted streams.

Pros and Cons of Viperplay


  • Provides live and on-demand football streaming across leagues and competitions
  • Works on various devices with apps and website
  • Free access with registration
  • Paid plans unlock premium content and features
  • Streams available in multiple video qualities up to 1080p HD
  • Chromecast support for streaming to TV
  • No need for long-term contracts


  • Questionable legality of some streams
  • Apps not available on official app stores
  • Privacy risks from sharing data
  • Technical issues and interruptions reported sometimes
  • Refund policy not very transparent

So while Viper play offers a ton of football content, users should weigh the pros and cons carefully particularly regarding legality and safety issues before deciding to use it.


Viperplay provides football fans with convenient access to live and on-demand matches from leagues around the world. However, there are open questions regarding the legality of the service, safety of the platform, and risks from unofficial app downloads that users should consider.

While Viper play seems to work well for many users, it is probably best to approach it with caution instead of assuming it is completely problem-free. Avoid sharing personal or payment information where possible when accessing the platform. Also use a VPN for additional privacy and security.

Ultimately, the decision on whether to use Viper play rests on each individual’s assessment of the potential risks versus the streaming experience and content offered. Proceed at your own discretion.

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