Is mangasee123 Legit OR Scam to Read Manga?


Mangasee123 is a popular manga reading website that offers free access to thousands of manga series and chapters. With its extensive library, easy navigation, and high-quality scans, Mangasee123 has become a go-to platform for many manga fans.

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However, some concerns have been raised about the legitimacy and safety of the website. In this article, we will examine Mangasee123 more closely to determine if it is a secure and legal platform for reading manga.

Key factors we will analyze include:

  • The website’s reputation and user reviews
  • Signs of malware, viruses, or privacy risks
  • The legality of the content and sources

By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of the pros and cons of using Mangasee123 and be able to decide if it is right for your manga reading needs.

Overview of Mangasee123

Mangasee123 first launched in 2017 as a successor to other manga sites like MangaHere and Mangapanda. It is not an official platform affiliated with any manga publishers. Instead, it aggregates manga content from various online sources.

The website is neatly organized and easy to navigate. Users can browse manga by latest updates, popular titles, genres, alphabetical order, or search. There is also an option to bookmark series to follow.

Once you open a manga title, you can toggle between pages smoothly and zoom in on the high-quality images. Some handy features include a drop-down table of contents and the ability to switch to dark mode.

In terms of content, Mangasee123 hosts an impressive catalog of over 15,000 manga series licensed from all the major publishers like Viz Media, Kodansha, and Shueisha. The library includes popular titles like One Piece, Attack on Titan, Naruto, and much more.

Reputation and User Reviews

When evaluating the safety of a website, reputation and user feedback are good indicators. Mangasee123 enjoys mostly positive reviews from manga readers.

On third-party review sites like SiteJabber and Trustpilot, Mangasee123 has average ratings of 4 out of 5 stars. Positive reviews praise the huge manga database, fast loading speeds, and easy navigation. Many users also vouch that the website is safe and have not encountered any malware issues.

However, there are some negative reviews reporting annoying popup ads or pages not loading properly. Overall though, the majority opinion seems to be that Mangasee123 is a trusted source for reading high-quality manga.

Malware and Privacy Risks

Malware and privacy risks are major concerns when using any website. Mangasee123 appears to be secure in this aspect with no reported cases of malware found on the site.

It does display third-party ads, so using an ad blocker is recommended. The site also does not seem to collect any user data without permission. There are no email newsletters or account registrations.

Users have pointed out that Mangasee123 is not on HTTPS protocol. So there could be risks of data leakage if you access it on public WiFi. Using a VPN connection is advisable for privacy protection.

Some users have also reported a “Deceptive site ahead” warning on Chrome when accessing Mangasee123. This browser message indicates potential security risks, but may also appear for unauthorized but harmless sites.

Legality of Content

The biggest area of contention regarding Mangasee123 is the legality of the manga content it hosts. As a free online platform, the legitimacy of Mangasee123 has come under scrutiny.

The site is not an official publisher or affiliate of any manga creators or licenses. Instead, it obtains manga scans and translations through various sources and aggregates them in one place.

In most cases, this type of unauthorized uploading and distribution of copyrighted content would be considered piracy. However, manga publishers tend to tolerate scanlation sites to some degree as they help increase exposure.

But Mangasee123 is still operating in a legal grey area. Users should keep in mind that the material may be pirated and authors are not compensated when reading on this site.

Precautions when Using Mangasee123

Given the questionable legitimacy of Mangasee123, it is best to take some simple precautions when using it:

  • Use an ad blocker to avoid malicious ads
  • Enable a VPN connection, especially on public networks
  • Be cautious of any suspicious downloads or links
  • Limit any private information entered on the site
  • Consider supporting official releases if you enjoy a series

While Mangasee123 seems reasonably safe from a technical standpoint, users should be aware of the legal risks associated with unauthorized manga aggregators.

Pros of Mangasee123

  • Huge library of manga series from all genres
  • High-quality images and fast loading speeds
  • Easy navigation and useful reading features
  • Completely free access to read manga
  • No account registration required
  • Minimal ads and popups

Cons of Mangasee123

  • Questionable legitimacy of unofficial manga content
  • Potential malware risks without ad blockers
  • Lack of HTTPS encryption concerning
  • No revenue for original manga creators
  • Legal gray area for unauthorized distribution
  • Some technical glitches reported


Mangasee123 makes thousands of manga titles available for free. While it seems reasonably safe to use, the site operates in a legal grey area by distributing copyrighted content without authorization. Users should weigh the pros and cons before reading manga on Mangasee123.

To enjoy manga safely and ethically, it is best to use official publisher apps and platforms when possible. However, Mangasee123 remains a popular destination for reading free manga online at your own discretion.

If you do choose to use Mangasee123, take precautions like using an ad blocker and VPN. Be aware of the legitimacy issues around unofficial scanlation sites. And consider supporting the official releases of any manga series you enjoy.

By understanding the full context around Mangasee123, you can now make an informed decision about using this platform. While providing easy access to free manga, it also raises concerns about copyright laws, creator compensation, and technical security that readers should keep in mind.

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