LoLdle today answer is an online word guessing game inspired by the popular Wordle. It was created for fans of the multiplayer online battle arena video game League of Legends. In LoLdle, players have six tries to guess the daily League of Legends related word, which can be a champion, ability, item, quote or some other term from the game. The only hints provided are the number of letters in the word, and after each guess, the color of the tiles will change to show how close the guess was to the word. LoLdle provides a fun way for LoL fans to test their game knowledge.

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The LoLdle answer changes every day at midnight PST. This article will provide a review of LoLdle and what the LoLdle answer was for September 24, 2023. It will also give some tips and strategies for successfully guessing future LoLdle answers.

Overview of LoLdle

LoLdle was created in early 2022 by Twitter user @LoLdle as a spinoff of Wordle.

It quickly gained popularity within the League of Legends community as a fun way to engage with game knowledge. Here are some key details about LoLdle:

  • Free browser-based online game, no app required
  • New word every 24 hours
  • Six tries to guess the five-letter word
  • Green tiles indicate correct letter in correct spot
  • Yellow tiles indicate correct letter in wrong spot
  • Gray tiles indicate the letter does not appear in the word
  • Answers are always League of Legends related terms
  • Players can share their results on social media

Part of LoLdle’s appeal is the satisfaction of using your game knowledge to narrow down the possibilities and make strategic guesses. It also provides a fresh daily League of Legends challenge.

Yesterday’s LoLdle Answer (September 24, 2023)

The LoLdle for September 24, 2023 was “ZYRA” – the name of a champion in League of Legends. Zyra is a mage support who specializes in planting seeds that turn into vines and plants. She can use these plants to root and damage enemies.

Some tips for guessing champion names like Zyra include:

  • Focus on less common letters like Z, X, Y
  • Champion names are always capitalized
  • Names are usually short, 5-7 letters
  • Think through different champion classes and roles

So in summary, the LoLdle answer for September 24, 2023 was ZYRA. This information can help players analyze the types of words and strategies that have recently been used for LoLdle.

Tips and Strategies for Future LoLdle Answers

Here are some tips to improve your chances of guessing future LoLdle answers:

  • Start with common letters – Good starter words have letters like E, A, R, S, T which appear often in answers. Try words like “LEASH”.
  • Guess by role/class – If you get some letters right, narrow it down by guessing champions that fit that role and contain those letters.
  • Consider abilities – Abilities like Q, W, E, R are common answers so keep those in mind.
  • Use process of elimination – Cross off champions and terms that don’t fit the letters you’ve already found.
  • Make strategic guesses – Use letters you haven’t tried yet and attempt new combinations that fit the criteria.
  • Focus on recent champions/terms – LoLdle answers tend to use newer or more popular League of Legends content.

Using these tips and analyzing past LoLdle answers can help develop your guessing strategy. With practice, you’ll start consistently solving each day’s LoLdle!

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of words are used as LoLdle answers?

LoLdle answers come from League of Legends terminology. This includes champion names, abilities, items, locations, factions, and more. The answers are always 5 letters long.

What time does the LoLdle word reset?

The LoLdle word resets every day at midnight Pacific Time. A new 5-letter League of Legends related word will be available to guess.

Can you play LoLdle on mobile?

Yes, LoLdle is fully playable on mobile browsers. There is no mobile app, but the mobile browser experience works smoothly.

Does LoLdle have hints or multiple word categories?

LoLdle does not have adjustable difficulty settings or offer hints. The only information provided is the length of the word. There are no categories – any LoL term can be the answer.

Can you go back and play previous LoLdle puzzles?

No, LoLdle does not allow you to return to past puzzles. There is only one word active per day, and previous puzzles cannot be accessed once the day changes over.

Is LoLdle available in languages other than English?

Currently LoLdle is only available in English. There are no options to play it in other languages or regions. It focuses on English LoL terminology.


LoLdle provides a fun, daily challenge for League of Legends fans to engage with game knowledge. As a spinoff of Wordle, it tests players’ abilities to logically narrow down champion names, abilities, items and other in-game terminology. Solving each puzzle requires strategy as well as familiarity with LoL.

The answer for September 24, 2023 was the champion ZYRA. While today’s answer is still unknown, players can use the tips provided in this article to increase their chances of success. Analyzing previous answers and using strategic guesses based on letter frequency and positions will help players determine those last few letters and fully solve the daily LoLdle!

Summary Table

What is LoLdle?A League of Legends inspired online word guessing game, similar to Wordle
When does it reset?Every day at 12am Pacific Time
Length of words?Always 5 letters
Types of answersChampions, abilities, items, locations, etc
Number of tries?6 tries to guess each word
Available languages?Currently only English
Can you access past puzzles?No, each day has a new word
Platforms available?Browser based, no app required