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Lockheed Martin is based out of the United States of America. The company is primarily into defence, aerospace, security and other types of advanced technology. The company is formed after the merger of Martin Marietta and Lockheed Corporation in the year 1995. The organization employs about 1, 10,000 all over the world. The company bags the pride of being the world’s biggest defence contractor. The Pentagon and US Department of Defence are closely associated with Lockheed Martin. It is one of the best places to work for. 

What is LM 

LM people is a portal developed for the employees of Lockheed Martin. This portal provides the access to all the employee benefits and avail insurance benefits, check for their bonuses, and other employer incentives. 

Every new employee who is joining the firm is provided with a user ID and password for accessing the LM People Portal. One must be aware of the procedure to log in to make use of the portal.

What are the ways by which you can log in to lmpeople? 

These are the ways by which you can log in to lmpeople. 

Method 1: Using Login ID 

The Login ID and password are provided to the employee at the time of joining the organization. The portal can be accessed with the help of an electronic device like a personal computer, laptop, and mobile phone. Once the person has logged into the portal, he can make use of the various features offered by it. 

Method 2: Using SecurID 

The SecurID is one of the unique IDs provided in the identity card of the employee. The SecurID is provided to the employees to secure their information. The password along with the SecurID is to be entered to access the information. 

Method 3: Using Smart Badges 

The Smart Badges are manufactured using RFID technology. However, a lot of people tend to confuse between RFID tags and Smart Badges. The RFID tags are used to detect and monitor people from a distance. The Smart Badges are used to detect and monitor people at a nearby distance. However, if the person should have the latest version of the search engine installed in the device to access the portal. 

The Smart Badges can be read by the laptop or computer only if the person connects the laptop to the smart card reader. 

Is it possible to change the password of lmportal 

Yes. One can change the password and the password reset link is sent to the mail ID registered by the employee at the time of joining. Upon clicking the link, the person is redirected to the site and he/she can make the required changes. 

The user is made to sign in again using the user ID and new password. 

These are some of the details a person has to be aware of regarding the accessing of the lmpeople portal. Not anyone and everyone can access the portal. Only the employees of the organization can make use of this portal. The website is highly secure and one need not worry about data theft while using the site. 

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